Barron: Hi Guys I’m Barron. B4 this video begins, Subscribe Barron: Like the video and Ring the Notification bell AND IF YOU DON’T SUBSCRIBE, I WILL PRESS THIS BUTTON AND SEND THIS INANEST PIG, INTO THIS WELL Gin Renn: PLEASE SEND HELP Barron: I’M GONNA GIVE YOU 10 SECONDS TO SUBSCRIBE Gin Renn: JUST PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Barron: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Barron: oh good you subscribed Barron: Whoops Gin: Renn: YOU Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch Barron: Well enjoy the video Calen: Barron Why R we going customs shopping? Barron: Because Calen, We Promise this in our last video. Barron: Click the link below. Life Hake that can make you immortal Calen: But Barron, i don’t care what we promise our dumb fans Barron: SHHHHHHHHHH! you want us to lose Subscribers Barron: Please Subscribe. Steve: Anyway, we need to buy some new customs. so we can watch the new horror movie marathon. Calen: Well I’m not going there, I’m just gonna watch so horror movies at home Barron: Just stop being an A$$ hat, and enter the store. Barron: Wow look at these costumes Calen: Why do people buy this dumb $hit Barron: Hey look at this mask I found Barron: We Need 2 Build a Wall Steve: That looks amazing, but theirs no suit and Tye to go with it Barron: Good point Steve. this looks incomplete, so i’m gonna chose this one Daquavis: Bi*ch what the actual F**k is wrong with you. Barron: What, it’s a ghost costume. Daquavis: I don’t give a $hit you F**king racist. Barron: Well don’t yell at me. Yell at the owner for having it here Daquavis: Well maybe I will Calen: $hit, whats its problem. Barron: I don’t know, but i’m not going to chose that one. so i’m going to chose this one Steve: OK Barron, lets do this. Barron: Look I’m a dead Meme Calen: What the F**k Is that? You Mother F**ker Steve: Baron that is so 2017. who even talks about figet spinner any more? Steve: Why would you think of Waring that? Barron: I just wanted to see what it would look like Calen: But it looks Fuggly as $hit Barron: But it can spin. Calen: Oh Relay? fidget spinner spinning One Hour later from Spongbob Calen: Well that was F**king boring Steve: Ok Baron, your 2nd Costume. Barron: How do I look? Calen: Barron… WHAT THE F**K IS THAT Daquavis: DAM that Bi*ch git dem big boobies Barron: F**K OFF DAQUAVIS!!!!!!!!!! Daquavis: BUT DEM BOOBIES Barron: You Want to die A$$whole Daquavis: Bi*ch You want to F**k with me Daquavis: Dam Glock From Harris Hazard. I’m to lazy to write all this 😀 Daquavis: I’ma leave now Calen: ALLRIGHT BARRON!!! THIS IS YOUR LAST COSTOME IF YOU DON’T CHOSE THIS ONE WE’RE GONING TO F**KING LEAVE Barron: This… is god Calen: Barron What the f**k is that? You look like your gona kidnap someone in a white van Steve: Oh $hit Barron that looks dank Calen: No not rely, U look like your gona give kids candy in a dark ally. Calen: I mean look at this ugly a$$ grandma sweater. Barron: hey F**k YOU Calen: SON OF A F**KING BI*CH Calen: Barron you cut my F**king arm. How sharp are those claws? Barron: I got it from our local white van Barron: I had to wipe some stuffing off it. Calen: Ok Barron, you piked you costume. So lets leave NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barron: Wait Steve needs to pick a costume. Calen: OH F**K Barron: So Steve, what R U gona dress as? Steve: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Steve: All these suck. i’m going to ask Hal if there’s more Steve: Hay do you have any more costumes? Hal A Ween: We have some StarWars Costumes there Steve: That one looks cool Barron: Hey Steve, the rolls are in reverse now. StarWars Music Barron: Holly $hit, that looks cool as F**k Calen: Bitch you look like a F**king neird Again i’m to lazy to write this Barron: Man, i love this $hit Calen: Ok i’m sorry for calling you a nierd. i didn’t mean it. Steve: Are you a retared Calen: HELL NO Calen: Ok i’m a retared. I’m a F**king retared. .Steve: Lets go check out Calen: My F**king Head Hurts. Calen: OW Steve: Ok Barron, I’ll Pay Half and you pay Half Barron: Oh I spent all my money on these Freddy Kruger Gloves. Steve: How Much were they? Barron: $19.99 Steve: So How the Hell R U gona pay 4 it Barron: Well this take a penny tray looks full. Mabey I’ll pay with that. Hal A Ween: Your relay gonna pay with pennies Barron: Hey Money’s Money no madder what shape or forme Hal A Ween: FINE!!!!!! Hal A Ween: 1 2 3 4 5 Hal A Ween: That’s $5.00. Your not Evan close. Barron: Well I’ll just buy a lottery ticket and hope i’ll win Barron: 420 Barron: 420 Barron: F**K Barron: Well there’s only one thing left to do. Barron: F**K YOU. Hal A Ween: COME BACK HERE!!! Barron: Your more orange than a Dorito. Hal A Ween: You are so… Ninja: Screw You Biff Den: F**k I’M OUT OF GAS!!! Calen: Oh man Oh man I can wait to watch Halloween 2007 for the 200th time Calen: Wait why is Night Of The Living Dead On? Barron: Calen we can’t watch Halloween, we have to watch night of the living dead Calen: Wait why can’t we watch Halloween 2007? Barron: Because Halloween is under copy write and Night of The Living Dead is in the public domain. Calen: But Barron I hate black and with movies. There just so Black. Daquavis: What did you just say? Calen: I said black and white movies are $hit Daquavis: Hay, black and white movies are best type of movies of all time The Mummy, Psycho, Dracula, The Thing, Phantom of the Opera. Calen: All those movies suck! why would you watch any of them when you can watch the color remakes which are always better Daquavis: Oh f**k no, the original is always better. Calen: You are so annoying! Daquavis: Hey, you wacist. Calen: Hey look, there’s a guy giving away free chicken. Daquavis: ew, i’m gona get me some chicken! Calen: What a retarded