Hey guys, Lorelyn here, just short video. Ever since I started playing Dota 2, so far, these are the types of Peenoise that I’ve encountered. Let’s start with, “Heneral Peenoise”. These are the players who thinks they are always right The one who always give command These are the players who always want to be in charge From extorting Tangos, Potions, Courier and even Runes They want to have EVERYTHING. And will still blame you if your team Lose. Number 2, “Peenoise Announcer Pack” These are the players who uses “Open Mic” even when not talking. The background music he’s playing, and this is the player who keeps shouting in the mic. Number 3, “The Doodler” These are the players who keeps sketching in the minimap until you can’t see anything else. Number 4, “Skill Abuser” These are the players who keeps trolling their team mates Abusing their hero-skills to troll make other players angry. It was me (IO), sorry. Haha. Number 5, “Land Lord” They are the players who don’t care even if you came first to the lane. Or even if you deserved that lane. They’ll stay there, they won’t go and will fight you. Until you can’t tolerate and leave the lane instead. So, basically they think that they own the lane. Number 6, “Boy Reason” They are the players who keeps reasoning out. When their skill-shot failed and missed, they’ll say – “Sorry Lag!” “Sorry my Ping is too high!” Even if its not. Number 7, “Boy Pa Commend” They are the one who likes to get commendation even if they did not do anything “Good” in game. They’ll spam – “Commend Me Please.”, “Commend Me Please”. “COMMEND ME PLEASE!” Dota commendation is just a number guys, at the end of the day they will still judge you based on your Solo and Party MMR. Not your commendations. Number 8, “Blame Thrower” These are the players who likes to BLAME All they see is your mistake. 🙁 Oy, look at the good things your team mates did! Number 9, “Boy Solo” They are the players who likes to go alone. They have no plan to cooperate, they don’t care about the team. Even if you’re losing or winning They’re still going SOLO. Number 10, “Boy Tampuhin” (Overly Sensitive Player) These are the players who are very sensitive If they don’t get what they want They would sulk – and won’t defend, they won’t cooperate and they will just THROW THE GAME. And above all, IT’S SUMMER TIME! THEY ARE ALL HERE! “OH MY GOD. You’re so stupid!” “PUT TANK IN A MALL !!!” “WHO’S STUP*D ??!!”
“What now!? Go talk!” “Freakin’ Idi*t!”
“Stupid! Put tank in a mall!” “You fckin’ stupid!” “Try to talk you sheet!”
“PUT TANK IN A MALL!” “Stup*d sheet, retreat now idi*t” “Tank in a mall! It takes four to kill me, stup*d!” Good luck playing on random game. Ok, my experience is not full of negativity. Because there are still some Good Players that I’ve encountered. Players who knows their role, consideration and most importantly – someone who is fun to play with. If you know something else, please don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below. What else? Come and join us in our Public 10v10 Game 🙂 My Steam and Dota ID is on the description. Thanks guys for watching. 🙂 And by the way, tag your friend who plays like this!