– [Mom] Where did you get all that money? (whimsical music)
– I saved up. – [Mom] Tell me what you’re
gonna do with it now. – Buy it for my siblings. – [Mom] We’re gonna go Christmas shopping for siblings. – Toy aisle first. (whimsical music) – Eve would love this, Mom. (whimsical music) – I have lots of money. It’s like I’m rich! (whimsical music) (car screeching) (car motor hums) – Good morning, guys, it’s 7:12, I’m taking the ACT this morning, and I’m leaving in like, (funny tweet)
10 minutes. Not excited. This is not how I wanna spend my weekend. It’s okay, though. So, wish me luck, to everyone else who’s taking it, may the odds be ever in your favor. Peace out, guys. – Sherry’s been home from taking the ACT for about an hour now, and I think I dare talk to her now. – [Mom] You okay?
– Yeah. – [Dad] Tell us how it went.
– It was good. – [Dad] And feel confident
with your performance? – Yeah. – [Dad] Maybe you can walk out of a test, and just know if you bombed it, or– – [Sherry] I didn’t bomb it. – Was it like a practice test you’ve done? – It was pretty similar. – [Mom] So when do you
find out the results? Do you have to wait a long time? – Five weeks. – So tell me what you think you got. – No lower than 25. – [Dad] 25, to– – 29. – 29. Between 25 and 29, somewhere in there. – [Mom] You know, that’s
better than I did. When I took the ACT the
first time, I got a 19. And then the second time
I took it, I got a 21. I should have taken it again. I wish I would of, that’s a regret I have. But, 21 was great when I was growing up. It seems things are more competitive now. Because Sherry says a 21 isn’t, like what is a good score now? – Well, you can’t get into
BYU with a 24, the average– – [Mom] What?
– The average is a 28. – [Mom] I would not had
been able to get into BYU? – [Dad Mm-hmm. – [Mom] Oh my word!
– The average right now is 28. – [Mom] So basically,
you have to be a genius. – Yeah.
– [Mom] Oh! That seems so hard. Are you guys taking ACTs or SATs? All I’m saying is good luck. – There’s so many in my money. So many. So many things in my pockets. – [Mom] Where did you get all that money? – I saved up. – [Mom] And tell me what
you’re gonna do with it now? – Buy it for my sibling. – [Mom] You’re gonna buy a gift with it, to give your siblings? – Mm-hm, and we do every single year. – [Mom] We’re gonna go
Christmas shopping for siblings. And what sibling did you draw yesterday? – Oh, I always get him each year, Russell. Each year. – [Mom] Do you like getting him? – Yeah, I love getting him. He’s so easy. – [Mom] So what you gonna get him? – Something that I’ll find at
the store that’s really cool. Anything that’s cool, he’ll love. – [Mom] Well, I’m excited
to see what you pick. I hope you don’t lose that money in those little, shallow pockets of yours. – Don’t worry, because there’s
so many things in here! I have lots of money. My money is, like I’m rich! – [Mom] You have six whole dollars, seven. You know what? When you earned that money, do you remember how you earned it? – Yeah.
– [Mom] How? – I raked people’s yards. – [Mom] And who taught
you, and who is your buddy? Your partner in business? – Russell.
– [Mom] Russell was, huh? So he even helped you earn
that money, didn’t he? – Yeah. – [Mom] He’s a good brother to you. I think he should have a good Christmas. You’ll find something with
that seven dollars, won’t ya? – Yeah. At least I have lotsof money. See, you see these bumps? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Girl] That’s my money! – [Mom] You’re fat on money! You’re bulging with money. – [Sherry] Oh my gosh, it’s cold! – [Russell] It’s not
cold, it feels so good! Come fight me wind, come fight me! – Okay, so who’s going with who? I’ve got Russell. – [Young Man] I told Virginia, I’m not getting my license when I’m 19. – And Chad. And Julie. – [Young Man] I’m not even approved at 19. – Kevin, you’ve got Eve, Sherry– – [Young Man] I have to
wait until I’m like 20! – [Young Woman] No, if
you can, it’s over 18– then you can just– – And Abbie.
– And Abbie. – And Abbie. The goal is to get a Christmas present, and it’s icing on the
cake if we don’t end up accidentally seeing the other person. – [Dad] Or killing each other. – Or yelling and screaming. – [Abbie] Can we get a cake pop after? – I will take you home
if there’s fighting. – [Julie] Did you here Abbie? – [Girl] Stop, stop. – [Julie] She wants a cake pop. – [Young Man] If we go home,
can I play with Mattie? – [Abbie] Every time we go to Target, we always get a cake pop. – [Julie] Let’s just
do one thing at a time. – [Abbie] Oh, sure. – They want us to commit to cake pops. Can we commit to cake pops? – [Young Man] We’ll go to Starbucks! – [Mom] There’s a Starbucks. If we can get through the shopping, without anyone dying or
screaming or getting kicked out, we can get a cake pop when we’re done. – [Child] Oh man, that felt– – As we’re walking into the store, Julie says, “Mom, I’m
just as tall as you!” That’s just about true. (lively music)
(chuckles) – [Mom] Hey, keep your
distance, You stay by Daddy. Eve, go back by Dad. You go with Dad! Where we gonna start? – I think I have like
glue, list in my head, that I’m gonna get
Abbie and my best friend before we– – Move?
– Yeah. – He said, “Can I get Charlie a present?” I said yes. And you wanted to get your
friend a present, too? And you have, who’s name? – Eve’s. – Eve’s, so we’re shopping for Eve. – She’s easy to shop for,
she wants everything. (chuckles) – Let’s go to the toy aisle first. – You would love this, Mom! – [Mom] A snow tube? – [Russell] I really– – [Mom] Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious. – I actually kind of want one of these. These look awesome. – [Mom] This is an awesome snow shoe. Okay, this snow tube looks hilarious. You know what Eve really, really wants? – What?
– [Russell] This. – [Mom] Fake makeup. – Yeah, she told me that.
– [Russell] And she kind of wants this, she kind
of wants this, I think. – [Julie] Oh, there’s, wait, is that fake makeup, or? – [Mom] This kind of. Kind of, look it has a, like
a little case in comes in. What are we ever gonna pick? – [Russell] I have no idea. Woo! That looks so cool! And it has like all the teams. – Okay, so I have a really
awesome idea for Abbie. She has been asking all summer if she could go fishing,
and were we ever able to go? – No. – No, we never went fishing. But, in our new house– – There’s a lake, there’s a river, and we might be able to go fishing there. – There’s a river in our backyard and you can go fishing,
right in our backyard. We should get her a fishing pole. – Okay. (whimsical music) – [Russell] Dad can see, nor– – [Mom] She can’t be here! She’s gonna see what we’re getting! – [Russell] Uh-oh. – Come with me, okay, come and hide. – [Mom] Abbie’s not watching, is she? Okay, we don’t you run
and go grab us a cart. – Mom, should I give
her the turquoise one? – [Mom] Turquoise would be really pretty. – I kind want to get myself one. – [Mom] This is not about you, Russell. – [Russell] 24 dollars. – [Mom] 24 dollars, do you
got that much money, buddy? – Yeah, I have 70. – [Mom] Well how did
you get so much money? (whimsical music) – [Mom] We can’t leave the aisle. ‘Till we look both ways. – [Russell] This way!
– Okay. – [Russell] Hut, two, three, four, hut, two, three, four. – [Mom] I see ’em, hurry, go, go, go! – [Russell] Oh, crude. Ut, no, I’m not, oh my goodness. – [Mom] Close your eyes. We run into– – Go, go, go.
– [Mom] Go, go, go away! – I think Eve’s been talking about wanting one of these for a little bit. – [Mom] What is it? – [Julie] I honestly don’t know. – I want to know what
is a Poopsie Surprise? That’s all I’ve heard, is
Poopsie, Poopsie surprise. That’s kind of fun. – [Julie] I think this is what she was talking about, actually. – [Mom] She would love that. That would be much more fun
than having slime in the house. How do you guys feel
about buying something that you don’t know what’s in it? Did you pick it, wrapping paper? – I guess so. – [Julie] You should
just get this, one time. – All right, I’m getting really tired. I wanna be done now. The kids ended up changing their minds, and switching out gifts. So we ended up not getting
anything we just blogged. But that’s okay, are we happy? Are you happy with what
you ended up getting? – Mm-hm.
– Yeah, you too? – Yeah.
– Chad, you too? Chad, you happy with
what you found, Sherry? – [Chad] Yeah. – Hey, we’re all in good spirits. We’re gonna go pay for it. And then I am gonna go home, and wash the makeup off my
face, and I’m going to bed. Like early. I’m gonna put myself to bed early. I saw a funny meme, why is it that the people
who want to go to bed early have to stay up all
night putting kids to bed who don’t want to go bed? I think it should be the
other way around, right? (upbeat music) – [Mom] We got through, and nobody died. – No.
– It was close. – But it was hard chasing Eve. I’m exhausted, I wanted
you to shoulder rub now. – [Mom] I wanna go home and sleep. I wanna go to bed. You are all going to bed early tonight. – No, no, no, no! (laughing)
(upbeat music) (chuckles) – [Mom] Show us your model pose. – Mine?
– [Mom] Yeah. (chuckles) – [Mom] Show us your model pose, Julie. (laughing) (whimsical music) (car screeches) (car engine hums)