Coolin’ w/ Lil Peep (Let’s Hit The Mall) [By Wiggy] [Re-Upload]

I'll see you guys tonight I love all of you I've made all the hypotenuse David Heyman I would have been rich they are only been happily but I would have been like little truth wait didn't we go here last time oh yeah we went here last I'm going down the dragon expensive cool he does the Hat and they Hey this is what we're doing I'll find it worse many of these orange balloon Magnus Oh bacnet is alive and well Aaron carve a big poem this is big just call it so I should he's scared he said nut juice instead of almond milk we're gonna shop peep stops a chance summer has come and passed yes is this you over she doesn't do back timers that's what you're eating watch out second of all : we need alright oh we need those off in the distance yeah what is this shit is that like a indoor skate rink flower going on the pasture but Security's gonna like pop up on trade try it out it's a rating piece get him Roy Roy watch out you got some competition my manager is coming for your heads blue in pink blue blue and purple purple and blue oh so cool yellow blue yellow where'd they go alright well we lost them they're gone the what Wow forgot my cigarette sector what's up yeah that's almost everything a little a little bit because I'm assigning everybody

29 thoughts on “Coolin’ w/ Lil Peep (Let’s Hit The Mall) [By Wiggy] [Re-Upload]

  1. I took him for granted fr

    my older sister loved all his songs and bought me into it and i really didn't realize him and his lyrics because i was young and now that i got a little older i have a whole new love for all his songs like my sister does and i thank her for introducing me to his beautiful songs

  2. “Nut juice 🥤 instead of almond milk 🥛 “ lmao 🤣 damn Gus, seemed so chill and down to earth 🌏 His music has touched the lives of many, myself included. I truly feel heaven has its very own Hellboy 💔 R.I.P to the legend LIL PEEP 🙏 iconic.

  3. The way some of the fans are… So uncomfortable the way they try to invade your space… no wonder he hated when ppl acting fake. It's gotta be a disease to think someone is like a god when peep was really just a human being. But when they ask for a pic u see he'll never pass on it out of politeness.

    Just listen to the music and be there for them. Give them good vibes. Be polite. Don't always expect something from them.

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