[Laughter] let's take goodbye to Toby before I go I know it's like a boiled egg isn't it yeah I'm not gonna go and meet Mia right okay and she's obviously I'm well shall we stay at the fish farmers should we wait for them to watch a video let them see the surprise and then let me see with you anyway yeah but do they know what's going on I'm going to be going I'm meeting Mir I can't wait for you to see what Mia is wearing and looking like I don't know how to work that she's making a really fun video today but I'm going to be blogging with Mia today as well we're gonna go buy some outfits today for me as first-ever photo shoot which we are going to this weekend in London I'm really excited for me for that actually we have actually got a list of requirements for the outfits as well so we can't just go and buy anything we want but that I think is something to do with being colorful and pink so that should be quite easy and good fun as well Samir's actually at the nail salon at the moment getting her nails done me it's just cool to me and I'm actually a little bit nervous to go meet her because of what she's wearing I bet he's like sorry for those just going out today which is obviously going to get analysis on for the photos she then we're gonna have a go and get her some outfits and it's kind of like a girly nice day that we're gonna be having together but then she's dressed in the most Unger Lee outfit but this is going to make a fun video for you guys to watch and I think she does really enjoy these fun videos that she makes so I literally could be walking around the corner and seeing her but Alisha has some nice pretty nails though I can see fits fam sneak up on us what you're wearing well they're just being polite aren't they let me see your nails oh wow they look nice are they gels yes oh they're gonna last for ages because you always cheaper than you by the way if you don't actually still know what's going on Mia is wearing a Darrin's clothes okay yes your stepdad closed for the day very stylish be cold though no shorts hey but now I'm alright yeah do you cope I think we need to start walking and then that'll warm you up yeah first of all I need to take this to the post office and then we can see the fun stuff yeah yeah meeow meeow have to squawked into time but it was so cold though it stopped off and prep for a little hot chocolate happily – so what we're not gonna do is we're gonna quickly go through the criteria of what Mir needs to buy for the photoshoot it says here we have to print we have to choose a couple of outfits it may they always have to be very caught up or just good yeah busy pattern subscribe oh so Kenya laurels I don't think so no spoken too brightly okay and then also says please sing away your invention noise okay alright then ASA to food we could do this me I think we can be two different yeah I'm thinking that we should go for three outfits and then she's got a good choice I don't know if there's gonna be a makeup artist there or not or hair stylist what do you think not I like that after you marry me and I really want to have my hair curled yeah I think you should curl your hair before you go yeah see you back home yeah I think so yeah and this gonna the video it's gonna go on mears life is enough yeah the video yeah what about what I'm up to and you know that place we read through the skin of a secret location she did something secret there that hopefully will be something we could talk about quite soon we still don't know when it's gonna happen yet but I really forgot about it it's insane no it happened ages ago didn't it as well as hands I was pregnant when a man shot the number one for mere guys and we're in the petite section so normally when we go to the fatigue section is a bit hit-and-miss with their fit Amir because sometimes she can't still be too small so what we're going to go for and try see if they've got any petite size fours well your fans are peaking and it was shortly like the white I'll have to the only thing is they said dress how you normally work but in pink but yeah let's just get loads of stuff and then we'll try them on I think that's the best way to do a get there just have to try on and then when you the change room you don't have to keep coming back in the night but this is the first shot guy so that it's lovely where any now I can see loads of stuff here I like cuz I'm pregnant at the moment guys I keep looking at laying normal no maternity clothes good I look so nice to work it looks ridiculous y'ever where they don't fit you they're too big yeah that doesn't look even bright and colorful really anybody me yeah what you think I think you might be a bit cold out seeing them as well yeah because it is English winter your jeans that you've got our homes they fit really nice and then maybe if you get your nice pink top to go with the jeans maybe two pink tops maybe grab your jeans yeah okay then I'll let you get changed we can always get another shot though can't we all right guys are no and shop number two and hopefully this someone else would bet a lot because they act out like clothes so it's like smaller and like the children here look they've got some pink clubs that would look lovely with a pair of jeans do you like that it's bright and pink yeah did they have the size if you get smaller one as well yeah thinking this shop mere might have more luck if this seems to be so many pink things and they are obviously for like children young girls so hopefully we managed to get at least one outfit from here keep funny lose a nice toss but that's so annoying isn't it right so no slogans yeah no slogans no they go can I have a little neck yeah oh well it's nice thing yeah it looks pretty nice you have that one okay there's the try some more stuff on Yahoo I really like that yeah it's really nice I knew just like what really say about yeah it's that TPC fizzy yeah yeah comment down below if you think this shirt is too busy oh it's a tea borrow and slow no it's good I think I really seats you and it looks nice with jeans as well we've got you to try to pair jeans just to see what our goal is the ones that I usually work usually I get mine from new look so do you want to get that one man oh yeah I think yeah blend try the other things okay we've just come outside guides and it has started to rain is literally disgusting out here so we've managed to get one top form ear so far which he can wear with a pair of jeans she's got at home and then we also got this really cute little chair looks lovely so now I'm hoping we're going to go into another shop we're gonna go to new lip because they actually have a teenagers range in that which fits me Rattray so I hope for you about to get a couple items from there and then we can call it a day we're the shopping because it feels that we've actually been doing it for ages doesn't it so far it looks all black and white and gray doesn't it blacks breaths right let's go down there mere they might have something we have like a nudey pink blush pink raincoat don't we and then this top and then brownie pink that's when they're not really pain I don't know what shots we could go in if we don't have a hmm yeah yeah look you know yeah we're now is shot number three so hopefully were third time lucky in here and may god we've just found right from the distance it looked like a lovely plain pink t-shirt but oh my goodness they're definitely not gonna lay that are they so unfortunately guys but you've got these free things so far happy that's bright it's an air rights win the latest section at the moment but should we go look in the kids section for you yeah come on are you for real do you like that one my wife you got there this is the only thing I could find there was a third okay no I'm not that keen on anything we found so far in here are ye why we need have we haven't I saw looked around properly here come on let's go look around [Laughter] oh my goodness I didn't add chief or night I was like I was just recording just to get their beer oh and you've just like knocked it down oh my gosh right if we need to clear this up that this kind of looks a bit sad doesn't it yeah yeah I kind of feel like it doesn't look happy what do you think of his family it's got pink and it's bright but I think Santa had left that they should love that oh I love these teddy bear jackets oh nice scatter don't you like her okay sometimes meeow meeow don't agree with each other when we go shopping and rila i might please Mia get up please and I might okay it's not me wearing it it's mere so I kind of have to ease off a little bit with trying to get it to wear stuff I just sit in another change room next to me with my next over anybody making guys when you're pregnant and you stand on your feet aegeon that really makes the no-sex unto sin or this little stool in here so me it has to try it on three pink top says once that she showed you earlier on four they just don't look right so what we're thinking of is doing going back to the original shop where they have quite a lot of bright pink things and they're making we can't be as fussy in there or maybe some pink bottoms from that so we're gonna go back there and then we just realized that her trainers like really scuffed up and they don't look that smart so like we went hiking in there and mere waste of all the time so hope you can find some nice pink trainers for her to wear focus me always wears trainers because it does actually save me it doesn't it that to wear what you would normally wear as well so we don't want to go out and get her some shoes you wouldn't normally wear so some new fresh trainers go and get like maybe a pink jacket to go over white top and then she can wear them with jeans which is what she'd always were in the videos hello hello we're looking at shrews yeah we're okay we're kind of struggling finding pink tops with no slogans or logos but guess what Mia did she knocked down a whole shelf of crazy yeah it literally got destroyed one top yeah I know we'll probably be another anger so you better have some more Oreos for dinner we'll have always presenter my dope you sir right guys I'm gonna get some cheese because my own shoes like I said and looking a bit dirty so he's nice like peachy colors amazing this shop the lighting in the shot doesn't show him off that well they're so peachy and I did right fist fam I've managed to find another outfit I really love this denim skirt I really like this top as well I'm just gonna get it in a bit of a bigger size cuz it looks just a bit weird I don't know I feel like it's please me a bit bigger I feel like this is a good success we finally come into another shop I think there's like shop number five or something we're back in the second shop we went in I think so hopefully this is the last shot drive near me I feel quite optimistic about this one we had all of the pink items here looking very firm in go tastic is her name hopefully we actually managed to get a couple more things be and then we can go home it's literally really late now guys it's like we're normally home at this time getting enough pajamas having dinner having a cosy time with the family and I just want to be home know guys like this is obviously really important because then obviously we're going to need them to like to go to London with staying overnight I just want to make sure everything's ready I'm really good foot I'm really proud of me that she gets to do this so I want her to feel super special on the day I think we may be in for a treat fishbone because look blue yeah so got a nice pink top here guys playing pink taking all the criteria and then there's a denim skirt to go with it and they'll go if your new trainers as well yeah well I might yes guys we have fully finished shopping for mere for her photo shoot so guys we're not going to be heading home I actually can't wait to see Darwin and I know I really missed that it's probably gonna be dark outside now as well guys but very cold but we've had a good time we've actually bugs have a really nice stuff for me to get there heavily it's nice because it's so late guys when we get back I really don't feel like you can do it so I'm gonna surprise starid and stand out with a take a tonight so when we get back in they're gonna be so excited on their yeah it looks so delicious what we've got sinem I know what tears but you won't she's sent us had it before happening either feed Meister is it Jackie no Japanese Wow we've been out for ages have you miss you mummy I know look what we've got for dinner guys this one got me in this chair so it's salad brown rice and tofu mist teriyaki flavor rude way it's actually quite healthy so nice we've had this before haven't we CNF you remember so good really but we've got your clothes and I have a weight so hopefully they'll be suitable for the photo shoot when they may merely also just want to say thank you guys we saw loads of you guys today in the time and so many of you came up to us but the funny thing is is that none of you seem to know as Mia was wearing Darren Squires you were all so happy and like daren't have a phone with us which is so sweet by the way you just didn't notice me I was dressed in the most peculiar forever how did you feel about that me we're so quite like mostly embarrassing who is their big friend yeah but guys anyway if you want to find out more about how Mia gone she flopped the whole day but wearing dad's clothes which will go up on her channel at Mia's life she's also got another one which is already been up and it's like and it's where she wore my maternity clothes per day in Hollywood so she was walking around in my clothes decided for the big pregnant bum and that was on holiday return it when you normally want to dress nicely and Vasily would I know so you guys should definitely go and check that figure out as well and then obviously Mia it's gonna have her London photoshoot and there's a big event that she's going to this weekend in London and that will be going up on a travels like for certain things that are coming out soon guys I know it's gonna be maybe four or five I know so email young female youtubers I know I think some of you guys will probably notice other female youtubes and you'll be so excited about it if you guys want to see what me and Sienna have been up to while mum and Mia have been out you can go and follow us over on Instagram at family fears where we post stories all the time which are basically like little mini vlogs including someone have just been posting now of the girls trying to walk on their knees which is that pretty freaky if you are if you're new around here click subscribe enjoined the first times you make video every single day so I look forward seeing you all again tomorrow thanks for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it see you tomorrow