Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer
Decorates. Christmas has arrived at JD’s and today’s video is a store tour so
stay tuned. So when you first step in the store this
is the tree that greets you. Very traditional.
I chose beautiful plaid ribbon with a little bit of gold. Now a lot of you I
know are gonna ask me about some of the ribbon I’m showing you today. I will have
limited supply but I will put a link below. So one of the things I love to do
when I’m decorating a Christmas tree is that when I’m putting the sprigs in
whether they’re flowers or gold beads, doesn’t matter
I’d like it to kind of come out from the foundation of the tree because it kind
of gives it a whimsical look. This is probably our favorite tree in
the whole store. We call it the “Glam Tree”. Oh it’s just beautiful! I love a flocked
tree. Makes a mess when you’re putting it together but it’s absolutely beautiful. The favorite thing again is the designer
ribbon that I chose it is a grey velvet with a sparkly snowflake on the front
and then what’s so pretty about good ribbon it’s the back of the ribbon. Now
this is a gold and kind of a silver look but what is so great about it is when
you’re kind of putting it around the tree and it twists, it’s pretty from the
front and it’s pretty from the back. Let me show you a quick tip. Designer ribbon
is an investment but this is how I take care of mine from year to year. When I am
taking it off the tree, if I have made bows and we have loops, I take tissue
paper and I put it inside of each loop and then the second thing is I have a
box that is designated for ribbon only. Nothing else goes in that box so it
doesn’t get damaged. Every year we get different Christmas ornaments and
Christmas decorations in but there has been one that we have had since we’ve
opened. This is slinky dog. We will sell out of him. He is precious. He’s a little
weenie dog and you know that touches my heart. You know how I love to make
florals and Christmas is no exception. In this arrangement I have white magnolias
with a little bit of clear glitter and then the red magnolias are covered in
snow. Here I have a Mr. and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers. Completely
vintage looking- they remind me of my mother. So in this part of the store, we have
Christmas gifts, we have things for the kitchen. Look at this vintage Santa tray.
I just love him. We have a local artist and she does a few paintings for us on
burlap canvas every year. Let me show you this one. Her work is just unbelievable
and I think this one might be one of my favorites this year. She adds a little
bit of glitter to them but like I said we only have a few and those don’t last
long as well. Our third tree in the store, we call our Woodsy Tree. Very unique
ornaments. I found these pinecone round ornaments.
I’ve got birds sitting in nests. Again, I’ve got the stems kind of flowing out
from the tree and for the ribbon on this one, instead of wrapping it around or
doing both the ribbon and kind of trailed it straight down the tree. Before you go, let me leave you with
three Christmas decorating tips. Number one, we all have some garland that maybe
we’re tired of or it’s a little old. Don’t throw it out. You can repurpose it.
One of the things I do, is I find a garland that’s maybe just really thin
and little and a different type of pine. Take it and twist it and wrap it in and
what it’s going to do it’s going to add another texture of greenery and it’s
gonna thicken that garland and you’ve got a custom looking garland. Now I have
a detailed video on how to make bows but I’m going to show you how to make a
really really easy one. So this ribbon is only about two inches wide. So I’m going
to cut about six inches and set that aside. This bow is going to have four
total loops. So the first thing you do is determine about how long you want the
tail to be. So I’m going to do it about that long and I’m gonna start with my
first loop. The key to making really good bows is keeping your loops all the same
size. So I’ve got my first loop and I’m gathering it together. I’m gonna come
around and create my second loop, keeping it gathered in the middle. Third loop, and then my fourth loop. Now I’m going to
keep that pinched with my fingers and pulled down and cut the tails about the
same size and length. Then I’m going to take the piece that I cut and if you’ll
look instead of having it that way sometimes I’ll take the ribbon and I’ll
just fold it in a little bit. Let’s try that again. And then I’m going to take it in the
middle. See how that’s a little bit thinner right there? Flip it over and tie it really
tight. See what a pretty little bow that makes?
All the loops the same size. On this wreath I actually did three loops on
each side, tied it to the wreath, and let me show you another little trick I do. So
I like longer tails and so I’ve kind of come around the wreath with it but what
I did is I took floral wire and I attached it to the wreath. And then, for
that floral wire to not show, I added a drop of hot glue gun right in there, held
the ribbon until it dried and that was it. Now, you can use this wreath on a door
or decorating but let me show you something else you can do. Another way
you can use this wreath is to place it in the middle of your table. Find some
candlesticks, nestle them inside the wreath and you have got a beautiful
centerpiece. Easy and inexpensive. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to
subscribe to my channel. Hit that bell- it’s gonna tell you when I have a new
video out. Happy Holidays!