Hello guys my name is shubham and welcome
back to my channel impenetrableunboxer So in this video I’m going to tell you that
instead of buying a RED iPhone you can easily covert your iPhone 6 into a RED iPhone before
this i was using the black carbon fiber skin from the stickon company you can covert you iPhone into RED iPhone by using this RED shiny skin by Stickon company instead of spending $1000 dollars on iPhone you can easily buy this premium quality skin. Before you start the process of applying the skin you just need a hairdryer and gun it on the glue side of the skin
by which skin stick more professionally on the phone you just need to take care of few things when you apply the skin from the corners of the phone take your time to apply the skin. so that’s how it look when you’ll be done with it. Yeah i know not exactly the RED iPhone but yeah that’s what you get instead of spending $1000 dollars on RED iPhone. if you want to order your skins use the Instagram and Facebook links given in description box try something new for your phone
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