good morning fellow travelers and
welcome to Exit Thru the Gift Shop today we are checking out the Deely
Motorcycle Exhibition in Vancouver BC this here’s a 1912 Harley Davidson Model 8 in 1912 this would have cost you it’s $200
brand-new over here there’s a WLA
harley-davidson motorcycle which was said to define the classic look of the
modern Harley’s up on the turntable there’s a couple of
replica bikes from the 1969 movie Easy Rider the red one is the Billy Blake motorbike and behind it is the Captain America motorbike
fun thing about this one is apparently the original was so difficult to ride that
when doing some of the scenes Jack Nicholson had to squeeze so tight
hold on so tight that he ended up breaking one of Peter Fonda’s ribs
over here is a 1960s honda road racer modified for road
racing pretty basic in style it has some of the
some of the aerodynamics I guess some warm water road racers or speedway
racers you can see that if that’s 1960 as quickly as 1969 73
72 you can see the design evolves quite quickly to get you a more aerodynamic so I like this one over here this one
here is a hill climber motorcycle for back roads
I like the seat comfortable for hill climbing
check out the tire chains for mud, dirt and grime (i guess) good traction on the trails
like that very cool and that’s the 1930s 1930 hillclimber from harley-davidson
1940’s Sport Scout racer from Indian motorcycles this one’s a 1926, it’s a replica of a 1926
JD dirt-track replica gotta love this this is the 1929 flying squirrel
how’s that for a name? and I just got a new awesome bike
what is it?
it’s the Flying Squirrel some racing motorcycles here
this one here is a 1932 cs2 international racer by Norton Motors
so 1932 and over here’s a 1961 Norton
Manx this motorcycle is the Vincent Black
Shadow from 1950 which was advertised as the world’s fastest standard motorcycle
at the time it was built okay we’re gonna check out interactive
route viewer so we have a map of Washington and British Columbia here
let’s plan a trip okay I think I would like to enjoy let’s see let’s go for the
Sunshine Coast need a bit of sunshine it’s a sunshiny day so south and sunshine
coast and let’s do a trip let’s do a trip from Seaschelt to Earls
Cove touch here to get this route so in addition to the Deeley Exhibition
there’s also a sizeable gift shop which has just about anything you would want a
harley-davidson related let’s see what we can find some really awesome Harley
collectibles in here
get your home bar set up I really like these chairs
or a cooler your very own skull key rack
pub sign kids section check out all of your
Harley baby onesies there we go with vest included boys or girls this one has
a bib “The Sweetest” pretty cute outfit your pets with all the finest in
harley-davidson merchandise here we have some different sizes of dog caps there
are various different bandanas and vests check out some of the chew toys
I like this one’s pretty cool or to a lesser extent just up the top here you
have a few cat items as well there’s your Harley cat collars dog tags cat
tags very cool also like these Harley Davidson tin signs
lots of different ones to choose from oh that firefighter one is awesome those are beautiful signs those are
perfect for any collection or for a workshop check out this vintage iron love tin signs and I really like this everything from
your napkin holder to your pint glasses or this oil can pub light
oh! just spotted over here awesome there it is
didn’t expect I’d see a genuine harley-davidson motorcycle gnome
there they are it’s great oh one more
Hog Bank with goggles alright so I’m not specifically a motorcycle fan
not that knowledgeable about mechanics or anything like that but I
had a great time actually exploring the the Deeley exhibition and actually just
looking around the gift shop as well there’s tons to
explore lot of unique merchandise if you’re into motorcycles
or if you’re a harley-davidson fan this is definitely the place to be the
exhibition itself had probably about about a hundred motorcycles on display
apparently there’s 250 bikes in the collection total they have so many that
they rotate them out regularly so this may be worth coming back and
checking out again at some point there also is an annual show and shine that
they do that collectors can bring in more so you know keep an eye out
for that event if you’re interested definitely a cool place to visit here
come check it out Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition as usual please like and
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