san luis obispo is one step closer to opening the doors of its first cannabis storefronts the city announced the highest-scoring applicants on Thursday KSP wise Megan Haley joins us it live in SLO with the next steps moving towards marijuana shopping and Megan when can we expect those businesses to open Kelsey pretty soon actually the city tells me as early as the end of this year now this building behind me is one of the three storefronts that could be coming into town but the owners will have to go through a background check before anything is permanent nine applicants competed for three spots Megan’s organic market scored highest on the city’s test we scored for first place with 136 out of 140 points the city grade businesses on a number of categories awarding more points to experience and community benefit she’s the things her promise to give back to the area stood out we’re committing to 40 hours per month of community support in the form of company sponsored employee volunteer hours the natural healing center came in second owner Helios Dayspring believes the success of his existing Grover Beach storefront made his application glow we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of the older generation coming in and just getting products for aches and pains we intent on creating a very similar atmosphere over and Slow making it very comfortable for not only the young but the old as well but they don’t have the golden ticket yet the city issued temporary cannabis operator permits pending slow PD background checks things like felonies or numerous citations could disqualify a business from opening its doors according to the City Economic Development Manager once the background check is cleared owners can then apply for land use and building permits I think that the city of SLO has set a standard that a lot of other cities are going to follow if everything goes smoothly Dayspring hopes to turn this into a dispensary that looks like this that was kind of a big thing with a local getting the license as opposed to an out of town company that we would be supporting our local farmers and our local brands versus bringing in brands from out of the area the third highest scoring business elemental Wellness is based in San Jose now I reached out to elemental Wellness and they declined to comment but the city is giving them 60 days to find a new location that’s not within a thousand feet of the other two locations because that space is required for the new storefronts coming into town live in San Luis Obispo I’m Meghan Healy KSBY news Thank You Megan if elemental Wellness does not find another location or if any of the applicants fail the background check the city will issue a temporary permit to the next highest scoring business