Abandoned by her husband when she was pregnant,
Beauty was alone and scared. She stayed in the Majar, a religious shrine in Dhaka, Bangladesh,
where many people go for pilgrimage. She could receive handouts and food there, but it is also a place rife with human trafficking and crime. Someone took her to a training programme,
where she was able to receive support for the remainder of her pregnancy, heal from
trauma, and gain skills for employment. Now Beauty has a job making jewellery at Basha.
She is learning how to turn wire into links for intricate jewellery chains. She also learns
to clean, polish, and texturize metal for Basha pendants and ornaments. Basha metals
are locally sourced and tested to ensure they are safe and comfortable for you to wear.
Basha uses recycled materials when possible, and all Basha products are made to be gentle
on the earth. Beauty and all the women making Basha jewellery learn to make each piece carefully and to maintain high quality standards. (Beauty speaks in Bangla, with an English translator.) “I like working in the jewellery department. When I get my salary at the end of the month,
I am very happy. I appreciate working hard rather than begging or earning money by selling
myself. My parents and neighbors respect me and value my work. I did not have any dream
for myself, but I have a dream for my daughter. I will enroll her in a school and help her
to finish her education. I hope that one day my daughter can become a doctor or an engineer.” In the Bengali language, Basha means house and Asha means hope. Basha is the house of
hope we are building for Beauty and women like her through our range of unique, boutique quality brass, copper, and silver jewellery pieces.