hey guys welcome to another episode of
food byte the name of this restaurant is called bodega Bistro and it’s a
Vietnamese restaurant located right in the heart of Little Saigon in San
Francisco on Larkin Street if you pass by this place you may miss it as
they don’t have any signs on the front except for this orange
painted mural on top of the entrance but I’ve been coming here for years when I
used to work nearby and let me tell you why they have the best pho first if you look at
the menu I’ve highlighted the two items one is
lemongrass flavored pork chop and the other is lemongrass chicken I’ve never
seen this on the menu of any other Vietnamese restaurant which makes it
unique second they serve the meat separately from the soup so you can eat
it by itself or mix it in with a soup which is what I like to do I usually cut
the chicken into tiny pieces then add it into the noodle soup along with the
basil leaves bean sprouts and lime juice that comes with the order the soup is really really good and it’s
the best I’ve ever tasted so I recommend you check out this restaurant and you can thank me later