Here we are in the cereal aisle, where you
have many many choices. To narrow it down, to make sure you’re getting something healthy
for you and your family, I like to use the three-three rule. Meaning, I don’t want to
spend more than three grams of fat on a cereal, and I want at least three grams of fiber.
So, when I’m looking at, say, Cheerios, I look at total fat, I’ve got two grams of fat
here, so great, I’m at my fat guideline. Fiber: three grams. So fantastic! Meets the criteria.
Kellogg’s Smart Start would meet the criteria. Post Raisin Bran would meet the criteria.
If I come across something that’s maybe a little shy on fiber, like Special K; only
half a gram of fat here, but I don’t even have one whole gram of fiber in that cereal.
Not to say that it’s a bad choice, but maybe I mix it with something like All-Bran, which
in a half a cup of All-Bran I’ve got 10 grams of fiber. I put a little bit of this All-Bran
into my Special K, I just increased the fiber of that cereal and made it a fine choice. So
when you’re in the cereal aisle, to narrow down your choices, make sure you get a healthy
choice, just remember the three-three rule. At least three grams of fiber, no more than
three grams of fat.