Assalamualaikum everyone today i am teaching you a Arbic spice its called BAZAAR you can get it easily from super store but if you can’t get it, this is how you make it this spice is very useful for my next Arabic recipe for this recipe you need Whole red chillies Coriander seeds Black peppercorn Cinnamon stick Fennel seeds Cumin seeds Turmeric powder in a frying pan add whole spices and roast them on medium flame 2 to 3 minutes you can smell the aroma of roasted spices and its become in golden colour put all these in blender and blend it till become powder add turmeric powder mix it well and you can store it in airtight jar and you can use this spice in my next recipe and i would like to tell you, this is a very good for marination spices you can marinate chicken, meat or chops with this spices for an addition you can use little salt and crushed red chillie this is your BAZAAR spices, please try visit my website for full written recipe in english, which is let me know how it was and thank you for watching the video