Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I’m here for scrapbook boutique and today we’re going to be playing with foil
now I’m using a stencil which is from Heidi Swapp it’s called triangles
and we’re going to be foiling this pattern and I’ll show you how I’ve got a
piece of cardstock it’s actually larger than what I need but that’s okay you can
always cut it down later I’ve taped it to my craft mat and then I’m just going
to tape down the stencil over top so here’s this new product that lets you
use your stencils and stamps with foil it’s called transfer gel and it’s made
by deco foil I’ve been waiting for this to come back into stock and I’m so
excited to play with it for the first time today so it comes in a sealed
container I’m just removing the seal and not wasting any of that cause I can use
this stuff with all the foils that I’ve started collecting so basically you just
apply it like you would any other sort of embossing paste or texture paste and
I’m just using my palette knife and scraping it over the top of my stencil
and then any excess that I have I can simply just pop it back in the jar now
you do need to actually wash this stencil straight away or put it in a
bowl of water because it’s actually an adhesive and this does take time to dry
so I’m going to set this aside now and work on my images now scrapbook boutique
has heaps of new stuff in stock including these mudra stamps and I
thought it’d be fun to do some simple tombow water coloring today so what I’ve
done is I’ve used this wild rose stamp and stamp it out with some jet black
archival ink onto some Bristol cardstock I’m adding the markers directly to the
card stock and I’m using two colors but don’t really blend that well when you
put them on the cardstock but when you add water
they easy they just blend so beautifully and they’re really vivid colors they
kind of remind me of the zigs in a lot of ways in the way that they move on the
cardstock they’re beautiful so mostly I’m adding color directly to the
cardstock today but I do also use the other technique where I pick up the
color off the block and add it to the image but you’ll see that really soon
I will list all the colors that I used today in my blog and that’ll be linked
in the description below I’ll be back really soon when all of the coloring is
done so now it’s time to work on my sentiment
and this is from the mudra set called wishing you I’m stamping out the main
large image with some Lagoon ink from Altenew and I’m using my Misti because
I want to place the second sentiment sort of over top I’ve got a piece of
scrap acetate and then I can just hold it where I’ll stamp the image on top of
that and then I hold it where I wanted and I could pick up the stamp with the
lid of the Misti knowing that it’s going to be in the right place I use some onyx
black ink and stamp the second portion of the stamp straight over top of the
first word and then I can just cut that panel down. now for the fun part I’m
going to be doing the foiling I’ve got a piece of scrap white cardstock this is
to sandwich I’m going to use a piece of white scrap cardstock the foiled image
which now looks clear when the transfer gel is dry it’s clear I’ll put the foil
on top of that with that pretty side facing up and then I’ve got one of these
carrier sheet holders from Heidi Swapp you don’t need one of these you can just
use a piece of computer paper or parchment paper and then have it folded
over so the folded end is the one that you feed into the laminator and this is
just a treat a cheap you know twenty dollar laminator from office works and
it seems to work really well for me I have had to speed this up because it
takes quite a while to feed through but the results are worth all the effort so
you can take this off straight away there’s no need to wait even though it
will feel a bit warm and I did have my laminator on for about 20 minutes before
I started and then look at that I had to make sure it was nice and hot I didn’t
want to ruin this after waiting for it to dry
and doesn’t it look fabulous all right so I’ve cut it down
I’m adding it to the front of my top fold card just using my ATG adhesive to
do that and I’m just loving this adhesive it goes such a long way I don’t
feel like I’m wasting you know those little tape rolls when you buy them they
feel so expensive okay my flowers and my leaves I fussy cut them out I didn’t
include that in today’s tutorial because you see me fussy cut before and this is
mostly about foiling all right so they are all fussy cut out I’m just popping
up my sentiment I have used a bit of fun foam behind that and some score tape to
hold that in place I think it was wise to use something that was going to be
fairly strong because of the foiling I don’t know how other glues would all
here’s my cat how other glues would hold up on the falling but I’m sure liquid
glue would work just as well I’ve added some fun foam behind the flowers with
some score tape as well and for my leaves I decided to use Oh there she goes
again she’s a bobtail did you see that she’s a bobtail cat she’s so cute when
she’s not being annoying or naughty I should say and I’m using some
glue dots so I’ll focus now using some glue dots to add my flowers leaves
behind my flowers I always leave extra my leaf stems I never cut them out
properly because that gives me more place to put adhesive so I can stick
them behind stuff now I’m not sure if you noticed but my sentiment was crooked
on the front so I got over that by just cutting off both sides and that’s my
finished card thanks for joining me today I’ve had a blast
till next time happy papercrafting bye you