all right we are on our way to the LA Fashion District I'm fabric shopping with me we just got out of the elevators from the parking structure that we park at and once you come downstairs there's already some fabric shops here and here I'm specifically looking for today like swimsuit fabric all right so we parked over here and then now we're just you know across the street got a hot dog basically you just walk past all of these shops selling fabric but we have like a few main ones that we hit up I'm outside of Journal fabric and then all the fabric out here is only $1 yard but you need to buy three yards minimum yeah so basically I normally just walk down this street right here see if I find anything that inspires me couldn't find anything out here for swimsuit so we're gonna head inside I know for sure they have like it with your outside most swimsuits are made from lycra and spandex and this first store had a huge selection to choose from if you still aren't sure what it should feel like you could bring a swimsuit you own at home to compare or just ask the salesman to direct you to swim fabric but like one salesman told me swimsuits are made from anything these days so it's all up to your imagination Oh in fact I bought my fabric from my prom dress from the stores like the one that I got for my aunt dress up size to redeem income check here full but this looks similar to it we went into another store two doors down and right in the front was the same sequined fabric on display I swear these were not in every store when I came searching for my aunts dress but this leads me to my next tip don't buy from the first store you step into because it is very likely that the same fabric is in five other stores if you are interested in one ask for the price first that way you can compare and bargain along the way the second shop had a great selection of solid swimsuit fabric which was what L is looking for but once again I wait to purchase until I've been to a few more stores so now we're going to cross the street this way the third store had lycra and spandex in its name which I didn't even notice because my eyes were just focused on the fabric in front of me but you can save time by reading the store names to see what they sell some are strictly for upholstery or curtains and tablecloths this store was hands-down my favorite to shop in for swimsuit fabric they had so many cool prints along with solid colors and seeing it all definitely got my creative juices flowing the next go to store we always stop in is Michael Levine this is a lot of people's one-stop shop because they have all sorts of fabric and sewing notions for a great price [Applause] [Applause] Rick shopping was a success I can't wait to get home and show you guys all the swimsuit fabric that I found all right I'm back home from fabric shopping in LA and now I'm going to do a little fabric haul to show you what I bought so this giant bag of fabric right here is fabric I purchased from I think two or three different stores and I'm just gonna pull out whatever is in here first I chose this one because I love the pineapple print and the pink color I'm not really good at bargaining but if you guys are then maybe you can get it for an even lower price and what I got it for they said it was $10 a yard and I was able to bring it down to $9 and then this one I got it for $5 a yard I think and I was thinking about using it as a lining for this one I don't know it's either this or a white color but yeah I don't know I didn't want the lining to be white for this so I thought I would color-block it maybe it can even be reversible also I only purchased one yard of each fabric that I'm going to show you but I'm sure that if you guys are getting more fabric than me then they might be willing to lower the price for you so next from the same store that I purchased these two from I also purchased a white one it's a lot thinner but I was thinking about using this as a lining for this next swimsuit material that I'm going to show you a lot of the fabrics are dirty at the sides and the ends especially if it's white so make sure that they aren't charging you for that section so next I purchased this awesome pinstripe green it's like a lime green and it stretches four ways so the stripes can go vertical or they can go horizontal whichever way you want it to but for me I'm thinking about making a pinstripe swimsuit out of this which I'm super excited about and that's what I'm going to be using the white lining for to line this fabric right here at Michael Levine's I don't think you can bargain there it's just one straight up price I bought one and a half yard of this just in case and it was $13 total I stopped by one more store because this color was so beautiful for a solid swimsuit that I want to make it reminds me of a cactus green color I just love it it's a really good quality not transparent stretches always so the guy told me this would be $7 a yard but I was able to bargain it down to six dollars all right that's the end of my swimsuit fabric haul let me know down in the comments if you want to see more of this style video where I take you shopping for fabric with me and stay tuned to see why I end up turning these in to see you guys next time bye you