– Well, I’m a kid
at a candy shop, I guess as you say, or an adult at a
really cool gift shop. – Ooh, dinosaur teeth. Oh! (jungle music) – [Coyote] No matter
what the location, if there’s a gift shop, the crew and I have
to check it out. The Black Hills Museum
of Natural History was to be no exception, as it was packed full
of dinosaur related gifts and memorabilia. So with our cameras
powered up and ready we decided it was time to
do a cool treasure hunt for the Coyote Pack. – Alright, ya rollin’? – Rollin’. – [Mark] Alright,
Coyote, it’s time. – Rollin’. Alright guys so we have
spent the past week hanging out at the
Black Hills Institute working with renowned
paleontologist, Pete Larson. Now we have explored the
outside of the building, we have been inside
the building, we’ve been to the museum, and we’ve even seen some
of the secret fossils behind the scenes, and then
of course we got up close with the most prized fossil
in the world, Stan the T-Rex. But as you guys know, we
can not visit a location without also exploring
the gift shop, so right now we’re
gonna take 15 minutes for myself, Mark, and Mario to all search for the coolest
thing in the gift shop. Now guys, pick out
your favorite thing, and at the end of the episode the Coyote Pack’s gonna vote on which one they
think is coolest, and in the end,
we’re gonna give away all the prizes to the
Coyote Pack, sound good? – Yeah. – [Mark] Sounds like a plan. Can I pick out something
after to take home? – Uh, we’ll see, if you
get the good shots that is. – [Mark] Alright. – Alright guys, you ready
to do the countdown? – Alright, ready in
three, two, one, go. – Alright guys let the
scavenger hunt begin. – So there’s a little
debate going on with the crew right now,
as to who actually won the scavenger hunt in Tucson. Saw a lot of those
raptor bone comments, so think it was me, guys. – Check this out, these are
actually fossilized remains, so prehistoric fish. – [Man] Yes. – That’s really cool. – The hunt is on, I’m just takin’ a quick scan, I always do a quick scan, like a lap, first,
before I really lock in on anything in particular, because I wanna find you
guys the coolest thing. (energetic music) – Whoa, look at this. It’s a T-Rex. (energetic music) – [Mark] That’s a dinosaur bone. Coolness. – [Mario] Ooh, look at that guy. – Ooh, this is kinda
cool, check this out. Tools for paleontology. I don’t know, I wonder if we
could send out a rock hammer. – [Mario] Well, I’m a
kid at a candy shop, I guess as you say, or an adult
at a really cool gift shop. – This place has
some amazing items. Look at this! Triceratops. – I mean, ooh, look at this. Dinosaur teeth. I wonder if any of
those are like a, not those, not those, (gasps) there we go right there. That’s pretty awesome. I think that’s what we
should go for, guys. Theropod dinosaur teeth. – Ooh look at this guy. – Let’s see we’ve got a bunch
of stuffed animals here. Ooh look a honey badger, ow! No it doesn’t really bite. – So this is definitely
one of the hardest scavenger gift shop
challenges I’ve ever done because I want
everything in this place. I mean, there’s actually
some real fossils back here that we could actually purchase. So it’s gonna be hard because I’m gonna pick somethin’ and then you guys
are gonna get it. That’s kinda cool, but not for me it is? I don’t know, hopefully Mark
will get me something later on. – Hey, what are you doing here? – What am I doing here? – Are you looking for you or are you looking
for the Coyote Pack? – Well that’s the thing,
I mean I’m looking for what I think is gonna be cool, which I think the pack
will enjoy too, right? – I think I found somethin’. – Really? – But it’s such a big gift shop I have to look at everything. I’m gonna do a couple more laps. – [Mario] Okay. – Oh wow, look at this! That one’s T-Rex, and since we
focused so much on the T-Rex, in these episodes at
Black Hills Institute, yes that’s within price range! Okay, guys, I think
I’ve got my winner. Check it out, tyrannosaurus rex. – You can’t skip over
the gems section. These gems are super cool. Look at all the minerals
that they have here too. – Alright, so I think
I’ve found my piece. I love collecting
dinosaur replicas and dinosaur figurines. I currently have a
T-Rex replica skull, but look what I found. A velociraptor replica skull. How cool is that? I think this is
gonna be my piece. Yeah. – That is an awesome gift
store relic right there. Carcharodontosaurus tooth. Did I say that right? – [Woman] Yes you did. – Nailed it, yes, that’s cool. Man, dinosaur tooth. – Alright guys, I also
found somethin’ else cool. Check this out, this
poster is a T-Rex poster. I think I’m gonna throw that
in with my gift as well. Let me see if we can
find it up on the wall. There it is right there,
there’s the poster. This is awesome, check this out. I know I’m only supposed
to pick one thing, guys, but poster and that plaque
definitely go as a pair. (energetic music) Alright guys, times
up, that’s 15 minutes! Everybody up front, let’s
see what you picked out! – [Mark] There he is. – [Coyote] Looky. – [Mark] Mario, oh you got your
Jurassic Park shirt on too. – I do, yeah. – Perfect. What’s in the box? – [Coyote] You got a box? – I do have a box. – [Coyote] Man, okay. – Something’s inside the box. – [Coyote] Nice, nice, okay. Maybe let’s start with
Mario, how ’bout that? – Okay, alright, here it is! – Ooh!
– Whoa! – This is a velociraptor
skull replica. – Wow, one one scale, that’s
life size right there! – [Mario] Yeah. – That’s pretty cool. – So I thought that would make a pretty cool gift right there. – [Mark] Not bad Mario, not bad. – I say we save Mark’s til
last since it’s in a box. – [Mark] Okay. – Alright I’m gonna
reveal my next. Here let me put this guy
up here on the table. Alright check this out. So I know I kinda broke the
rules, I picked out two things. – [Mark] Oh my goodness. – But it’s good for
the Coyote Pack, everybody likes
more prizes, right? – He always does this. You’re supposed
to pick one thing. – [Mario] That
makes us look bad! – I think you maybe
messed up my chances for everybody voting
on this prize package. – Alright, you know
what, you know what, You’re gonna need two things
for what’s in this box. – Okay, okay, alright,
the first thing, these go together, remember, it’s all about the
education here. Check that out. – [Mark] Oh man, that is cool. – [Coyote] That is a
T-Rex skeleton and body locked in matrix, life size. – [Mark] That’s not life size. – Well maybe not life
size, it’s a replica too, but I thought since so
many of these episodes here at the Black
hills Institute focus on the tyrannosaurus
rex, that was perfect. And to go with it,
also the T-Rex poster. I did get some shots
of this up on the wall so you guys can see it. It is pretty epic though, and
I felt that the two of these went perfectly side by side. You know, in somebody’s bedroom. You gotta have the plaque and you gotta have
the poster, right? – [Mark] Alright, cool. – Alright, let’s see, Mark,
what is inside the box? – I will say you guys got
some pretty cool stuff here, but I think I may have
gotten the prize of the day. Alright, ready? What’s in the box? Presenting a real genuine carcharodontosaurus tooth! – [Coyote] What? – That, my friends, is
a real dinosaur tooth. – [Mario] That’s real? – [Coyote] Wow! – That’s real, touch it. Sharp. – [Mario] Can I have it? – Mario, this is
for the Coyote Pack. – [Mario] But I need it. – [Coyote] That is pretty cool. – What do you think? – [Coyote] I think
I’m pretty jealous and I think that
there’s a good chance that that may get
the most votes. (Mark and Coyote laugh.) Well guys, that is a
pretty cool prize pack. The one one scale
velociraptor skull, the T-Rex plaque,
the T-Rex poster, and of course, a real fossil. – Carcharodontosaurus tooth. Big dinosaur with a big name. – Nice, very cool! Mario, well done, great prize. – Thank you. – Mark, well, done! Think I did a pretty
good job myself bringing the T-Rex into it. – [Mark] I have to say this
is a good spread, here. – Yes, very happy about
everything we picked out. Now a big thank you goes out to the Black Hills
Institute gift shop for letting us explore
all of these cool things. You could honestly
spend a lifetime searching through this gift shop but for us it felt
like being a kid again. Now for everybody
out there watching remember, write in the
comments section below, tell us which one of these
prizes you think is the coolest, and why it belongs
in your collection. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild. We’ll see ya on
the next location. Of all the gift shops the crew
and I have had the pleasure of visiting, I would have to say the Black Hills
Museum is far and away the most impressive
and comprehensive when it comes to dinosaur
related memorabilia. From toys and books
to lifelike models, and authentic artifacts,
they have everything you could ever hope for. If you get the chance to
visit Hill City South Dakota, make sure to visit the Black Hills Museum
of Natural History. Not only does it have more
fossils per square foot than any other museum
in the United States, but it also has the most
impressive gift shop we have ever seen. Hey Coyote Pack, if
you love dinosaurs, then I bet you’re excited
for our upcoming series Jurassic World Explorers. Make sure to go back and
watch the big announcement as well as the
YouTube world premiere of Dinosaurs Rule Again, and don’t forget, subscribe so you can join me and the crew on our next
prehistoric adventure! (animal roaring)