hi everyone welcome to my cheapest shopping haul ever so a few weeks back I think a three-year a few weeks back I went to solution on the market and it happened to be on Monday and I knew that on Monday things are usually a lot cheaper than they are on a normal day actually everything is cheap the regular shops are closed in solution over on Mondays but there are a lot for shopkeepers who keep their clothes on the road and very lot of clothes I'm not kidding you guys lots and lots of clothes there's huge files and heaps of clothes that lay on the floor deadly on the ground rather and you have to actually brave yourself and go amidst a crowd and dig out for the pieces so sometimes whatever you get can be a hit and sometimes it can be a mess or depending on your luck purse big over things are so cheap that you won't mind that much so I was really really glad to go on a Monday and I'm so glad to find a few pieces yes there are there are a few things that that are not in the best of the condition and there are a few things which are a little tight on me few things a little loose so that keeps on happening and I I have accepted that I know that the things in solution other at times comes with its own comes at its own price so and that's that so let's get started with the video because I have a lot of things to show you it might take a while and if you are a lover of long haul videos like I am then it's a treat for you but if you don't like really long with videos I don't know what you should do probably you can just include out or you can just continue to watch me so I'll just begin with the video so I'll quickly tell you one more thing that the entire amount of this haul is 350 rupees now you would say crazy but I'm not kidding you guys I have got 21 items in 350 rupees 20 pieces of clothes and oh one piece of jewelry because I had always and four hours in solution other mudslides I have bought a lot of things they're a thing back in 425 degrees yes you've heard me right the eight things asking for 25 rupees and the rest of the twelve things are for ten rupees each item I mean you will not believe me but the things that I am here to show you I like most of things are branded I don't know their exact details why things are so cheap but I know that there are a lot of brands who reject a particular piece of clothing because of a mind would error in the design which probably brief and not the expert in that field would be able to notice that so that muscle times goes unnoticed and you can read those clothes at your ease and comfort and spoil yourself at a very very affordable rate so if you like to party in all the clothes are really nice and even if you are looking for something comfortable you never know what you'll get oh I'll just start so and fat with the things that I got 425 for the first eight items were 425 okay mostly the things on hangers are 425 so the first thing that I have to show you is this really cute top now this is a cotton top almost a sheer a little sheer and has these embroidery on the bottom part of it and also this neckline I think is really really cute and as you can see this tag is almost destroyed I don't know why they have destroyed it but it is destroyed and this was for 25 rupees I think is a really classic piece for the night time that was the first thing that I got the next thing that I got is when good now this is a beautiful white and grey skirt with stripes and a kind of a skirt that is a lot of flair to it and it's like really really shot again the tag is sort of ripped I don't know why but this was 425 I cannot really ignore it it's cotton also has a lining underneath so I think that's a really cool piece the next thing is a playsuit now do you call that a playsuit yes I think it's a playsuit because it's shorter and I see really pretty so this is a blue and black polka dot it also has pockets here mine cause we're at the pocket so it also has pockets here it has a lasting thing at the waist and the the sleeves are sort of ruffled I mean this is such a steal at 25 I cannot imagine and this was by some brand called atmosphere if you guys are aware about it to let me know and there's a huge in the keyhole at the back so it's really really pretty the only problem was there was a minor defect over here which I have sewed it little defect so I've sewed it but even is that the fact I just love it so the next thing is a white top it's a cream white top it's almost like a formal attire and it is by a spirit itself I think it's a very high-end brand I got it for 25 they cannot imagine it's a little loose on me but I can always very trapped inside my trouser it has a little zipper at the back and I just cannot believe that it was for 25 it also has elastic thing at the bottom but because this is so loose is not gonna help on me so this is the stop it's so beautiful the next is a dress it's a piece of dress that I got and it's just really beautiful today I first I thought it's not going to fit me it's going to be a little tight on me but then this fits perfectly below my knee level oh it's so difficult to show you a bit of my knee level and this is what it looks like it has a neckline of both sort of a neckline I don't know what you call it a please really nice I like the sleep of it and this is by random brand cold of sad sad Dave's various shoddy various I don't know so this is so pretty very pretty 25 again I'm not going to say the prices now next thing is again a places not this is so beautiful and you will not believe me this will buy the brand new look you can have a look by yourself this is by new look and it has elephants all over it's a polyester kind of a material again it has pockets has this string in the middle and it is so pretty and some of them coaching at never have asked for more so the next thing that I have is it's a jumpsuit and it is the cutest jumpsuit of my life this is for 25 which i think is not just a steal but more than a steal and it is all topical it is all summery it's all Foresti the print is fabulous it's actual actually not as the regular cotton but it's aside cause it is a sort of a linen material this is the top part of it this is the tie part and I'll show you and this goes really long it doesn't have a pocket but for 25 rupees I really cannot complain this is so pretty I mean I could never have us from anything more so that was again for 25 you should definitely check out Monday market because they have special mazing to yours so moving on to the next piece of clothing it's a beautiful dress I don't know what to call it I don't know what it is called it is a beautiful coffee kind of a color with this mustard bag going on here in the form of an X the sleeves are a little sled and not too much and this I think will perfectly fall near mine meaning I thing and it's all black and coffee stripe this is what the dress looks like and the back is even more interesting it has to tie it back that is the one zero and one is at the waist and the one is at the back so it looks really really pretty I don't know where I can wear it but I'm sure if you like to go out and with nice be covered up and stuff so the only thing that I feel is that the neck here is really leap so I think you have to wear a band or nigga or tank top or something so that it's a bit more comfortable to wear so 25 for that now I am moving on to the clothes that I got for 10 and I'm more excited for these because I don't want it so excited because a lot of drugs sometimes a little defects and nothing like that can go a little unnoticed so that's what happened with to me the desktop so I really like this top it has all embellishment and there's a sequin thing which says wish so it's so pretty and at the back there is something written as Hummel Hummel something and it's really really pretty agree and moss-green kind of a color I really like the embellishment part can you see it it is so pretty but the only thing you can see is that I don't know if she's noticed it but there's a slight defect here so this is this is sort of the fabric has gone bad I don't know if it is the distressed thing because a lot of t-shirts which are distressed are in fashion so I can definitely wear it there is this distress kind of fitting so I can definitely wear it it's a crop top and die very beautiful I really like it for 10 bucks what can you ask for the next is again a beautiful top is it is it is no before showing that I'll show you this this was for 10 rupees and this is actually from H&M and the only problem with this was that leaves were like chopped so there was no elastic so I'm including this picture you can feed yourself so I just sewed it and I put an elastic band in here so that I can bear it and such a beautiful top I just you like it so much and for 10 rupees I mean what can you ask oh it's so beautiful so the first thing is so the next thing is this and I'm moving on I'll show you this top so it's a very heavy kind of material I think it's this cos material and it is a very ethnic kind of a design at the neck and it can you see it's very beautiful and this is by band Alena is that a brand you guys are off to let me know and it is leaflet and very very loose and I'm sure very very comfortable so I can definitely wear it with jeans and stuff and and then for 10 rupees the next is a cold shoulder top so there was tons and tons of cold shoulder tops in so there were a lot of pieces in this particular print I don't know why but there's so many pieces this one so their loss swans swans your culture and so on see it's so beautiful and they have crochet kind of van going at the bottom so this was really beautiful this is a cottage material and that couldn't have asked for anything more the best thing is that in solution market you get all the things that I in trend and I think that's the best part of going to solution another I remember whenever they're digging for this I was so thirsty and I didn't carry a bottle of water with me so I advise you carry water with yourself because you can go to see anytime it's it's a tiring job trust me it has taken me an entire base this was really tiring job to carry water and some edibles possible the next thing again is a cold shoulder top so this is what it is and this is a polyester kind of a material again this was also available in tons and tons and a lot of girls actually bought this so the exact print and exact design was there and feels really really nice this is the sleeve patio look so this is how it is it's beautiful let me look pretty now moving onto certs I bought a lot of skirts and you'll be surprised to see the quality the design everything is just amazing I don't think I've ever shopped I think this is the best back gift of the shoppings I've ever done in my entire life so this is the skirt that I got and from the logo fit I think it is American Eagle I'm not sure and then again they have ripped off the tags why do they do that I don't know but this is a kind of a mini skirt and it is all cotton again the material is really soft and it is like this lead and stuff it's really beautiful I like it three color for 10 rupees sounds like a joke to me now next thing is again the third and this is all flash of color there is red green on and this is a little loose on me but it also has those bells kind of thing so I can wear it with belt and there's this button over here and this has the tag on it says is from Broadway NYC fashion so again I'm not aware but I'm sure it's some brand because the quality of the fabric is amazing and it's a pleated short skirt lovely it is I love it the next is a pencil skirt now the condition of this cut is also not that great if you can see anything so this is like that this is really really stretchable I think I can also wear it as a you know tube top yeah tube top so beautiful blue color but the thing is here if you can see this fabric here is not in the best of the condition so I don't know if I wear it outside but even wearing it around the house it's going to look cool I don't mind that cool the next thing the next quarter I'm going to show you is literally going to blow your mind away so this curl is from hmm it's a party skirt and sure I go can you see it this was for 20 rupees so this is all sequined and a lot of sequins and things it's a little mini skirt it's a mini skirt it comes a few inches above my knee so this is this is from H&M I could not have believed myself if I have been gotten on my own so this is such an incredible tea it's a off-white color with a satin our belt around the waist and it has equals all over so definitely after wear it during a party and it has a zip at the back very very pretty and the underneath it also has a silk lining so what I'm teachers so pretty I'm so in love with it so now moving on to the next item I have to show you a pair of shops which I got this it looks like this this is a kind of army sort of does it look like army sort of shot this was purchased ten rupees and I thought if I scuff it up I can definitely wear it because the length of this shots is a little weirder because it comes below my eyes I don't think the lens is really appropriate so I can actually cuff it up and then it comes perfectly as in very rough side only thing is that one button over here is missing so I'll do something with it I'm not sure but I'm liking it and summer it's just fabulous that works for 10 rupees the next up next I have disco star with me and it is all black and white stripes with a beautiful embroidery over here I think it's going to look very cool with you know some black leggings very very Indian very ethnic and if you know I am like somebody if I don't know what to wear are very cool so wisdom leggings and some chocolates of hula pulley and I'm just good to go so Dedham I think the best style ever which never goes out of fashion and this looks just so perfect so perfect and the quality is such an amazing linen very beautiful for 10 rupees there was a little defector but I just showed it so if you can manage to stitch on your own and or if you can now have getting stitched I don't think you can really ignore a place like this so that's why I got it because I just stitched it on my own the next is a beautiful quilt again I think this is from accuracy by pantaloons is it yes this is this is from accuracy and I really love the brown octave but I think it is a little this is an extra small but I still got it and this was brand new it also has a pocket on the side this is a beautiful cherry red color with some designing going designing up here but I think it's a little tight on me but you know you can never have your exact size and you're being foolish so I'm just so in love with this I might give it to somebody or if I might just fit in al I don't know so love it so that was every piece of clothing that I got I of clothing almost three hundred twenty rupees now as I was coming back there was a woman who was sitting with a lot of jewelry so there was this necklace that I got from her and this was 450 rupees she quoted 250 rupees for this and you know this is what it looks like it's so pretty I mean I was just in love with it so there is no front or back it looks exactly the same both ways so shaker is 50 and I don't know what came to my mind I was in no mood to buy this so I said okay I'll give you just 30 and after a little bit of thought she said fine so I just picked this up so the entire purchase was for 350 rupees and I could have asked any for anything more but when I came back home I also felt a little bad that I should not begin from you know from 50 to 30 she wasn't an old woman and of course where she needs to own her brand butter so this piece definitely doesn't deserve a price of 32p this is a weight and v piece of jewelry and you think nothing is missing out of this just perfect even if it had anything missing I would have bought it so beautiful so that was everything I got hope you enjoyed my whole and if you liked anything just to let me know do let your daughter share experiences of solution in other market if you've been there so thanks so much for watching guys I hope you like my whole and that this was my best purchase ever if you have any comments or any questions do let me know by writing in the comment box and also I really appreciate if you can subscribe to my channel thanks so much keep happy keep smiling stay safe and I love you so much bye