so if you don’t follow me on social
media you might not know that I accidentally got myself stranded in
Paris like a week or two ago which I realized is not something I really have
the right to complain about cuz like who doesn’t want to be stranded in Paris but
actually when you don’t speak French it’s quite scary so haven’t least a
little bit of pitting on me maybe a plate well probably not as I was walking
around some of the like really I don’t I can’t even describe them like I was
blown away at how beautiful the city was but I was also blown away how much
better everything was designed I saw this display in a storefront it kind of
looked like wooden skeleton lamp frames but then filled in with yarn and I loved
that idea and it was nighttime and I was cold and in my stupidity I did not take
a picture of it so I actually can’t I would love to put the picture of like
what I saw here and then be like this is what I made but I stored it away in my
brain and when I got back here to the States I thought I would try building it
my apartment is really dim anyway so I’m not gonna say no to extra lamps huh I’m
not really dim get out of here Andrew the basic anatomy of this is that I want
to make pendant lamps so that I don’t have to make a base and then the yarn
wraps kind of just like a shoelace not even she lays it just wow it’s been so
long since I had shoes with shoe laces and I remember how no it’s not like a
shoelace step one was just to draw out what I wanted the lamp to look like I
took this and I just set it here and then I started working on Adobe
Illustrator if you’re interested in a video on how to like build something in
Illustrator let me know but that is out of the scope of this tutorial but also
I’m gonna leave the files in the description below so you’re welcome to
just grab my files and make this with significantly more ease because making
the files is the hard part so we’re gonna get straight to the laser cutting
portion all righty I’ll just go back from the
laser cutter and warning our laser cutter is so badly need maintenance that
it took me like three or four tries just to have it cut all the way through so
I’m in less good of a mood now and I also was distracted and I cut a previous
version which is fine it just means that the tolerancing on these is a little bit
off so I decided to hot glue it instead of epoxy it hey I cut all of them I’m
incredibly impressed this is the yarn that Andrew just decided to throw at me
because apparently that’s what we’re doing now no one mourns the wicked now
that my hot glue gun has warmed up I’m gonna just take each of these and put
glue on the bottoms of them and the fact that there’s like extra glue lying
around doesn’t bother me because it’s all gonna be covered up in the end
anyway and now just make sure now I just need to do pretty much the
exact same thing on the top make sure it’s nice and straight surface
what’s the lyric is it yours that fits which is better than the rest of today
it’s going alright now here is the truly awful I’m avoiding expletives because
youtube doesn’t like it but shitty part stringing it and if you may recall I
made the decision at the beginning to do holes instead of ridges because I like
the way it looks and in about ten minutes I’m gonna sorely regret that but
because their holes are not ridges they have to actually get threaded instead of
wrapped around so I’m gonna do this in sections so like each quarter section
has I believe 25 holes but I’m gonna account so that I don’t hate myself
later so one so roughly 25 or 26 I’m gonna grant it each my forearm per loop
so now I have to cut pre-cut the length of string so I don’t ever work with yarn
so this will be alright 1 5 6 I’m gonna take both ends and tape them
roll it as tightly as you can and and then once you get this kind of point
this is when the fun begins so now you want to pick the halfway point of one of
your quarter sections and then pull half of the length of yarn through
unfortunately our camera shut off without us noticing while we explained
to the first quarter so I’m gonna show you on the second quarter because
luckily it is the exact same process four times so the easiest way to get to
the halfway point of the yarn is to make ten forearm loops then stop the market
and make another ten this is a fairly cinematic way so when you do the second
one make sure you’re counting from the end so you know that you’re actually
you’re gonna get them right you’re not gonna miss align them basically just
count it like 12 from here and 12 from here and then threaded it to get this
really full thread you want to make sure on the top you’re going over and then
down through the hole and then on the bottom you’re going under and up through
the hole then you just settle in and go go go I know this looks like it takes
forever but when I did the other two at home it only took me about 45 minutes
each and I was watching a movie and drinking wine so you know not terrible you holy shit we made it now I have all
these ends and I need to figure out what to do with them if you did it right they
should end up on opposite sides like this so like you can imagine if they
were one string they would just keep going and it would continue the pattern
remember this is a pendant lamp so we’re mostly looking at it from the bottom so
we actually got higher into mistakes at the top rather than the bottom that
you’re gonna take the bottom one and come up and do it as if you were gonna
loop it through but instead of going forward you’re gonna go under good there
we go I’m gonna take this entire like whatever this knot is it’s going on so I
did that but then because I don’t trust my knot tying abilities I’m gonna hit it
with a little bit of superglue I’m just pushing the nozzle up against the knot
and then like gently squashing enough superglue to just kind of infuse itself
through the knot hit it from both sides so you can see I’ve got my like
superglued not so that’s if you did it correctly
chances are just screwed up somewhere at least if you’re me you screwed up
somewhere so I ended up with two sides that looked like this where they’re both
on the same end and that just means that I was off by one you know when you like
button your shirt and it’s wrong I did that so if you have this on one of them
you’ll have it on another one on the other side I’m gonna take this and do
pretty much the exact same thing with the nodding I’m gonna knot this and then
do my 4 on the other side for the bottom the low one here I’m gonna do the exact
same thing and don’t touch the superglue like I just did because it’ll get on
your fingers and then fingers together and that would suck and if you do glue
your fingers together as many of you know nail polish remover will help you
out just don’t glue yourself to a table or to a bathtub or like something where
you couldn’t go get nail polish remover now while this is drying this is the
cord that I bought I bought a pack of five of these on Amazon they weren’t
particularly expensive it was white or black and I hate black so I went with
white but I do want to dress it up just a little bit this is this is the really
Pinterest part of this project if that wasn’t enough for you I’m gonna take off
this part and then I’m gonna peel these stickers off like the caution here I’ll
read it to you so I don’t get in trouble for telling you to peel it off caution
to reduce the risk of fire use max 70 watt type-a lamp and then it says it in
Spanish so there you go it’s recorded permanently into your mind I’m gonna put
like a little dose superglue and then just
go like that I’m actually gonna take another now that it’s in place and we’re
gonna put a bit there and use the nozzle to push it in just like that now I’m
gonna just run a line of glue up this and start winding so at this point you can decide if you
want to do the court or just leave it I’m like having second thoughts about
even wrapping it but it was like ugly to start with and I wanted to continue that
color so I guess there’s a couple ways to wrap the cord I could like wrap it
kind of loosely actually click on my ads to the pizzazz if you alright here’s
what I’m gonna do I’m gonna take it and start by wrapping it tightly and then
slowly start spacing it out figure out where you want the cord then super like
then dab the superglue instead of dabbing with superglue first it’s a
little easier so that’s like roughly what I’m going for so I’m just gonna hit
each one of those blob you just cut it off right there and then
just to clean up this edge I’m just going to super clear that entire end now
I’m going to jump back to the lamp main lamp and all of these glues are totally
dry so I’m just gonna snip them as close as I possibly can and then tuck each
knot back as far as possible and then kind of like scatter this in front of
the knot and that’s all of them whoo all right so now I’m gonna put this
in here and get myself a light bulb all right so this is the only light bulb I
could find but I would use like a prettier one and we’re done I am so
pumped at how this came out just like all my Parisian dreams come true I was
actually not expecting it to really work so yes surprise yourself every day I’m
gonna make two more with these colors because I think they would all look
really pretty together and I’ll show you the final result as well you don’t have
laser cutters but you love the lamp and you like are interested in having this
as a kit on our website let us know in the comments below otherwise the
illustrator files to make this are down in the description if you if you liked
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