Konnichiwa! (“hello” in Japanese) It’s my first time in Michigan Detroit and we are at a Japanese buffet. Dessert! Sadly I actually forgot about the cake and only got fruit and jello. When I got home and was reviewing my videos, I saw the cakes and I was like “Nooo” It all looks sooo good. Even as I’m doing this voiceover, my mouth is watering. and oh my gosh guys these were amazing Not sure what they’re called. Their tempura shrimp were really awesome too. They had so many kinds of sushi I’m not a big fan of sushi so I only tried like two but it was pretty good here. Aw would have been cool to sit there Now we’re at Somerset Mall This mall is huge. Even the fountain goes all the way over there This mall has three floors and a ton of stores It was pretty packed today Super fast wave! Had to get rid of the people behind me first. and this was pretty neat. Over four
thousand pounds yo! Hey it’s like a treadmill but I don’t want to think about what
would happen if I tried running on it Really super sexy mall So there are two sides to this mall To get to the other side, we’d have to cross the skywalk and here we go. The lazy people haha So on this side of the mall down there I think they were having a
party or something traffic jam on the stairs couldn’t figure out why put a slanting mirror up there? I guess this is what I look like to a bird. I think i could have just stood here all day
watching this I was kinda waiting to see if it would shoot water differently but it didn’t I always expect something more to happen and I just wait for it Too easily amused hehe Like with this monkey gif I watched it for over two minutes waiting to see if the balloon will pop. But nothing happened! and then we went to Sur la Table hey it’s French! I’ve never heard of this store before but I
think it’s American so I’m not sure if they pronounce it in the French way or the American way Sur la Table? (American way of saying “table”) I found food! so that’s why it smelled good in here now we’re going back across the skywalk
and I took a break from walking. Became a lazy There were 3 of these conveyor belt things on each side of the skywalk seems like it takes about three minutes
to get across one of these so it’s really slow unless you’re walking on it This one wasn’t even working and people were
still using it So that’s the end of this trip and visiting this really beautiful mall. Mata ne! (“see you later”)