Hi, I’m Barbie,Barbie part 2 in this video I also have my sister Mia Who is playing Stacie and she started on YouTube Channel! Well hello, I can’t do this. I’m done Chloe’s not allowing me to be better because it’s her video So this is my vlog I can be Barbie if I want and I will I’ll be Barbie if I want to be Barbie But in Chloe’s vlog I’m Stacie,like who is Stacie?!. She’s not even a real Barbie she’s like the Nugget one like the little tiny thing make sure to subscribe to her it will be the first link in the Description go subscribe go spam her go there were some love and for a big warm welcome to YouTube show her how loving the YouTube community is let’s try to get her to 50,000 subscribers, I know it’s a lot But I think we can do it so if all of you go right now and subscribe to Mia it would mean so much to me and Comment down below and let me know once you did it and I’ll be liking in your comments showing you some love if you show Her some love because she’s my family and uh let’s go previously on Barbie Barbie! Stacy! Get in we’re going shopping Hey Starbucks ; Starbucks Just like your face I mean It’s fantastic Wait you make videos though oh, yeah, just a new thing I started for real my sister me I just made a YouTube channel go check it out link in the description videos already up go on Officer Barbie reporting for duty We have a two three two hey you hands up I like your nails! Dr. Barbie here we have a little issue with the test results that came back and.. You have a shopping problem Malibo we have a problem I think I forgot to wear deodorant Time to unwind Hello ;Haia Barbie ;Hii Ken I’m so excited for our date tonight Okay guys, so there’s an Instagram, that’s like Barbie there people are taking pictures for the Barbie Instagram right now They’re taking pictures of Barbie. Oh my god. I can’t so that was it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed sorry to leave you guys in a cliffhanger there, but that may be the next Barbie video Let me know what other Barbie videos you guys want to see it leave them in the comments below I’m doing the whole Barbie series as you could tell so yeah I’m gonna keep them coming and don’t forget to check out Mia’s and videos she blogged behind the scenes of this video You cannot vlog like that it’s not an iPhone It’s floates I’m vlogging through the streets I’m not scared anymore to vlog I’m Doing it I’m doing it I’m not stopping I’m not gonna stop. I did it. I plugged Finally did it I’m not scared anymoore whew That was exhilarating, I thought she’s so funny guys like seriously I ever tried to get her to vlog for so long But she’s gonna be doing more than vlogging she’s gonna make cooking videos fitness Lifestyle go check out her channel of the link below remember 50,000 subscribers. We could do it, and I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the Life Of Barbie! and see you guys next time