Today makeup tutorial was requested by one of you So this makeup is inspired by the color orange So I’ve decided to create something that goes well during night time but day time as well but of course you can always adapt it I hope you will like it, because I do (haha) It is sexy and fresh at the same time we start by applying the foundation this one is from Estee Lauder We start with the center of the face and then spread the product outward This foundation is really great it is super easy to work with also it dries out very fast and leaves a very soft finish Then I take my concealer this one is from L.A cosmetics I put quite a lot under my eyes first it will erase all remaining flaws let’s hide our dark circles but also to bring some light to the face So that’s why I also put some on my nose bridge my forehead, and around my lips I have some hyper pigmentation around the lips area Because every thing dries fast you must work and spread the products quickly We can already see the touch of light and bright don’t forget the neck area as well just so you won’t have any dividing line I take my no favorite sebum powder from Innisfree It helps to avoid unwanted face shine during the day the eyebrows super easy.. tadaaa it is done Now for the eyes I apply this light orange as a base on my eyelids This beautiful orange is from Missha For more vibrance, I use another orange from Kiko Because it is indeed more vibrant I apply it on the center of my eyelids but also a bit under my eyes From Missha again I take this deep purple This color is so gorgeous there are tiny shimmers on it I apply it on the outside of my eyes it really helps to make the eyes look bigger put some under the eyes as well it makes the look more intense Next step is the eyeliner I took the Korean brand 3CE cosmetics the more you work with it, the darker it’ll be the eye’s look is the key point, it must be intense then I just follow the natural line of my eye extend the black a little bit also put some back underneath the eyes but don’t draw a full line Now I blend all of this together with a bit of highlighter It is important to blend everything properly so the look won’t be too ashy I add a little touch of the orange from Kiko then I apply my false eyelashes these are from Etude House I’ve already introduced them in another video with them of course I put some mascara it alls me to blend in the real and the false lashes I grab some more orange and apply it as blush it must blend in with your skin I take my highlighter I apply it on my cheekbones, nose bridge, cupid’s bow and forehead this is my favorite step putting on some lipstick This time, I’ve selected a lip marker this orangy lipstick as some red undertone with this product it is very important to work with layers so once again, it is all about intensity do not hesitate to apply multiple layers so you can build your perfect coverage because it is a lip marker, it doesn’t transfers here come the crash test Thank you for watching my video I hope you liked it if so, don’t forget to subscribe, like and share it and of course leave a comment on this look Found all my other videos, and makeup reviews on my blog