Mistake shouldn’t happen. If mistake takes
places my son’s career and my political career will end. What is your name? Santosh. Your name is Kalyansundaram
till the exam is completed. Cheers. You are lucky. Someone is writing exam
on behalf of you and you are enjoying beer here. Why should I write
exam? My dad has crores. Hey Hey, don’t you have eyes? You
have dashed a parked vehicle. You have parked in ‘No parking’,
drinking alcohol and arguing with me. My car my wish. Do you know
who I am? I am MP’s son. Who ever you may be, what is to me? Shut up, Shut up, Shut up,
Ask him to show documents. You be quiet, Show your documents Kalyanasundaram. Kalyanasundaram. Santosh Please lift your chin Ok. Good Thanks Hey, what are you doing? Someone is taking my
photos and going. He is looking like press reporter. He is in blue t-shirt. Catch him Hey blue t-shirt He has camera. Catch him. Why bike has got weight suddenly? Hey who are you? Why are you on my bike? Don’t look back and ride the bike properly
otherwise I will blow your head. For this speed body will
only blow, not only head. Hey, shut up and drive properly. For you I can’t do bike stunts. My mechanic
told me to not to go above 30kmph. Forget your mechanic words and
keep them in back pocket. Move aside. Hey, you are like magician in modern
dress. When have you came front. Its ok. But first lower your head. Ours is head cutting
family not head bowing family. They ran I told you before
only to bend your head. You have to tell me directly someone is coming to hit you. Instead
you are saying to bend my head as if to apply coconut oil. How can I understand? Hey Careful. What shall I do? Someone has
thrown watermelons on road. Who are you? Press reporter. I am trying
to cover important news. Boss.. Boss.. They are
coming. Let’s run. Do you think I am your
lover to follow as you say? Boss..boos..boss Come Jk. I am waiting for you keeping first
page blank. What breaking news have you brought? Sir I brought news, which
shakes our state tomorrow. MP Ramachandrayya has sent some other in his son’s place
to write his medical exam. Photo evidence is in this camera. See this MP’s son is in another place at exam time.
Here is the proof. I have dashed his car with my bike Sir this is not only happening
here. It’s a big titanic scam sir. Titanic scam? I thought for your speed you have brought some
big news like Maniratnam’s movie story or other. But you are bringing
unnecessary news like this. Sir many are becoming Doctor’s and Engineer’s
like. It’s a great threat to our society. About which society are you talking? Seeing Tsunami news many went
there and died than people present there. So.. Sir you are asking to publish
news that is useful to public. Do you know why people
are buying newspaper? They want it for drinking
coffee and going to bathroom. Sir you are telling same thing
every time I brought news. Don’t tell me anything JK. First our paper need to develop, sales need to
grow. Till then we cannot grow enmity with anyone. And also I discussing with same MP Ramchandrayya
about national permit for our newspaper. And you are bringing news against him. Excuse me Sir. Yes Sex bomb Swapna! Tell.. Tell.. I brought photos of her bathing in Nandi hills.
I have brought photo of her in wet sari and news. Super Good. This is best news. For this
people will fight and buy our paper. See. He is old, but not his ideas. Thank you, sir. Hello Foreman, Photo is ready for printing in
cinema page. Swapna’s photo should be very big. I will resign this job. Resign and? Do you have crores of bank
balance? What will you do after resigning? Came here with many expectations, but. All comes here with expectation. Thank you -Welcome sir See this waiter. He came here to become Ambani, he struggled
for that. Now he is working in bar. But you are not like that.
You are in same field. Come on. Someday you will succeed writing
journal and I will definitely see that. Boss, Say another beer. Not tomorrow. I want
it in another 1hour. Okay Sir. JK. A person is saying center
page of our paper should be his. ##He is best in gossips. I have joined him in
our paper. Please introduce him to our staff. 2-in-1 The people working here are only not getting
salaries properly. He added another one. Come on. Let’s go and see who this is. Hey you. Sir, are you center page journalist. Sir, I have seen some
one exactly like you Have you seen him with
mustache and police dress? Do you think I am double character?
Tell this story to directors, not me? Sir, you definitely have Pulser. Due to that rowdies beating
now I definitely may have ulcer. What boss are you
saying? Have rowdies beat No They have kissed me. See my face and talk. They beat me, have taken Rs.20,000, which I kept for
giving house advance,which I kept for giving house advance. What? Rs.20,000 gone. How? How? Why is he shouting like Pomeranian dog? Leave it, Boss. Happened is happened. Happened is happened, ok. How do I go to bathroom
without paying rent. Srinu Take this Boss. This is our room key. From now onwards you
are owner and we are just room mates. Ok How will be the room? Heaven, Boss. Cheers Hello Hello It’s like birth place to bacteria and virus in
town. They have duped me by saying room will be like heaven. Hai, Brother. See I have confirmed a room
for you without advance. Hey, why are you coming
inside with boots? Please shoe is not allowed in
house. Please leave it outside. For this dirty house, I should leave
my costly shoes outside and come. I have seen many dustbins outside but
have never seen house like dustbin. Why are you saying like that? Many have come to share
room with us. But we said no. But JK has given chance for you.
I think you both are good friends. Boss, no one should know you are
staying here. They will fell ……. Cheers. Cheers. Hey, don’t you have minimum sense. You have setup windows and doors for municipality
drainage and you are saying this house. Some stupid is ringing
bell. Welcome him. Did you press it while
coming? It’s ringing now. I have heard wall clock running slowly, but first
time I have seen calling bell ringing lately. Is this a house? Don’t worry. In two days
you will understand everything. What? In two days will
you clean everything? No. No. You will get used to it. Smile ##Hai, Madhu. This is Anuja. Hey. Will you do me a small help. Please Are you the person Anuja said. Don’t talk to me. Act like you don’t know me. I don’t know means Are you Richards. That parcel… Don’t look at me. He even didn’t thank for help. Hello Hey someone is ringing
bell. Open the door. Someone might have ringed bell
yesterday and now it might be ringing. Hey door sound is also
coming. Go and open the door. If I get up and come… If you get up and come, what happens? Tongue slip is not good every time. Have your ears gone. What is this extra bed? My new room mate Naki. Naki? Why? People named Venkatesh are
making them Venki, why shouldn’t I? I am interested in giving shake hand, but
if I get up you will get A certificate. Disgusting. All your friends are like this only. Anyways. Go and bath. Forget to fill water Here there are three people and you
don’t know to fill water in time. If there is water here, why do we
left quarter alcohol balance there. JK I don’t know what you do. You take bath wear this shirt and
come to my house by 11o’clock. Anyways I will remove,
why buying new shirt? Shut up. Hey, See there I want more. Why is he squeezing her like that
in front of us? He is doing too much. He spoiled my mood early in morning. You shouldn’t think of
that. It is latest trend. What is this? Latest trend. Wear this shirt neatly and come. You have
to look as bridegroom to my father. Bridegroom? Today only my dad will be free. Don’t come in your old bike. Ask your friends and come in good one. Shave it. 11o’clock.
I will wait. Come in time Be on time Madhu. Hey Madhu. Brother has your father-in-law stopped increasing family
members after your lover or does he have another. Why? It looks like super breed.
If she has sister I will try. Why going for Xerox, when original
is available. Take her if you want. He has sacrificed very easily. Give it to my colleague friend. She is not feeling well so I have
collected. Please give it to her friend. Hey I have meeting. Here is the address. Thank you. Have you seen her before.
No man, will call now and see Hello Sir -Hey Short Mala, How are you? Sir, my photo for kitchen
tips didn’t come in paper. I told you before only to show your navel
for photo,but you have hide it with spoon. That is why editor has rejected
it. Next time show it, I will try. Every time you say same thing, sir What brother, does cookery
show also need exposing? Brother, people wanted
it. What shall I do? Whatever title it may
be people need exposing. You are ringing? You must be JK, right? Hi, I am Sandhya, India Times
journalist. Can you do me a favor? He is center page Naki. hi
– hi he will know me. TOI means you only publish party
photos, as if nothing happens in Mumbai except them .I know. Your paper Marnadu, publishing news of murders, rape
and other things only. Ours is far better than that. Your scrap paper sell for
Rs.8 per kilo is your pride. Your paper only seen in big houses, but our
paper is seen from barber shop to every medium houses. Hello -Hello Hey stop. Its waste to introduce a girl to
people like you. You said some help tell me. Yes. I came here to interview Hero, but
my cameraman got stuck in traffic. My boss is more interested in
photos than interview. So… So you require cameraman. Yes -You mean. You want my service. Yes. Mr.Naki. It will cost you. Hey, just joking. In 2009, my first producer
Paparao used me one time. Tamil producer Kantham
had used me two times. He promised to use me in
next cinema also. Ha.Ha If we publish like this
editor will kill us. Just right Madam. We have heard that you only
wrote and sung a song. Is it true? Yes.Yes.Yes. How did you know? Can you sing two lines for us? Dirt? Not dirt, its love. At last, I hate you, but
I love you. That’s it. That’s it Wow, Superb. Lovely. Tomorrow onwards it
rocks in youtube and twitter. Yeah. Actually If you want my autograph,
I have no objection. Please give us. Ok. Nonsense. You are throwing this
without knowing value. If her song hits tomorrow? What song? Let’s chew and bite… Hey you have missed
main thing. Drum beat. We have to arrest them
on spoiling telugu. Relax If you have tensions any time
see this photo. You will relax. This is yours. This is mine. All the world has changed to digital
photography, but you are still using roll camera. For giving negative is only
best. Are you coming or not. No. You go. Mail me your e-mail id. I
will mail you photographs. Ok. Nice to meet you Miss Sandhya. Me too. Parcel.. I may have left in
cameraman. I will see you again. Bye. Excuse me. Yes. That’s mine. Thank you Srinu, what have I told
you and what did you I have asked you for a glamour
photo for our kitchen news. Sir I have designed it like that only. If you need to design
more glamour then I need to show her in two piece only. There only you have mistaken. You
should not show anything fully. It doesn’t have kick. It
should be seen but not visible. It should be seen but not visible? Ok sir. Very good. Nice. Yes. Write today gossips news. Two
plat Sita is three month pregnant. Curly hair have heavy ego. Don’t
forget to keep long curly hair. Yes write Shhh Hello. I am showing my hand
to stop and you are going. To stop seeing you
hand this is not auto. I am Naki, center page gossips. Naki? Ok. You are the third person. Yes. Why? Do you give cup
if come early? Who are you? Looking like street mango jelly vendor. You ask me who are you? I am
owner of this house. This is mine. Sir. I asked unknowingly, for that why you
are talking in telugu and English confusingly. There is no money with you
but you have more comedy. Ooh Party is weak in this issue. Sir, do you think we are
interested in staying here. Beside there is Malleswari
apartment. There are shakia and mukia Shakia and Mukia? Tell properly There is brothel house sir. Where is this country going? All are going there only, Sir. What is that Apartment name? Malleswari Apartment.
-Malleswari Apartment. What sir, will you also go there. No. No. I will not go that
side also. I am a Gentleman. What’s your name? -Naki. Naki, Sweet name. Good boy. Malleswari Apartment. Aunty, why are you
doing operation to banana I always maintain
hygiene, clean and eat. Jk also same. Very clean and neat. Yes, Yes,You once come to room
and see. You will get shocked. Is it. Yeah. It will smell like corpse. -Shut up. Why have you given my shirt gift to him. That is. What are you doing? Eating? I am asking what are doing to earn? What are you doing here? I am guest to this house From how many days? Just 1year. Do you have right to ask this question? Where are you staying now? Now at Martoon That is Zoo hills. It’s a lovely place. When I was young I used to go there for dance
class. There was restaurant at corner. There used to be a Malayalam
master. Whatever he do it will be nice. If this continues, uncle will have tata. Yeah.. Ok. 15 minutes I will be there. Sorry uncle, I have a
urgent work. I need to go. Jk. Ok Madhu. No problem. I think he
needs to go somewhere else urgently. But Jk, from now you don’t need
run with your legs -What are you saying? Not only this. In Bandra, second floor,
three bedroom apartment is getting readied. Daily you can use one bedroom. Hey, I can’t come on. Please give dead body address. Plot no-26, Link road, Andheri east. What sir? You are taking only photos. You
are not printing my name in last murder case Why are you worrying as if I have
not printed your name on wedding card? What is his name? Ask him only. Sir please tell and go.
How can I ask dead body. I Know. Don’t worry. Hi -Hi Hello, English paper. -Hi Telugu paper. Did you find any lead? It looks like a pre-planned
murder. Hey, what are you doing? I am preparing matter
for tomorrow headlines. Body found with cigarette. If we use that
rhyming, people will read interestingly. Where are you going? To room? No. I have a urgent work. Can you
deliver this parcel on the way? Why are you delaying in delivering that? That is why I am asking to deliver it. Brother, I have work. Please listen. Please go. Please go. So JK. What is evening plan? Why? Are there any interviews? Come on. Don’t you get bored with this
life? Every time same interviews, photos dead bodies. If you are free let’s
have a cup of coffee. Ok. But I have a work today. Ok. All work no play, makes you a dull boy. Ok anyways see you later, bye. Give one chickenmix. Take the money & put some masala. How many times did I tell
you? You don’t understand. Hey sister. It looks like they
get tired going up and down. What can they do inside? That is only our business technique. What sister? I am hearing
some fighting sound on roof. Your party only. Struggling.
I only have controlled. Ok. Ok. At this age, how
much power does he have? Wait I will see. Get that old
one down. I will ready camera. Super. You continue. Sir. Sir. Very urgent. For me also very urgent. Do you know Sivasankar? Please leave me. -Sir
he plays flute well. Please leave. Sir his wife is also very beautiful. Don’t you understand? Go.. Hello doctor, this is center page Naki. My stomach is paining
and not stopping, Doctor I am suffering from loose motions. think it is some pakota
eatable to ask for sample. Ok. For that. I will definitely send. Please see that I get
out of this bathroom soon. Hey, why are you sitting
like devil in dark? I have eaten chicken on road side. From
then I am suffering from loose motions. Whatever I eat its coming out instantly. If you eat food like that it
will happen like that only. See, how I eat regularly,
drink juices and maintain body. See your body first
and talk about fitness. Brother, Please take this sample
and give in Tilaka hospital. Hey I have given time for my girlfriend. I am not asking to give
her. Please give in hospital. Hey, stupid if you make noise
again I will come top stairs and hit you. For dance concentration
is very important. Don’t get disturbed by
those stupid Understand. Ready. Hey brother, please give it. Keep it in cover and give me Take it. Also small help. What? Do I need to
give urine sample also? There is no problem in front
line only back line has problem. JK has asked me to deliver this
cover at this address. Please. You have made lover boy, a courier boy. Do bull have these many meanings? This stupid also lover boy. Gayatri, I am at ticket counter only.
I will definitely take tickets. Ok bye. Patient’s name?
– Nacharla Kittayya Mr. Guna. Sir parcel. Brother, this is latrine Really. I thought sambar and vada. Colours nice. Very good. What Jk? You have
money to buy car but no money to pay rent. First vacate that dance party on
that floor. They are spoiling house. Jk. That Gowrishankar has promised to
vacate this month. You said same thing last month. Please give me cash now. I don’t have cash now
sir. I will accept Cheque also. Don’t you have any
problem if it bounces also. Why don’t you press people have cash? Next week I will definitely give. What brother, door is making new sound. Sound is not coming from that
door. It is coming from this door. They sold me saying
some special chicken. I have tempted and eat it. From then onwards
its not stopping like bus in speed movie. I don’t know when the climax is. When I will relax? If you eat everywhere
it happens like this only Hai Ra. Take my hi also Where are you going? Me and my lover Gayatri are going
to movie. Super star’s movie She might have gone with
someone today morning show. Hey don’t insult my dream girl. She is dream girl, but you are not. Ok. Listen guys. I want to
talk important issue with you. I am also facing problem from
morning with that issue only Hey shut up and listen. Our house owner is
asking to pay us rent. We don’t have that
problem any further. See this. House owner and
prostitute. We will have no problem further. See how burrow has embraced butterfly. Hey our house owner. Small Correction From now onwards I am house
owner and he is tenant. If he doesn’t want to give it
to his wife, he only should pay us. What? Blackmail? What do you think e-mail? Obviously. If god shows
us a way. We should follow Whatever you say this is blackmail Why do you think this is blackmail? For cheating his wife god has given punishment
through us. Think like that. Do you know punishment,
if we are caught? I have done many bigger
than this. This is nothing. Don’t involve us in this issue. I thought we three can become house
owner. Ok I will only become house owner. I will ask rent you shouldn’t feel. Hey, you will be caught
if you do like this Leave that and say
what’s the second matter. I am getting married. We know. Next year. No. There is small change. What? Will they throw ash instead
of sacred rice in marriage? Hey, you will be caught
if you do like this Who? That airline party? Yes Good piece. If you leave her I thought to catch. Anyways
congrats. If friend has it then I feel I also has it. What? Happiness? Every stupid who tries
friend lover says this only. Brother, I am very decent. Hey this is my pant. I am searching for this only. Careful. Careful. Slowly. Don’t wear it like
that. Do some spray. Otherwise wise theatre will smell Welcome to our dream house We will stay here after
marriage. This is our factory. Factory? Yeah. We both research and get
some kids here only. So factory. That factory don’t have no
holidays, no bands,Only overtime. So shall I resign my job? For my Dad’s bank balance our
grandsons also need not work. This air-hostess job is
just for flying thrill. Everyone is working for salary
and you are working for thrill. Hey JK. We both are only in flat.
Outside climate is very cool. Don’t you want to
open factory very soon. Don’t you want to eat laddu sweet? Hi. Are you busy? No. What’s up? Come urgently to city swimming pool. What happened? Any thing unrgent. What happened? An urgent issue. I
need to go immediately. Its like DVD struck while
watching good movie. Get lost. Ok. See you. Hi -Hi Thank you. I don’t drink while working. Who said you are working now. What? You have called and asked
to come here immediately. My call means work to you Relax. Press reporter and printing machine
has lot of difference. Enjoy the life. come on Sandhya. I have left the work I was doing
came here for your phone call. Definitely it is not important work. How can you say? If it is so important,
you will not lift my call. Whatever. I am starting. See you later. Dating. Dating. Dating. After Dating Mating. See, go without disturbing. If I make issue, will sir mood will go. Hello I don’t know you. Please move. If I don’t move. What will you do. What shall I do? Get lost Hey What did you say? Neelakantham. Neelakantham stop it. Hey, I don’t have mood to fight. But I have Oh God, You stupid. Hey I am Neelakantham,
no one can do anything. See there. hit him These are all his friends. It may be
problem if we stay here. Come on lets go. I am sorry. Its ok. Are you hurt badly. I am fine Always you think of work. That’s why I asked you to
come. So that you can relax. Who told I am not relaxing. I will be always jolly with my friends. I came here without asking
why. That is my mistake. Where should I dropyou. Listen man I said I am sorry. Hey stop the car. Oh God. Neelakantham Stop. What the hell is going? Don’t know. Go fast. What’s wrong with them. Don’t wait hit him. Stop if you dare. Hey, just get lost. Have you lost your mind. Go. Go and hit. He is coming, he is coming. Go little bit front, I will shoot him Fast..Fast What the hell wrong with you man Hang on Stop Stop Park it. There. There she is. come on come on Get in..Hey stop. stop. Hey lets go from this side That’s ok. Is the bathroom clean. Yes Madam. Thank you -Thank you madam. Good Evening Sir. Thank you. Brand new car. Who is that mental?
Publicly shooting us. My husband. What? Just joking he might be. That psycho. American green card holder. He holds many degrees.
And also my family friend. My parents are happy as they got
bride who earn 10,000 usd per month. As we change channels in remote
they made marriage arrangements. Then I got flash news that
he does illegal business. Illegal business means? Illegal export deals. He taught me as
his to be and old all his illegal deals. I thought for a while whether to
act as journalist or to be came. Next day newspaper has this
news. Written by Sandhya. I think you can guess what happens,
next. Marriage is also stopped. He says, how you will get married, insulting
me. So he speaks about me wrongly outside. And this was my long boring story. I would like to have one green tea
with lemon and honey. What about you. Ok. One is enough. Thank you. Don’t leave him. Kill him. Oh. Excuse me. Where are we? What’s happening? This is terrible. Oh no Come on lets go.
– Excuse us. Yes. Hey come. Come. Let’s go Hey come come Come quick. I hope it’s not our room. But key worked. I am sure it’s our room. I don’t know what’s going on -Mrs.Eagle
I have a green tea with lemon and honey. We didn’t order any tea. Thanks for dropping me
and sorry for glass damage. It’s okay; it was not
your fault. GoodNite. Good night. Have you filled water. I am only flowing like
water. How can I fill water? Where is my orange juice? Is that orange juice. I thought
mango juice due to its thickness. Don’t you know that
difference in taste? I told you I have taken
it only, not tasted. You have washed your back
with my Rs. 140 juice. In washing hurry I didn’t see
rate. If you want I will buy another. How can I drink juice in future? If it is not possible,
eat as fruit. Get lost. Hey brother, ants are coming
due to that juice smell. Please spray anti-ants
powder here and go. You have washed with juice; it
should happen like that only. Don’t say same thing again
and again. I know that designer. He will deliver correctly on
marriage date will take care. You don’t worry mother. Ok. Ok. Bye What happened? What? This? Got hit in work. To get hit. Are you a reporter or
rowdy? Look at your face JK. Oh my goodness. How did brand
new car become like this. Its time for flight. Let’s go. Ridiculous. Who is this? Sir, Laundry. No thanks. Laundry. Hey stop. Which room. This room only sir, 2028. Can we serve this? No sir as per management
rules, we only need to serve. He is our friend. Today is his birthday. We want
to give him a pleasant surprise. Maybe sir. This is our hotel policy. Subash. It’s okay, If you feel there will be
problem, I will talk with management. What problem is? Take sweets to your wife. I am still unmarried sir. No problem. Take this and buy
chocolates after getting married. Sorry Sir. Room service is an art. Art? Yes sir. He is not our customer he is our guest. We should only do service That’s good. Who is it? Sir, room service
sir. Your breakfast sir He will feel happy for you. Happy Birthday Sir ! What today is not my birthday? What the heck?
– Surprise. Yes What are you doing here? Delivery not like you. See how I have delivered
your food correctly. What the hell you are talking about? Mani Oh.. New shirt I bought
it yesterday only. Give it to dry cleaning. It will go. Where is my parcel? As usual, I have sent
it through air hostess. But.. -But This time I have given
parcel to new girl. New girl. Yes Health was not good for regular girl. She only told to give to her friend. That girl didn’t
know what is in parcel. Will you tell me a new story? Hiding gems and telling me stories. check his room. Do we think we came to
marriage house? Stupid. You are free rigth Please
help in washing clothes. That is your work. What is the post? This is swami’s sacred ash. Why are you taking it to bathroom? To apply after bath. Just now only you have bathed.
– Forgot to apply soap. If you don’t want this
photos seen by your wife Every month send me Rs.10,000. Where and when will be intimated later. No Police. Finished? Coming. Doing bath. Dear, what is that sound? That sound is not
mine, dear. its from top From Top? Mr.Jk. Mr.Jk. Mr.Srinu.Srinu. Naki what happened to you. I told you, I don’t have the parcel. She might have misplaced it. Tell me her number. Whose number?
– Your Granny’s You told, you have given to some
new girl. Tell me her number. Yes. That girls number only It is 986. Wait. Wait. It is 986266125 Hello, reliance medicals.
What do you want? Sorry. I have confused. I messed up. If I want to dupe you,
why will I stay here? Sorry,. Number is 9820345279. Please take it out. take it out. You reached mail box, Madhumita.. Has it burned? Message her to call you immediately. I will dial you again. Ask her to call you immediately I am very hungry, call to room service. HI Gayatri, who? Mother. My friend. What happened Gayatri. I have booked tickets
after you said only. If it’s not possible
you can just message me. I have waited for you like mad. Hey. Hey Guy. Who is this? Srinu, this is Akshay. He is a computer engineer from Canada. Nice to see you, dude.
Coming for wedding? Wedding? He doesn’t know about wedding? I didn’t tell him yet. He actually came here to pick
up his stuff. He is a cartoonist. Ooh Cartoonist. Cartoonist like bapu? Like Bapu only. That’s funny. Akshay, you tea is getting cold. Nice to meet you dude. Let’s meet again in marriage. Who is that extra person? And for who is marriage? MIne only. Yesterday only our engagement happened. Then what about me? Think practically. From five years a boy is delivering newspaper to
our house. So will he become our family member? Then Love, Love is like dream but marriage is
like an alarm to wake up from it. I have whether a person giving missed
call is best or the one who gives diamond. I have decided. But we two were very close. How much tasty the bubblegum may be but
we have to spit it after sometime. Good luck with your cartooning. Stop this marriage. This marriage shouldn’t happen. I am 21st century boy. I am 3 times rich. Start the music. Start the music. Start the music Shameless girl. You have
ruined our family prestige. Don’t stand in front of me. Go. Hey this is Richard, please call me as soon as
possible, Its bloody urgent. Thank you very much. That Girl only. Hello
– Richard, I am Madhu. I have heard your
voice message just now. It’s okay. What
happened to the parcel? Actually I became busy in
shopping and gave it to my friend. What do you mean? Friend? Actually he is my boyfriend. I have asked him to deliver. It would have been delivered
by now. Hasn’t he? You idiot useless. Stupid women. you.. Hello. Good morning Madam. I am
Richard’s supervisor. I am sorry for his rudeness. Is he human being or animal? Very rude. Its ok. Don’t take is very serious. He is enjoying punishment for it. Parcel. I have given it to my friend to
deliver. Actually he perfectly does what I say. But I don’t know why he
did like this, this time. Its ok. He might have stuck in some
important. Today everyone are busy. You are busy, I am busy. If you give
his address, we will only go and collect. Sure. Note down. 1minute. Pen and paper Hello. 1 minute. 3/2 Shall I write on your head? Give paper. Have you noted? Please tell dear? ##3/2 , first floor,
Bhandarkar Road. Matunga west. Now we will have interval
and climax to him. Who is that? What ? You seem a little disturbed. Someone is walking in your mind. Who is that lucky guy? He is dim. What a nice guy. I am very happy, when I was with him. Without talking only I am
talking very much. I like him. Does he know that? Don’t know. Tell him. There are many ways Facebook, sms, mms. If you tell face to face
only you will have thrill. Then go and express.
What is stopping you? That situation didn’t come
till now. And it’s too early. Don’t miss him. Don’t waste time yaar. Go and tell him you are loving. Better Go ! I have work. Will see later. Express what’s in your mind fast? There is nothing important
than proposing. Go and tell. Go Sandhya .Have you finished
entertainment page. No.. Who is this Sir? He is only Jk. he is only JK sir. Who the hell are you man? Telugu, Talk in Telugu. Here,I will only ask you questions. Just open your mouth for answering. So you are not JK. Sir I am telling you same thing
from last 2 hours in all languages. Please get me down. Where is my parcel? What parcel? Do you think, it looks good?
It’s like monkey wearing it. Hey, enough. He will die. Hey Madhumita gave you a
parcel, what happened? I don’t know? I have given to other person
to deliver. He is not here. Hey are you playing games. He is saying you and you are saying he. I will beat and kill
you.Rascals. -Sir. Sir Sir, he is saying true. I
only have delivered that parcel Now, You are saying that you
have delivered. Are you playing games. Sir. Sir. Don’t beat me. He has given to center page Naki, he has
given me to deliver and I have delivered. Wait. Wait. You are not Jk. Correct sir. He is Jk.. Correct sir. Naki has given to you. -Right Sir. The Parcel Naki has given to you You are correct sir. Why have you said this before to me? Sir you haven’t asked me this thing? Sir, mistake is ours. Ok, now I am asking.
Where is the parcel? Sir I have given in Saroja store sir. The parcel you have delivered in
Saroja store has some ones shit. Did you receive that one?
not Possible, Oh shit. Yes I received that only. I am asking you parcel and
you are playing with me. Sir. Please don’t shoot. You are correct sir. Small
confusion. It has got mixed up. If you made me ask one
more question, you will die. Don’t shout. Where is my parcel? In Tilak hospital lab. Sir, very thanks. If you
hadn’t come I would be dead. Nothing. No problem Mr.Naacharla Kittiah ,Naacharla
Kittiah -Someone is calling. What sir you are friend has
given this idol for motion test. Idol? My friend? Then what happened to it. Is it painful? In bachelor’s room
there will be girls photos. But your room is full
of corpse’s photos. If you let me down I will explain. Here there is no place.
Tell from there only. That is my roommate’s photos. Not him other one. What’s his work? Going town to town and
collecting corpse photos. No sir. He writes gossips also. Don’t tell. Center page Naki sir.
We all work in newspaper. Very thank you. Take some rest. Are you not coming?
– No. I have some other work. What, are you cleaning fan? Hello Center page Naki. Who are this people? Like people waiting in canteen for food. Hey Parcel. Sir, I am coming on bike. On the way. My parcel? I’m talking.. No sir today it will
definitely finish sir Who are you? Who has called
me when I am talking in phone? Be silent First class. Sir, as you have got your diamond box. if yougive me my urine
box I wil send it to test. Sir why are you turning your
head slowly like table fan? Mani. First kill him. Sir. No. Continue and kill them all. Okay Anna. Sir. Sir. You have got
your box. Why killing us? Hey after knowing you are press
people, I will not leave you. Tomorrow smuggling
matter comes in headlines. Sir. Sir. Hey Clean-shaven. Why are you
using silencer. Above sound is enough. You talking and shooting Help. Help. Somebody help. Go and get her leg out. Fast. Her leg might have struck in this. Pull carefull Hey Srinu, get up. Get up fast. Hey come. Excuse me. Is my Nattuvangam is there? Hey, Stupid. House only become as
hole and now you need Nattuvangam? Hey come. Hey stop. Stop. What happened? Who is he looking so scary? Look after he washes
face, he looks more scary. He is Srinu, Cartoonist. Sandhya, I need your
house for 10 minutes. Ok guys, I have important
meeting I will go. Meeting? Then go fast. Otherwise
their snacks will be completed. Ok Telugu paper. Brother We are facing problems
since it has come to us. So shall we return it like
Heroine in Basha cinema? For attracting heroin hero has
returned it. Why should we return? Then shall we give it to
police and get good regard. Don’t talk like mental. If police ask how we got it,
then Madumita will get problem. Don’t confuse. Think this as your luck. Why Madhumita should get this,
why it has come to our hand and why he exchanged it. If it does good to all
of us nothing is wrong. Then what shall we do? Please excuse , Aunty. Madhu phone is switched off. She might be in flight, we
shall tell her after landing. Brother, Dealer is seeing diamonds with his
lens. This is good chance. Increase the rate. Three lakhs. Ask for five lakhs,
let’s see how he responds. Five lakhs No brother, 3 lakhs
this is my final offer. If it is ok, tell me. Shall we agree Ok sir. Correct. There are totally 30 pieces in it. So… Totally 90lakhs. 90 Lakhs! Sir one piece 3 lakhs
and total 90 lakhs. No more bargaining. If ok give it and go, otherwise take it. No. No. No problem. Ok dealer. Hey what are you seeing? In cinemas they keep money on top and
bricks in bottom. So I am checking. Merchant is genuine brother.
All are original notes. What we are going to do with this money? First I need to buy two
underwear’s, old one has full holes. First we need to start a
new paper with this money. So all criminals will
fear for our newspaper. Then first we should only worry. If this money came my wrong means
also, we should use it for good purpose. Whether you use it for good purpose
or use for rituals in temples. First I need to hug this
money and sleep for 1 day. First I need to resign. What is this? I asked to type
Liars and you typed Lawyers. Sorry sir.
– What sorry. Hello. I am editor and
publisher Muralikrishna speaking. Hey monkey face. Hello who is it. Hey brother, scold him something. Hey Muralikrishna, you are name
is worst and you are stupid. If needle falls on leaf it turns, nail
is hit into wall and you are worst. Hey I know you are center page Naki. Now
only I am removing you from the job. Do that first. For that only
I am abusing you like this. Chorus is JK and
Srinu. Remove them also. Hey stop. One ending word. Bombay city is our place and we
will keep cloth in your mouth. Sir any problem. No problem. Go. See. In 1hour, he suicides
in his office naked. Who are you. Whats happening here? Mr. Jk, do you want
diamonds or this voice. Room no 2028, star residency. If in one hour I didn’t
get that diamonds? what happened? They have kidnapped Madhu.
– Who? That diamond batch. Are they not dead? We have done
all this thinking they are dead. If in 1hour if we didn’t return
diamonds, they will kill Madhu. Oh no. Over. It’s all over. I thought to marry Gayatri with this money;
we have resigned our job also. Now how? Lets go and bring diamonds back. Hey brother, this money
is worth than Madhu. I am feeling shy to say
you are my brother-in-law. Why are you doing like this. God has given correct punishment to you. First go from here, I need
to clean it with Dettol. Please don’t tell your sister. If
she knows it will become big problem. You need to have this idea
before only. What can I do now. Number you have calling is switched off. He might have escaped
somewhere switching off mobile. Two crore rupees diamond. I will also leave my wife for that. Last time where have you seen him. Whom sir? The person for whom we are waiting. That hero. In his house. Then sir is now alone. One beautiful girl, in lonely room,. Dear Do you want to have sweet? Madhu, all this after
marriage. I am not like that. Who? You?. For me virginity is more important
than life. This is not our tradition.. What your tradition is saying now?. I don’t know Telugu.. Your life is going to
take a big takeoff.. Neptune technologies, Canada is
starting a branch at Bangalore. Do you know Jk?. Do I need to write cover story for that? I am telling that you will be as cover
story for your newspaper as CEO of that company. Starting salary in 3 lakhs and
Duplex Apartment in Gandhinagar. You are Lucky. A small gift from my Dad. You are
starting immediately to Bangalore. Is all this love and romance for that? Jk. Do one thing. Ask your father which brand underwear
should I wear. So that I will buy on the way. How cheap? Yes. I am cheap only. You loved me after knowing
my job and my house. But earlier that doen’t looked good for you. Because
its blind love. Do you want to change me for that? What’s wrong in that? Don’t you want to change
and go to better life? Definitely. But I need to achieve it
with my own contribution. Ask your father to close his gift shop. Goodbye. Good boy. He said Goodbye to her. You have brought her that he
would come. Useless fellows. no. no. no sir. He will daily say same thing. Please don’t shoot me, Sir we are going to his place
and kill this lady before him. No sir. Call him. No..No..sir Shut up. Brother, phone is ringing. Sir sorry. Phone is switched
off due to battery down. I will come in 1hour
to hotel with diamonds. You have sold and now you are
asking. How can I deny this small favour. sitting in a/c rooms and enjoying life. What problem will he have? Brother, I told you before
only. Sir is very good. Sir remove all god’s
photos and keep your photos Shop will not have evil eyes. Sir the cash you have given is here. Please take this and return
our diamonds. It will be good. It will be good for
you but what about me. See brother,You three without knowing
actual price sold diamonds for half price. Its price is double than you sold. Sir please don’t joke. We do business in joke only. Sir your cash is same as you have given. If we did not return diamonds
a girl’s life is in danger. Sorry. I am not doctor or
hospital to save her life. I am not going to return
for your sentiment story. Then shall I tell you some
comedy one. Worst fellow. Hey wait. Sir. Sir. This is my final offer, get lost. If you don’t want go.
Security get them out. No I wont leave you. Take them. -Please leave me. People who cheat are better than people
getting cheated. My father use to always say. Promise me say that
your father told this. This is said by Hero Rajanikanth in movie. Don’t
say lies that my father told, brother told. Cool..Cool He said and we should be cool. Hey think how to get diamonds back. Brother Super idea.. This kalakand sweet also looks like
diamond. Shall we keep it box and give it to him. Ok. Do one thing we shall wait downstairs, you go and give
him. That crow nose person will kill you with his nose. Hey shut up. I have a super plan. Sandhya please. There are deadline, assignments. Sandhya.Its urgent. You can help us. Is this idea yours? Yes Brother. This is 1950’s idea but
now it is 20th century. Heroin’s Kathrina kaif
and Kajal agarwals came This idea like Old is gold brother. Hey is money safely in your hand. Its not in hand, its in bag. Bag is in hand only. Hey shut up. Its in hand only. we are going, completing
and coming back. You are going ok, but
will you return or not. Don’t speak unauspious. Going for theft and seeing good time. What theft? We are returning him his
money and returning back with diamonds. But nothing is ours in that. Brother let’s keep that money. I know what to keep and what not
keep. -Shut up and drive carefully. Hey cow, careful Brother, if cow crosses
us its good sign. If it hits you with head
its more good. Will weyou go? Hey stop here. Shop is there why you are
asking me to stop here. Then let’s give to valet parking Go and sit beside security. Park car somewhere so
that we can take easily. Come. Come Sandhya. Everywhere here is toilet Can’t see any toilet board anywhere. What is this? I asked you to show latest
design and you are showing old designs. There are more designs
madam, I will show you. No. These are not interesting. All are old designs. It doesn’t workout here. Time waste. Let’s go to another shop. One minute madam. What happened? What sir you keep new design in
ad, but here all are old designs? No Problem,Come with me. I
will show you ad.designs. Come. -Okay Nafeesa, you wait here only. Nafeesa ! Rate is little bit high,
do you have any problem. Leave about rate. Nowadays we don’t know
when we will have raid. That’s why we want to
change black to diamonds. Ok. I got it. You need to change black to white. One minute. I will show. Hey see that box. Sir juice. Ladies first.
– Madam Juice How is it. Good. But show me other designs also. Other designs? Wait I will show you. Hey. Go. Go. Fast. What are you waiting. Fast. Fast Hey I didn’t come here for theft. I have taken my diamonds.
Your money is outside. Sandhya give it. Fast. Take this sir. Wow wonderful. Where is your owner? DCP sir want to talk with him. Boss is inside with customer, sir. It’s alright. I will inform him sir. Hey stop. stop. Sorry for using your bathroom. Don’t feel
bad, if you want please use our bathroom also once. Come fast .Come Sandhya?
Hey Sandhya? Hey move. Hey clean shave move. Sandhya. Stupid What brother, both are
drinking watermelon juice? Let them. Free compliment. Going to save to be bride
and this is complimentary. Marriage Yes. Next month marriage. Madhu weds Jk. Are you engaged JK. Then what are you thinking. It’s like seeing horror movie whole night
and asking it is horror movie or family movie. What’s her name? Forgot to ask in hurry. You identify after going
there, I will make her dumb. Warning is enough. Is
beating so necessary. Why? Do you still love her? No. Nothing like that. If she is caught.I will show my power. I will show my power. -ok Copy. Control room. Control room.. Brother-in-law, they
might be calling you. 3 people, looted Diamond shop
& running towards sea link. That car’s back glass broken. Catch them if any one sees. Over Lets keep our work another day. Why? Do you want to go
and warn your darling? -NO. First we see this car
issue and straightly there. Hey, follow that red car. Fast.Fast. Follow them. 5..6.. Sir, please sir he will Don’t shoot me, Sir 8.. Brother lets try it again. Why? For time pass till his lover come. Then wake her up You wait here I will go and come. Brother, I will come. Let all follow. Why all. Is that crow nose
is giving some birthday party. Brother friendship is like cricket
stumps. If one gone in three, it is out. He is spoiling the entire plan. Sandhya, will you wait here. I will think. You wait here. I will just come. What is this floor?
– 11th floor. 6..7. Sir, please 8..9.. Room no Jk. -No. Hey why are taking gun
for this natural call. After break, it’s
happy to meet you again. Diamonds. First Madhu. Give Diamonds and take her. Give it fast JK. Please. What is guarantee that
you will not kill me? Good question. Its five star hotel. They will call police if they
get small unusual sound also. I don’t believe. Give it Jk. Please Jk. Please. Shut up. I am not begging you. I am ordering you. I can kill her first, next
you and take diamonds and go. Don’t show your talent
here. Nothing will change. Give Diamonds. Give. You are single and we
are three. Lets see. Jk. Please Jk. Give them. Shut up. Have you called police? Happy Aniversary Darling ! Next time we go to Disney land Quiet, are you alright. Come lets go. These many days I thought I am
not good and you do not love me. But after seeing you like that
in car I understood about you. Hey. What are you
talking? -Hey Sandhya. Hey Sandhya, -What? you have kissed someone
in car, who was that. Tell me Sandhya, what happned. Who.. -Me. I only have kissed her. Hey have you kissed her. Scoundrel. Get lost. Stupid. I am giving negative to you. You and your family should
be good. Please forgive me. Ok. Definitely we will forgive you. Dear finished? Yes. Coming. Lets keep it. Heavy shooting in hotel
room, criminal shot. BY JK. Good brother. You are article is in
front page as you dreamed. You have achieved great. But I still have small fear. If police traced us
with that car details. No Chance. That car is in name of her father. To safeguard her daughter he
has already booked missing case. Her father is very mischief. Did
Madhumathi have not accepted you? No, Small correction. I only
have rejected Madhumathi. It doesn’t work out for both of us. What are you saying, Brother? Brother, if you see yourself in mirror
and you see someone else. How do you feel? He feels good because he
sees better face than him. They want to change me to their way. I don’t want to change like that. Brother,for Madhu’s rich and beauty, if she
asks me to change like dog also I will change. Brother I have taken Madhumita
SIM card from my life. Using or not using is your wish. Confirm.
– 100% I will just come. My jobs gone, loves gone. Why
should it happen to me only Naki? Shut the object below your nose. What mouth Yes. So you will have no problems. Hey, what’s happening here. To shut girls mouth, this is only way. Stupid. You don’t change, rascal. You will also become big officer
like your father-in-law, Happy. Hey Father. Go. What dear. Why are you shouting at kid? He is not kid. He is devil. Come on lets go. Our life is settled. Hey JK. Have a look there. There is no car, what shall
I do with this. It’s yours. It’s yours. No Jk. Not anymore. And It’s time to say bye. JK our relation might be small but its
good one to feel whenever remembered. Thanks for everything. And Sorry for everything. What is this brother? Its new way to close girl’s mouth. Naughty Boy.