Hi Guys, Welcome back to our channel Mister&Mr.Pellam Today we are vlogging on Charminar at night Visiting Charminar at night is spectacular. I have never been there at night So today we are going to see it. Huh. Mister hasn’t been ready yet. So come lets see what is he doing [Calling excitedly]Mister.. Where are you???? OMG! OMG! OMG! Mister??? Coming Coming.. 2 mins What did you mess up so much? Lets Go Come. The roads here are worst. Auto driver is taking us through this bumpy roads If he had travelled on bike we would have already crossed Ameerpet Bike is faster anyway Surya Yeah Once we reach there will start again Finally! we reached shah ghouse We are actually damn hungry. To walk we need energy so we came here first Mister go me here saying biryani here is awsome. So come lets see how good it is We are inside the restaurant. This is family section it seems. They divided using some curtains Its not an A/C Restaurant but its cool enough with all the fans. So now we need to check which biryani is good. Mutton or chiken. Mister.. what do you say? [Discussion on which biryani to order] Mister: Lets order 1 chiken and 1 mutton Now I doubt whether we can finish it or not Waiter said that Mutton is more famous here than chiken biryani. So we order it So for one person it is single biryani but for 2 its special biryani we need to order I am eagerly waiting.. because I am soooo hungry.. So finally our biryani is here [From shah ghouse to charminar its 2kms so we took an auto. The driver is explaning about charminar and biryani over there. Shadab hotel biryani is famous there itseems] So finally we are at charminar people are looking at me now because of all this setup I have always been here only in day. this is my first time during night. its so beautiful Now I see all the bangle stores open so lets explore [Doing little shopping for self and also chit chat with the sellers. I got those bangles for Rs 150 after bargaining] This sellers have there own shop there are both are brothers. They have use collection and are also at reasonable prices provided you know how to bagain [More chit chat] Asking Mister’s opinion on bangles. I finally got them for 150Rs I was busy with shopping and Mister got bored so he started his interview with this seller now. Ohh Mister. I got the earrings for 50Rs each. Can I buy one like this Mister No. Please like share and subscribe