hey I'm not Zhu Goff where the grass all right oh good day there everyone Larry King Live everybody well on the game ground what does that mean it was a greeting okay take jumps off the ramp compete for points by jumping while in the yellow zone the orange zone or the red zone the reto I say okay okay I guess that's all you do hold it we were mold really quickly to take a wicked jump and how do we soar the flavor text dude I think you just we don't press a button or yeah I think you just go okay okay cool let's absolutely do it I can't wait to for it again no please don't I just did I will see you and happy I will see you in the home for infinite losers okay here we go No did you hurt yourself I don't know I just didn't do it right I guess huh what am I doing wrong you just gotta do it huh oh yeah I fucked up okay cool I guess booboo the fool takes too late though huh oh this is hurting my wrist then put it on your wiener and then do kegels and thought yeah we're we're epic in third and fourth place okay there's the one jump I got all of them except for one and I fucking that's it that's all let's just get some cocoa at the lodge no really I missed one job I know it's brutal ah man that sucks I got I got exactly the I got perfect jumps every other time I think maybe I didn't then play it back no keep yourself I don't know what am I doing wrong put on your wiener and then do kegels oh yeah I fucked up this is hurting my wrist now and put out and put up like The Price is Right loser horn thanks Ben it was my pleasure Dan thirty-eight oh my god no oh god no whatever god fucking just jump off the bridge Oh God 23:21 it just even wanted Oh fucking husband made her do this what he was like wow you should do it coming up with weird backstories I throw out a muscle in my back trying to fucking do that shit that is that's the worst part of this off for third place playing Skyward Sword though really fucking put my hand in weird positions all the time then afterwards I'd be like I my wrist with her yeah my fucking forearms would be on fire then I go home a jackoff and so fucking what the forearm I agree oh crap now I'm I know it's really really brutal Christ okay I need less than ten between four and ten oh that's not good oh god I'm going right back are you serious yeah yeah yeah that is brutal to be in the spa no no I gave you a boost yes oh my god did I love you no problem dan you are so my best friend right now that's cool all right but only temporarily until this game is over okay no problem the UFO comes up on a roll what happens with the UFO here we go yeah I felt twenty still pretty great I'm very happy about it hey hey cheers Cheers dicks and that gets you over the the cluster-level ha thank you so much dude you're a fucking champion hey no problem I'm about to be a last place champion um unless you roll at oral 200 is that a last-place boost for me oh you know what I think it is uh uh yeah for you hooray for me dude up top that's teamwork that's yeah we're gonna get both of us out of fourth place and into third oh wait you're ahead of me now yeah well dude fuck you this is your piece of shit or not my friend this is a huge betrayal round to ten to play for order in the last place Aaron so you get to pick the mini game and space afters looks fun we're balanced diet these all look fun any pals diet do you yeah what is it I don't know okay I just like the way it looked oh yeah it was pleasing place fruit on scales to the arrow stops in the blue area pay attention the time and make sure you don't send the air into the red area what if you send it in the red it's bad okay place the fruit fail if you send her there I'm gonna try this okay see I want to win damn I picked that was the best when will we axe throw again I've won a win stop the hand wait which one's mine is it are you go you're it's okay pineapple is worth one two three oh boy this requires so much constant Wow Daniel ain't no from chance to do that I get it that sucks single banana really really gonna fuckin pull that shit on me one two three oh fuck off with that one two three well there's nothing I can do dude I'm setting everyone else up it's the practice round Aaron don't start complaining yet okay well we can do this we got this would you think so I do I do okay I think I think I think we've picked up the put fruit on the other part of the table game oh so you're trying to sabotage each other basically yeah okay oh shit you go first fuck you so fucking mean one two three so that's half one half of one there's something an apples a whole one I don't know so one I have a pen I have an apple time's running out oh shit bananas almost all the way Apple pen such a dick strawberries are light Aaron well that's gettable now noise so is is she smart enough she's not oh yeah agony for me that's agony for me personally oh my wiener ooh its stimulated oh I fucked up baby what I could have put a pineapple on the right one and gotten it would you have I think so I don't know it might be short now won't because stupid ass Lina you dumb ass bastard what are you doing wait it's oh you got it okay cool nice hey alright you thank you good for us yeah this is a team effort now fuck computers Wow some fucking beaten Skynet sure right there that's an awkward one to try to get this is actually kind of interesting who's gonna send it into the red and that's too much that's into the red you animal you stupid bastard oh okay Boosh great work could this be your comeback round Aaron I think so look at our little Benihana chef uniforms it's so cute or just a chef you know well I mean that's those those are the hats out and I know at Benihana those are the flip to shrimp tail up into your hat blue eggshells dump it bump bump up there oh wow damn that's not a bad roll oh and not at all it's not gold don't I need the game to tell me that it's good yes not ten guys holy crap that's the second roll basically Oh fucking I'm honored I'm honored oh that was an okay roll look great instead of going back ten dice yikes three three that's treacherous there yo dude dude you're in first yes I am The King all right easy now and the best character in the game all right I don't know I don't even know what I was so I'll just be like yay hmm I don't have fun if you just let jesus take the wheel yeah yeah thank ya oh my god it's gonna be real close hell yeah dude if you don't take care of your baby he gonna be rule messed up here we go Wow whoof many spaces roll I think Oh baby we're away we're ahead of me am i fuckin dead dead last a fucking hard first I went from not eating we're really in it now oh yeah 11 oh shit she's the first season first again yeah or all right Julia all right Gigli yes you jiggly she's not out of the white spaces is she she might have just gotten out of it I don't even know what way she's facing nope goodness gracious oh god it's so close they will except for her yeah you're in last place Gigli do you think this is the last roll it could be speed of sight it is see it to the end huh memorize the details on the cars that zoom by and choose the correct design Wow oh goodness okay all right good shot it's gonna shock little pit stop of goo fold the Wii Remote okay okay give it to me white hell yeah yes just just just mildly less arduous blue okay blue oh shit wait what's the difference oh well I'm in a thicker line yeah yeah no this is right you got it oh my god yeah oh yeah you got to pay attention babe I wasn't paying attention but I was like two stripes always said all you said was blue well I'm not gonna say all the other details out loud you dungus red green what the fuck oh oh oh yes just just whoops a they really gave it to us with that second car yeah wasn't expecting that action yeah it was like I was like it was a six right and I was like trying to find the six oh man goodness gracious okay I uh I got a shot bro I can roll for Vic Oh Tori you got a shot bro if I roll over a 37 unless there's an extra stupid-ass bridge at the absolute of your course there is oh god I have to roll 37 perfectly yeah oh no no I don't I now understand what's happening you could roll a 60 tops that's really a little above average you'll do it nope nope nope that is closer to 30 it is 30 well alright oh that was close diddle daddle I can't make it that far good you could give yourself a last-place boost oh no stupid Julia forgot about her and her nonsense that was a shitty dumb roll and I hate it oh good for you how was it oh hey what stupid eyes are so far apart of the glee and game fool that's a that's an adorable little seagull all right Jenny Jennifer Hudson you straight okay 14 shitty rule ah it's a shitty roll oh one one v300 this could help us Oh like that oh yes Julia please switch the gamepad this could get me to the end dude the gamepad player set strapped house for the rival players to fall through towels around the trap tile will glow and rival players step on them use these towels as clue what I don't understand oh I see it's like it's like minesweeper but platforming I don't know you get it know that they set the traps right so because the middle ones a trap the ones around it glow Oh gotcha see and what so if you step on the glowy ones then it's like okay well there's a trap and just just one of us need to make it I guess so okay Oh jeepers jeepers freaking creeper okay is there a time limit that's so unfair she's setting try there is a time of it and she's setting traps multiple traps okay move ahead while avoiding traps yeah so the center one I think yeah I made it go go what are you doing oh yeah you should just go though oh yeah you should've just went the way I went oh yeah that's very smart oh well never mind I'm out oh yeah we should uh we should take turns that's what yes I thought I thought there was a time limit and like we were being pitted against each other oh three traps fuck so presumably she can't put it on the very beginning okay I was a fool it was a fool for your love oh that's so sneaky Jeepers Creepers Oh Julia you Vic Oh torrid that was fucking cruel dude yeah she's good she's good this could be her chance to come back damn that was good that was really good it's gonna come right down to the we could we could we could we could war if I thought about that for like 20 more seconds I would I know if it was actually played at the leisurely pace of minesweeper could have been a very different tale there's so many little Sony that's that's a good game I like that one I like that one a lot yeah that was cool oh they're tied never mind [Laughter] my song yes fuck you get into the testicle shaped cannon and be fired like the testicle you are mmm less plays Boober you fit perfectly in the testicle shape cannon because you look like a testicle was that not clear all right Erin grump ballon boppers token drop ooh token drop seems random and cool I like plink oh yeah I'll do that okay Toki drop it is you stupid asshole okay aim your tokens and time your drops carefully to get most points within the time limits players can drop up to three tokens yeah okay what drops them eh Hey okay here we go all this place it's fun I want to go there oh this does look fun okay oh I see I see your game you maverick renegade you want to get the four day you want the 40 and the 60 there's a 60 what what what why so they can pass through yes they pass through everything woo forty Oh nope 60 yeah 30 damn I am killing it right now what's the fuck Leandra oh man this sucks Oh what's why am I so 40 Oh ed sheep old late today mmm that will do it yeah that was a good one for daddy oh shit everyone's tied was a bad one for me daddy for this father 4006 t10 shit damn yo yeah you did very well I love that one that was fun yeah no it's cool that was really neat okay so get cruise ship I want to go you don't want to go on a ship and look out on the sea and be like Oh prospect let's let's do let's do grump the suit game grumps live on our cruise same show every day for three weeks twenty people oh my god I'm so close oh wow good roll you know not only think about a game cars left probably would be a good cruise ship it would be fun oh dude you're close you're super close games your soups Klaus Oh surprise time I don't like that that's a surprise surprises are never good when you're in first no matter what surprise it is it's going up your anus oh gosh it's not a surprise I know exactly why you're moving back one spot oh you're fine hey oh my gosh oh yeah all right well I just need a okay okay that's good roll that flicking dice huh I guess I was there were seven spaces left and I was rolling seven days so I was in good shape oh boy is this to win it yeah you have to get 40 oh gosh roll ten dice oh god no I don't think I've rolled 40 this entire game Oh God No too many ones already – not even close nope nope nope oof baby oh this game is so mean oh my god we're gonna be here for hours yes we are ah oh well haven't you just benefited from my torment how marvelous yeah this game really punishes you for being at first man 12 dude sweet I guess we know we got if we got to see it through yeah got to see it through probably gonna be like another all right it's impossible to know yeah it is well it's at least one more minigame that got it gotta play it out the the we consigned ourselves to this horrible faiths true Oh God Julia no why oof clunk okay oh my little baby diaper play for order play for chaos I love it jumping target it is let's get started what the hell is this I don't know throw darts and compete for points what time your jump to hit the panel's with the highest points what throws the darts I think it throws automatically oh no nevermind it's liquor we made up when you land on the trampoline in order okay and then personai to the skirt okay cool cool let's do it prepare your anus I'm going to be throwing darts directly at your anal hole if I get it perfect it'll be fine but if I miss I will puncture your anus oh fuck you shit it changes oh oh this sucks my dick hole oh my god how many times could I hit the mid spot no my god I'm so terrible nah yeah no my god oh oh oh yeah I'm garbage right at the last second I hit like 80 fucking midpoints okay well you need much well you either well I guess it's true I need more than you let's sure you do you whore oh man sorry it's okay you gotta roll more than 35 would that have been 40 no oh boy this is cruel yeah growing well 35 35 35 good luck homey what what the hell oh my god well I think you got it did I I don't know it depends on this last one oh I think you got it on the last one I didn't get it now oh it's so close no why my name's Randy way down way daddy oh yeah geez oh stop farting Aaron what I love we're stuck in here together yeah well that makes one of us just give me this she's oh my god julia is in like a time loop yeah well we can cut it in half stop your whining stop whining stop whining stop it