(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You see that?
That’s hustle. (music) What’s up guys, I’m about to head
into a Savers thrift store to see if I can find some books to sell
on Amazon. Come with me, let’s go. What are we doing?
[Luna] Going to get books. [Reezy] Where? How?
[Luna] Buy them. (music) …and Rosa brought me over this.
This is a good score. Bought it for $10 for 25%.
Sell for $40-$60 eBay, Amazon. (music) [Luna] This pink sweater… match my
purple sweater. It’s really fuzzy. [Reezy] Nice, what’d you get mama?
[Rosa] A Wilton tractor. [Reezy] What year? [Rosa] I don’t know, it didn’t
say on there. 2002. (laughs) Scooby doo, 1999.
[Reezy] Nice. [Rosa] …And Spongebob!
[Reezy] Yes! [Rosa] 2002
[Reezy] Yes, Spongebob. [Luna] 2002!
[Rosa] Yeah. [Reezy] Personal collection?
[Rosa] Yeah. (music) While I was in there,
right before I left. I went to go look through the display
cases and I saw this Sony camera this is the TRV320. Nothing
spectacular, no battery, no accessories and I’ve seen there was an
eBay completed sale recently in similar condition for $60. So
I figured I would look into it but I wasn’t about paying $30 but
luckily today is half off for purple tags so I picked this up for
$15 and I plan to sell this on eBay for at least $60. What’s up guys, I’m done. I’m here at
Savers that was about an hour and a half I think and I got 42 books for $98
and I got some heaters in there. That $98 includes a Sony
camera that I bought for $15 and a Kill Bill action figure that
I picked up for for $10 so in… So in actuality, I paid $75 for 42
books something like $1.78 each. I had a 30% off coupon and I’m
not joking when I tell you this I didn’t have anything to donate to
Savers to get my percentage off coupon. If you don’t know, when
you donate stuff to them, they give you a coupon
to get a percentage off and I didn’t have anything to donate. I was super unprepared, I
forgot my bags and everything but I found a little plush on the ground
outside of my car and I had a junk CD in my car and I donated those
two, donated those two things and got 30% off coupons so
that helped me out a lot. [Reezy] How are you doing right now?
[Luna] Good. [Reezy] Why do you feel
so good right now? [Luna] Well I feel the
air, it’s really good. (Luna singing) (music) Alissa, I got you a surprise.
[Alissa] I see it. [Reezy] Don’t wait. Close
your eyes, it’s a surprise. [Alissa] Oh, I mean I don’t
see anything. Thank you. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
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