– Guys, we just had an epic podcast, episode sixty, episode what? – This is sixty four. – Sixty four! Episode
sixty four with Team Shint. – That’s right. – Yeah you got it right that time. – Good job, good job Team Shint. – Clint, oh I should say,
I guess if you do Shint, it should be Sheena and Clint Asbell, from Haile Jewelry & Loans. Hey, I just wanna put it
in the right order baby. – Yeah! No you doing good. – So it was, you guys it was awesome. Make sure you check it out, episode 64, W-H-O-A GNV Podcast. But we wanna bring you a little extra piece of content here
with the Side Hustle. And I just have, I’ve got
a couple questions here. You got a couple questions?
– Sure yeah I got a couple. – Okay Mike’s got a couple, so we’re good. – Hopefully they’re not the same ones. – No definitely not, so I’ll go first. – Its like a test. – Yeah, I mean, kind of. – He’s gonna go first,
that way I have to think on the fly when they’re
the same questions. – Exactly! – You don’t have to re-do your questions. – It’s kind of not fair actually. – [Collin] Exactly, exactly. – It’s all right I’m used to it. – So have you guys, like have you, so owning this pawn business, right, have you guys every been, like, conned? You know, with like a piece
of jewelry or something like have you ever been conned? – Yeah, it happens. – Hazards of the industry. – It happens? – [Sheena] Yeah, definitely. – You mean besides the robberies
and burglaries and deaths? – Yeah all the other
stuff you got going on, like somebody has brought– – So you mean by an actual client? I can’t say that– – I like how Sheena automatically
points to the microphone. – She’s the mic wrangler. – [Collin] Speak into the microphone. – The crazy thing about our business is, there’s always somebody
trying to get you, right? There’s fake everything,
so sooner or later you’re gonna buy something fake. – Yeah, that’s a huge market. – There’s like, there’s guys
that have sold fake watches across the entire United States to guys who’ve been doing this
for 30 and 40 years, and they’re selling like 150 watches. So I think, it’s obviously,
we try to minimize it. But, we get relaxed sometimes, too. – Yeah, I mean I would
say the most common thing that’s happened to us is buying fake gold. So, every day we buy scrap gold. Broken pieces, one earring,
you know, whatever. That’s what we do. We buy precious metal. Every day people come in and sell me gold. – I’ve bought way more good pieces than bad, put it like that. – Yes, of course, but
that’s the first thing that pops into my mind
because that seems to be a common scam that people do. – Okay, but after they’ve left and then you analyze it a
little bit more or something, and then you’re like “Dang it!” – Yeah, like a month later. I feel like it changes over the month that it sits at my store. (Clint and Sheena laughing) – Okay, so what he’s referring to there is operating off a pawn license, Florida law requires you to hold the item that you’ve purchased for 30 days. So we buy something today, 30 days from now is when we pull it from our inventory to review it and look at it and then decide, “Are we gonna send this to the refinery, “are we gonna put it out
in our case to sell it, “or are we just gonna text a client “to see if they want it?”, right? So, 30 days has passed, and you can pull out a piece of gold or
something and you’re like, “That doesn’t look like gold
anymore, what happened there?” We have tools and tests to do. One being an acid test,
is how it’s referred, and you’re literally pouring acid onto it. But there’s super fakes, you know? And super fakes are things
that are really, really good. And you know, sometimes you get burnt, and it’s definitely happened. – Has that happened a lot? Not a lot, it’s very rare?
– Not a lot, no. Because we’re in Gainesville,
and we’re spoiled. We keep talking about how we have these great relationships, and we do– – And there’s two of us,
we’re testing our own stuff, so it’s not like a random
employee that’s just doing a quick thing or overlooks it. – Yeah, it’s a lot different. – I think that’s when you have a lot more. – When it’s your own cash
that you’re putting out you’re really cutting into things, and making sure that the acid’s, you know, doing the correct tests. – It hasn’t happened much. – It’s just such an interesting business. – [Sheena] It is, yeah. – Yeah, I mean every day someone is trying to bring you a fake bag, a fake watch, a fake
diamond, a fake something. – Have you’ve ever been like, “Yo dude, no. This is fake. Get out.” – [Sheena] Yeah. – You have? – Yeah, so my best story was a dude brought this big gold chain to me, and he’s like “Bro, I
need to sell my chain.” He’s like, ” It’s real.” I’m just not feeling it,
it’s not looking right. He’s like, “Bro, my chain’s real.” And he starts getting crazy with me. I’m like “All right,
all right, I got you.” So I take this bottle of acid and instead of putting a little drop on it I pour the whole damn bottle on it, and his gold almost catches on fire, and I had it– – No! – It like eats it off. The acid– – It eats the whole
thing, it starts smoking. I was like, “All right,
here’s your real chain back.” And it’s like melted. – [Collin] He’s like “Dude
you messed up my real”– – Yeah. No, he was mad. – He’s like “Bro, you
messed up my real chain!” (Mike and Collin laughing) – I’m like, “Sorry bro.” But yeah, honestly man
we’re pretty careful. It doesn’t happen too often, but I can’t say it’s never happened. – [Collin] Cool, I was just interested. – Yeah. – Cool. Mike, what do you have? – So I think if there was
ever a reality T.V. show that was gonna be scooter-centric it would probably be
us that were doing it. – Oh, for sure. – Humble brag, maybe. (all members laughing) No, but I feel like you probably get asked this all the time, but we had a little bit
of a renaissance of pawn in the T.V. era. What’s real about what you see on T.V., what’s so far off of what
you guys actually deal with? Is there any similarities,
what are the differences? – So, I think those shows– So, we were in the pawn business before those shows came out, right? So, I actually think it’s done a lot of good for the industry, because it’s kind of explained and shown the people behind the counters, and like, “Hey, we’re not
somebody just ripping you off.” Whatever people think, I don’t even know at this point what they think. But, in the same sense it’s still television,
so it’s still scripted. So, do those situations happen? Yes. Are they hyped up and
scripted for T.V.? Absolutely. And also keep in mind
we’re in Gainesville, and we’re in Haile Plantation, so we deal with a totally
different clientele than like Detroit, or–
– Right, Vegas or– – Or Vegas, and we went to the Vegas store actually like ten years ago. – It’s not near as impressive
in person as it is on T.V., and I think the biggest thing is they play up these deals like every day you’re getting a rocket that comes in, or some crazy item, and
it’s just not realistic. I mean they get a lot of–
– I mean, it’s television. – shit that comes in every day, too. So, I think that’s the
biggest thing on T.V. Like, it is real life,
we get some crazy stuff, and we get some really cool stuff. But, it’s like on a day to day basis you don’t have what the T.V. shows have coming in on a daily basis. – Sometimes it’s not even
the item that’s crazy. Sometimes it’s the person.
– The people themselves? – Most of the time it’s the person. (Sheena laughing) – Well, I wasn’t gonna ask
about the craziest person, I was gonna ask about an
artifact from an item standpoint, what’s the coolest thing
you’ve come across? Is there something that stands out? – [Sheena] Oh my goodness. – [Collin] That’s good. I like that. – Dude, I mean, because I come
from a traditional pawn shop I’ve had crazy stuff from like, just crazy construction
equipment, to dragsters, to somebody tried to borrow
money on a sponge one time, from Wal Mart, you know? And I’m like, “I can’t
do anything on that.” (laughing) Somebody had a fake
animal one time. I’m like, “Nah, not really for me”,
but we see a lot of stuff. – Yeah, there’s really no tie. – There’s really nothing that shocks us at this point, after fifteen years. – Are you more shocked
or interested or amused, from just a, not even a business aspect, from a personal aspect,
by something that’s rare, has a high dollar amount, or something that maybe
interests you personally? Whether it was the dragster
or something, you know, crazy? – I think both. I mean, it definitely interests a lot– The rarer it is, or the more unique it is, obviously it’s gonna interest us more, just because we’re
getting to the point where we’ve seen quite a few
different pieces now, so we like to see the different things. But personally, there’s not, you know– We look at it as a
business, so we’re like, “Okay, we’re gonna buy it
and sell it.” You know? – But sometimes the most exciting thing is not the most rare thing
because the most rare thing can sometimes be the
hardest thing to sell. – Right. – So, sometimes the most
thing I get excited about is the most simple things, that I know I can turn
around and sell like 100 of them this week, you know? Like, you know, you’ve got a hundred scooters that you can just blow out, and you get that one
scooter that’s customized, that you’re gonna take the– It’s gonna take the right
person to come along. And that’s a cool scooter, but it’s gonna sit here
for like, six months. – That’s always an interesting point. And we see it maybe less but similarly, where people have a lot more value attached to their items
than what you can– whether its from an ability
to flip or whatever– – Listen, that’s just human nature. Like, I think my stuff
is worth more, it’s not. There’s a value, there’s a
market value on everything. Whether you like what it is or not, it doesn’t matter because it’s only, something is only worth only what someone is willing to pay you for it. Period. I don’t care what the internet says, I don’t care what the person
said they were appraising it. Whoever is handing you cash
is what the item’s worth. That’s hard to hear. – Let me ask you a quick question. Because, I still feel kind of
guilty about this one time. (Sheena laughing) – I wonder if you’re gonna
go where I’m thinking of. – This very not smart college graduate came to the scooter shop
one time with a scooter, a used scooter, and said, “Hey, I’m leaving town in
the next thirty minutes.” – [Sheena] Yeah, here’s my scooter. – Here’s my scooter. I
gotta sell this scooter. What will you give me for it? I said, I’ll give you 75 bucks for it. I mean, I knew he was leaving
in the next thirty minutes and I knew he was desperate to sell. – Dog. (laughing) – Now I feel super bad about it. – I’ve done this enough
times where I’m like $75, you might have overpaid
for this, I don’t know. – Now, I keep airing this out. I mean, look– – [Clint] Did you way overpay? It should have been like 50 bucks? – Did I? – Did it run? – That’s a good question. It did run. It was in good shape. It only had 700 miles on
it, it was in good shape. And I said, like, hey– And I was super honest, I was like, “Look, you have the opportunity, “you can sell this right now, “you can go sell this to somebody else, “and you’re gonna get a lot more for it. “But, you just walked
in here and you said, “that you need to sell it now, “you’re leaving in the next 30 minutes. “If you want me to pay
you cash right now for it, “I’m gonna give you 75 bucks.” And he was like, “All right,
give me the 75 bucks.” – [Clint] Are you for hire? (group laughing) – At the end of the day, I think it’s how you
deliver the message, right? So for me, I do that, this
is what I do everyday. I tell people, “This is what it’s worth, “this is what I can pay you.” It’s ultimately their choice
on what they wanna do. – And you’re the person with the money! – I mean, I’ll be honest, it was definitely worth a
little bit more than 75 bucks. – [Clint] Oh, I know it was,
it was worth like 1000 bucks. – But obviously he was
in a desperate mode, like, “I gotta get out of town, now.” – You have a business to run, you have a business to run. If people come in my
store and they think that I should pay them what
they can sell it for, then I’m like, “Go open a store, “with the expenses that go with that.” Now, I’m not saying you
should try and rip people off. I’m very straight forward
on what I can pay. But at the same time, I’m
in money to make business. – Or, I’m in business
to make money, right? – Or money to make business, either way. – So, the thing is, it is what it is. And if you tell them exactly
what you just said, I feel– – I mean, and I did, I was
very, very straightforward, like, “You should take
the time to spend and “market this yourself and sell it. “You’re gonna be able to get
get way more than 75 bucks.” – [Clint] You should
take the next 30 minutes and market this really well. – Yeah, but he was “I’m leaving
town, I’ve gotta sell it.”, and I don’t think he cared – Well that’s, I mean
honestly that’s their choice. I’m like, “Hey, you’ve got
Facebook Marketplace, right?” Because it used to be
Craigslist, but nobody – [Collin] They didn’t even
have that at that time. – Right, nobody has Craigslist anymore, so now it’s Facebook Marketplace. Or I tell them, like, yeah,
try and sell it individually, or try to find a private buyer. You will get the most money that way. – [Mike] For sure, you’re
always gonna get the most. – That’s how it is, but if
you’re coming to a business, you know, and we have to make money. – So we talk about stigmas
in the actual episode, which is interesting to tune in to, but my question to you is if that person had come back and said, “Uh,
75, how about 150 bucks?”, Would you have taken it? Like,
at what point do you be like, we try to eliminate
haggling from out showroom, because I look at that as
an insult to a customer. If I can sell it for a
lower price, I’m going to. But, people come in the
showroom thinking that because of their other experiences in an automotive industry or whatever, they want to come in and haggle. And I imagine that’s
the same for you guys. And I don’t know how you– – It’s so interesting that
y’all run it like that, because that’s how we do. We do the same, we’re not really– I mean, he told three
different people today, I heard him, like, “This is my price. “Whether you’re my mom,
my sister, whoever, “this is what I can offer you.” I don’t like how that feels. – Even for your mom, bro? (laughing) – Yeah, I mean, I gotta
make money, you know? I’m in business, to make money. – [Mike] If that person
reverts and says 150 bucks– – To answer your question, I
believe that even did happen. And I said, “Look, you’re the one “who’s leaving town last minute.” I was like, “I have plenty of inventory. “I don’t need to necessarily
buy this scooter. “I’m willing to buy this scooter, “but it’s gotta be at this price.” Is the way that conversation went down. – Again, I don’t– – He’s like, “Yeah, I
get it.” And he did it. But, I mean, was the scooter
worth more than 75 bucks? The answer was yes. – Of course, it has to be. – So, you shouldn’t feel bad. Because you started off
saying you feel bad, you should not feel bad. – Yeah yeah, well thank you. – I think you feel bad
if you lie to somebody about the value of something, or you tell them, “Oh no,
this is only worth this much.” And you do whatever. I
say things all the time like “This is just a piece of gold. “Look at my case, I’m not
gonna put this in my case, “it’s going to the refinery. “Therefore, I can pay you “what market value is for the gold today.” You know, things like that,
I think if you educate and you kind of talk to people about the thoughts behind
whatever you’re offering, I think that’s fair game. – And for us, it’s like, “Yeah,
the scooter runs right now, “that’s fantastic, that’s why I can “offer you 75 bucks in this scenario.” If it breaks down in thirty
days for the new customer, guess who’s eating that? So I have to work that
into my possibilities, range of outcomes, and stuff like that. And some people get that,
and some people don’t. – Well, so for us, that’s watches. People bring us watches, fine watches, and it’s very expensive
to service a fine watch. And so they’re like,
“But it’s running now!” But, we have to resell it with
it running for three years, that’s our deal, it’s a
moving parts warranty, we have to out money into
it from the watch maker, and it costs X amount. So it’s the same conversation
just different items. – [Mike] It’s always interesting, yeah. – Isn’t it fun? – [Sheena] Yeah, a lot of fun. – That might have been the
best Side Hustle in a while. – Maybe we should join our
businesses or something, like diamonds and scooters. – Haile Plantation would
love a scooter shop. – I mean, maybe sell some
equity in your business, maybe I’ll just buy in somehow. – That’s gonna be a late night podcast. – Actually, I think Haile would do really well with scooters, all those roundabouts, you know? – [Collin] There’s so much
opportunity here guys. – [Mike] Untapped, untapped. – Let’s just keep drinking
and see what happens. – We’ll take over the entire city. Cheers, thank you guys so much. – Hey you guys, thank you
so much for coming on. This was another episode
of the Side Hustle, definitely go check out their episode. We have Clint and Sheena Asbell from Haile Jewelry and Loans, correct? – Thanks guys, that’s correct,
thank you for having us. – We’ll see you next time, bye. ♪ Gainesville, rock city ♪ ♪ Gainesville, rock city ♪ ♪ Gainesville, rock city ♪