We are still working with the families and settling them in places. You know like uh, many of them are still in the hotels, so it’s hard to, to uh you know. We’re trying to find the location that they will be helpful to them. So once we do that then that’s that’s when we will be able to bring the helpful that Bob is making possible and so that we can then give them beds or get them a living room, or or some, whatever they need. So that we can hopefully get them set. You know one of the things we’re Trying to do is we’re also trying to see sometimes families help them a little bit as many of them do have families here. So we will be complementing whatever they don’t have, whatever they are able to get. Which hopefully will help us reach more families and make a difference in more families through your generous donation. Thank you to Bob’s furniture for all that you do for the community. Uh, especially with this gift that you are able to provide to the Salvation Army so that we can help so many people in this area that are have suffer from so many things because of the Hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and we’re glad that together we can partner to make a difference. Thank you very much, and thank you for your support.