hello my name is Jed I’ll bring a
welcome to this video on clickfunnels discount so good news and bad news guys
the good news is you can try clickfunnels free for 14 days
clickfunnels does not offer any kind of discount on their funnels now there is
an option to get a discount when you do a year or a six month package and that’s
a program called funnel builder secrets but you’re not gonna be able to get a
discount on the monthly package so you can get six months and then you get all
these other trainings so these are like thousand two thousand dollar trainings
plus you get access to funnel scripts which is an eight hundred dollar package
so you can save that money this way on these bigger plans that’s where you
would get a discount here you actually get eight coaching calls that’s a ten
thousand dollar value so depending on where you are in your journey this is
your best option but if you’re just a single entrepreneur like me the 14-day
trial is more than enough to make to help you decide whether or not you want
to move forward with clickfunnels I signed up for click funnels three years
ago and I was already making money within my 14 day trial I had signed up a
client and was making $500 a month from that client Who am I now charged $1,000
a month so depending on what you’re looking to do with click funnels you
plenty of people have started to earn money within their 14 day trial that’s
more than paid for their $97 a month so that is that is the click funnels
discount guys there is no you know 50% off 30% off or anything like that the
only other major discount is going to be when you go for the Big Dawg going bulk
but my recommendation is get started with the 14-day trial and you’ll be
amazed at what you can accomplish I will leave a link below I have an affiliate
for click funnels I’m also a click funnels user I have a small agency if
you do sign up for click funnels I do appreciate it helps me keep my channel
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