[Music] [Applause] [Music] my name is Taylor I’m a one professional living in my ager on the lake I also enjoy good beer I love the sights and smells that this town has to offer and being a culinary destination in Ontario I can’t help but love the food last episode we explore niagara-on-the-lake the beautiful waterfront the vineyard and the historic town stop price and shop local produce and we met a friendly squirrel okay so enough of this world join us as we venture into the evening turning left right here into Canada’s hot dog [Music] [Music] don’t worry now Agron the lake is really not that scary there’s still plenty to do at night whether it’s a late night chocolate run dining out in the town or even a buggy ride but we’re going to show you the top things to do with a ghostly spin before the street lights turn on there’s something that you have to do niagara-on-the-lake has some of the most beautiful sunsets that you’ve ever seen on a clear day you can even see the Toronto skyline the local favorite viewing spot is Ryerson Park [Music] but anywhere along the waterfront will give you an awesome view if you happen to be in Queensboro park and you stay late enough you might even see the ghost known as the woman in white now let’s hit the town with its Victorian elegance the Prince of Wales is steeped in history the Churchill lounge is filled with old-world charm and is popular with locals on Wednesday for their five-dollar burger name and yes the Prince of Wales is notoriously haunted Killoren post is rich in history and full of vintage charm the funny thing about this place is but there’s a ghost who walks through wooden pillars in the dining area come by and see for yourself and if you come on a Tuesday it’s all-you-can-eat hustles the old Italian is one of the oldest bars in Canada this is where you’ll find locals coming to enjoy a pint some pub fare and some live music also said to be haunted while tailors enjoying the band there’s something I have to show you in the ladies bathroom you’ll find the famous angel statue with bronzed grapes covering its you know what and if you lift it the bell goes off I can’t lift it it’s broken [Music] that wasn’t the statue that’s probably the ghost it’s still broken the world-class Shah has three theaters in town our favorite is a historic Royal Gorge inside it’s beautiful Edwardian interior lives a pair of performing ghosts don’t let the smile on this guy fall you this great performance was haunted by spirits of the past oh look a squirrel no sue that’s a skunk being Canada’s most haunted town one of the best ways to see niagara-on-the-lake if by doing a ghost walk the guides our theatrical historians so you’ll definitely learn something about the town’s past along the way they combine old stories with some more recent events and the ghosts have even been known to make an appearance [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Niagara on the Lake it might be haunted but it’s not serious thanks for watching this episode of turn left right here if you liked what you saw be sure to hit the subscribe and the like button at the bottom of your screen tap the bell to be notified of upcoming episodes and please share with us your comments below [Music]