We’re at the night baazar And picked a Sunday Saturday market except a stately Let’s see. So not only is the boughs aren’t there It actually bleeds on to this whole Main Street for you guys get into that quarter So I was super wrong again, we’re still walking and apparently this Bazaar never ends so Yeah, we’re fine entering the main area of the night bazaar It’s like an outdoor swap meet or just outdoor mall of some sort and a similar to Saturday and Sunday markets we’ve been two steps a little bit less lively and It’s less crowded maybe because it’s here every night instead of just on certain days Yeah, it’s a big market and boughs are full of food restaurants shops and Stalls, so now see if you get some good deals and explore the rest of goodnight padlocked Space here than the other ones not as much people More products seems like but I could be wrong but these Taipan cakes have been one of the highlights of Our street market tour and we’re gonna see how this one tastes not coconut. We got the banana, right? banana different twist We go tastes like normal crepe steps crispier More foot savoury a little bit more salt to you. The oil is a bit different to really good hide those pork rinds Good try it You’re fine you salty Delicious, so these fresh fruit shake stations are everywhere in the night markets and they really are the business How’s your smoothie Strawberry bananas Moving on to the mandatory fresh fruit stall Linda is about to taste the king of fruits Fiddle at the king Let me it’s good You should go get for real. No, it’s really good This is it. We’re in the thick of the night buzzer Yeah, it’s pretty much like the Sunday Saturday market. I went to earlier step a little bit less energy. So this is everyday Oh, yeah, you got your essential all the souvenirs you could ask for the Central Street food Mango, sticky rice meat on stick couple restaurants nightlife for drinks. Oh, yeah. This is it real it So we’re full delay I got from shooting here show them what you got Personalized passport bag. I Think we’re done for today. So we’re gonna call it a night. See you guys next time actually, they got me I snagged some Elephant shorts Before leaving my last day in Thailand, so, yep. You got me so now I’ll see you tomorrow