auto review it comes to cars back on this car
shoppers everywhere begin to downside critical a gift for compact cars give
the trust this compares and advice competition crack into cubic feet we’re gonna lol
with the shopping trip from our local discount
warehouse for several shopping trip gotta love big bulky items that you
routinely get when the discount stores namely toilet paper paper towels a Palo drinking water stuff like that we also
got a 26-inch flat-screen TV to kinda illustrate that simple 5
sometimes happened at the store our estimate of its our first car with a
2010 Kia Forte order so it has the biggest star their
work our way down to the smallest at the trumpets 14.72 50 quite big but see how it does well you can see the Forte handled almost
everything decide the TV and there’s still room here for even
more stuff if you had it now live people stay with us through the
TV in the back seat but we’re trying to illustrate that he had family had three people in the car you
would need to pull down the three more RAM except as a port focus yes it could care
for the cupid and have the identical trunk space 13 Quake cubic feet now this model has a
a friends down system to the subwoofer takes up less space at
your truck it’s a good illustration what happens when you upgrade it takes a practical utility out at the
equator but the very thing fifth any the bro gold gold gold gold once again everything fit just fine in
the focus beside the TV and the Israel must have a summer the
boxes a little room right here to pick it up but it certainly doesn’t feel as big a
support aidid next up is Toyota Corolla the best-selling car in
the class everyone knows a Corolla it crockett 4.3 cubic feet too small and
the focus on the fourth day obviously check it out much wider than the France
work not quite the practical space that disc you could
be with the only way forget everything fits in this type in
opening the you this you can see again credit growth in
everything just fine decide that TV on is also plenty more room for other
items kinda wondering everything fit in the last car class
stuff is a 2010 mazda3 completely restyled
this year is kinda crazy looking be given some
utility for those look its trunk is only 11 points a cubic feet
do it looks considerably smaller headed for all so it either I think that well everything still fit in a small trunk we
have I was a little concerned about the tissue paper kinda wedged up here against a top the
room and just a little bit space free here for
that it so we kinda say here well everything
been even the smallest truck but obviously if you have more
people he gonna be your shopping trip thank you for Kenneth extra two or three
cubic feet add up to a lot more space for more car-related new Skoda cars dot
com 400 block kicking tires dot net