I have to warn you, I think
I’m a very strong puncher. Parry. Parry. Parry. Evade. Block. Uppercut. Duck! Head smash! Duck! Block! Evade! Punch! Wall toss! That is insane. Let’s do this. Do what? Put… Put it in my backpack. Dodge! Head slam! Throw through ceiling! Hello, doctor. Been a long time. I believe you have something
that belongs to me. We just wanna go home. – Come on! Come with me! Hurry!
– Get him! Come on. Down here. Come on. Quick! Okay. I need you to follow me
and do exactly as I say. Let’s move. Oh, my God, you guys,
I am so stoked you are here. – You have no idea. So stoked.
– You are? I mean, I saw you guys in the bazaar,
and I thought to myself, “No way.” And I then I was like, yeah, that’s totally…
Backs against the wall! Oh, my goodness! Let’s keep moving. – Watch your step in here.
– Who are you? – Yeah, and who do you think we are?
– Right. Sorry, okay, my bad. Let me back up a little bit here. Wait, are you the pilot?
“Seaplane” somebody? – Yes. Yeah, that’s me.
– Wait a minute, wait. You’re the other character
that was taken. So you’re in the game too? – Stay off the white bricks. And freeze.
– What? So gnarly. This game sucks. All right. Get this plank. Follow me. Careful. It’s a horrible way to die. Oh, God. There you go. All right. Come on. I got it, I got it. I just defanged a snake.
Give me a little respect. Okay. – Hi there.
– Hi. Come on. Anyway, I’m Alex. Spencer Gilpin. Martha, Fridge and Bethany. Bethany? You’re a girl? Woman. In real life, you’d probably
wanna hit that.