Okay, so if you do like this,
then you’ll get rich. Hey, we’re in Chinatown. It’s already dark.
It gets dark really early. It’s only 4:30 or
something. We found the most amazing salt and pepper
shakers. Look at this. They’re so cute. Look at that one. It’s a mailman and the dog is
biting him. Over there are two skeletons kissing.
This store has a lot of nice stuff. It’s more like modern Chinese stuff instead of all the
souvenir stores, so I like it. This is an umbrella. That’s smart travel
right there. Look at this. Look at this. They made their own little map
of where you should go in Chinatown. We are on Grant Street, and I saw the YMCA,
so I think we’re over here somewhere. That’s pretty cool. Chillin’ man.
Big paycheck from your boss. Okay. That’s a car, lucky one.
Okay, so if you do like this, then you’ll get
rich or you’ll get enough money. Yeah, that’s what it’s for. I remember these Chinese
shoes. They were fashion in Denmark. I don’t know if they were everywhere. But we wore
these. What do you think, honey? Want one of
these? Cool swords. Yeah. Eating in Chinatown. Morten was hungry.
And we bought this. Sunkist Grape, never saw that one before.
It’s really good. I like it. Sometimes when you’re traveling, you see
something like a drink or something. You think it looks really weird. But you just
have to try it. So I’m going to try this one. Oh, it’s so artificial [laughs]. It’s like
perfume. It’s like drinking perfume. But it’s fine. It’s good.
What do you think is it your new backpack? I don’t know. It could be. I’ve been looking
for one that can do both things, like on wheels and to carry. I think this one’s for
a kid, but it fits pretty well. What do you
think? Look at the detail. That’s insane.
I actually really like Chinatown. I didn’t know what to expect. I
read online that it was a little tacky. And some places, some people loved it. So I
didn’t really know what to expect. But I actually… if you go to the places with like
more modern Chinese stuff, I think it’s actually really nice. They have some
beautiful artwork here. Yeah, just avoid the souvenir shops.
If you come to Chinatown, be sure to come to
Grant Street because the side streets, it doesn’t look like they really have a lot to
offer. And remember to look up because they replaced a lot of things on the buildings
with Chinese ornaments and just different kinds of decoration for buildings and stuff.
And they paint them in incredible colors. And
even the lamp posts, be sure to notice them. Look up.