Hi I’m Sheetal and as you all know today is DhanTeras after hearing crackers voice
you can predict Diwali is near! one day before Diwali, People do shopping. I’m standing here in Chamba Bazaar ( Bharat Market ) from here you can see beautiful view of Chamba. you can see bazaar also from here. On Dhanteras, People from villages and nearby place
everyone comes here to do shopping. it depends on people how much they purchase today! maybe they are buying only spoon for home.
Today you will see beautiful crowd on famous shops. Namshar, I welcome you all to this channel
where you watch videos about Uttarakhand. today we will discover Chamba Market. Chamba is behind me.
It’s situated in Tehri Garhwal. Let’s go and visit famous shops in Chamba
You will enjoy the crowd. People enjoy doing Shopping!
Let’s go and see on this festival what we can find! This is Chamba Mussoorie Road here is one of the famous shop
“Surkanda Sweet Shop” Jalebi( sweet dish ) is very famous, today is Dhanteras so they are making Imariti (Sweet Dish ) they sell Sweet dishes and it’s famous here.
people love to eat sweet dishes from here. there is crowd in shop Hot Imarities they are making right now.
You can come here and taste the best dishes. I’m here at Chamba Market, I have two guides with me
Mamta and Sheetal. let’s see what more we can discover in Chamba market. let’s check out another shop,
“Ramola Plastic and crockery” People are here purchasing items for Dhanteras Festival as you will travel through Mussoorie Chamba road
you will notice a shop named “Madan Bakers” Softies & IceCream are very famous here. People enjoy them, Shop is decorated very beautifully. it’s all because of festival time.
soom market will get more crowded After crossing road you can notice one more shop straight from Madan bakers, it’s Bangalis Sweets. Sweets are very famous here, if you want to buy some sweets Don’t miss this shop. Now we are here at Block road it goes to Chamba Block in this road, there is Majestic Restaurant. it’s fast food corner. on another side, there is “Belle.” they both have competition between fast food
Pizza, Burger, momos and other Fast Food. there is a good crowd because people from nearby places they are here for festival shopping. People can’t resist from eating fast food in festival time. we are here at Majestic and Food is amazing. it was totally Surprising and really nice. now we are standing in College Road. here is Satkar Restaurant. Chai ( Tea )and Parantha are very famous in this restaurant. as you can see they are making tea.
Most people come here to enjoy Tea, It’s famous. Here is the main market of Chamba, at starting there is
Sundar shopping complex we are inside Sundar Shopping Complex it’s famous, for clothing items. There are bakery shops where
you can enjoy chocolates, Ice Cream and candies. let’s go! From Henvalwani Family, We wish you all
Very Happy Diwali Happy Diwali ( Bagwali In Garhwali language ) Happy Diwali 🙂 soon we will meet in next episode i hope you enjoyed this episode. do like share and subscribe to this channel. I wish you all Happy Diwali soon I will meet you in next episode.
Till then Namaste Namaste Namaste. Hello Panda!
Hello Pingu! Happy Diwali Thanks Shweta Negi this beautiful Gift i got your mail and I wish you a very happy diwali. Thank you so much for this beautiful Gift. and I am so happy. really ! let’s find out what’s inside. let’s reveal it.
OH my God! so many chocolates BabuLaal want to eat chocolate? don’t want? it’s ok, I will eat them all.