– This is a promotional advertisement for Blip Toys and Tic Tac Toy. The girls and I are standing
outside of a Wal Mart in Franklin, Tennessee, right now, because we have kind of a crazy idea. Let’s autograph some of our toys. – [Addy] Yeah!
– [Maya] Yeah! – Is that who you wanted? (gentle music) The girls and I are standing
outside of a Wal Mart here in Franklin,
Tennessee, because we have kind of a crazy idea. Now I’ve heard of people that write books, authors, they will go into bookstores and they will autograph their books, so that when people buy it,
they’ll be super excited, they’ll get home and they’ll
see it’s autographed inside. And I thought, let’s do that ourself, let’s drive around to
a few Wal Marts today, and let’s autograph some of our toys. – Yeah!
– Yeah! – So parents, if you’re
out Christmas shopping at Wal Marts, you might
just find a special surprise and see that the girls have actually autographed the toy box. So first things first, we
gotta head to the toy section. It is a Saturday right
now, so Wal Mart is packed, there are a lot of people in here. But we got to get to our toys. This is actually the store, girls, where we had our meet and greet. – Yeah. We still hear a bunch of
kids say, “Tic, Tac Toy.” – Okay, I think we’re
coming to the toy section. Are you with us, Maya? – [Maya] Yeah. – Okay, here we are, girls. Where are our toys? They’re, oh, are they over here? We actually just found them, they’re over and there’s
a whole YouTuber section, so we have Ryan’s toys, we have our toys, they have Hobby Kids toys,
and we happen to have someone here shopping who happens to be a Tic Tac Toy fan. What’s your name? – Chloe. – Chloe, girls, we met
Chloe at our meet and greet, like just a couple months ago. That’s pretty cool, do you remember that? This is the first time
we’ve actually been in store and seen someone here checking
out our toys, pretty cool. Thank you for coming, Chloe. And I’m glad we get to meet you again. That’s pretty cool. – I actually remember meeting
her because of her hair, her tips were like reddish orange-ish. – That’s pretty cool. And it was just Chloe’s birthday,
so happy birthday, Chloe. But now we’re gonna show
you the toys we have, for whatever, oh, we have another fan! Hi there! Oh, my goodness. You wanna be in our vlog? What’s your name? – Everley. – Everley, and you’re here
to check out our toys today. Why are you here, tell me what happened. – So, I got an XOXO Hug– – An XOXO Hug. – For my birthday, and I lost it. – Oh no! – So I can’t find it and
I came to go get one. – While you’re here, we’re
signing some of the boxes today. So we can give you a signed one today. Isn’t that crazy? This is like the perfect
day, we have people all over the place coming
to check out our toys and we happen to be here. All right, you girls
want to sign one for her. All right, let’s do it. She’s going for a white one, and Addy, who are the white ones again, let’s remind everybody. It can be Blair or Bella. (piano music) At the Wal Mart right
now, they currently have a bunch of our XOXO
Hugs in pink and white. They have our surprise packs,
there are 12 you can collect, they’re all numbered so
this is box number 10, and if you keep track of the boxes you can get the whole
collection if you buy all 12. Plus we have our mini surprise boxes here. They don’t have, for whatever reason, out on the shelves right
now, our Light Up XOXO Hugs or our Wal Mart exclusive Glitter Friends, they probably already sold out, so if you’re trying to
find those, parents, you might want to head to the stores and get those before they’re all gone because they are gone at this Wal Mart. We’re signing the XOXO Hugs right now. Put it back on the shelf Addy
and let’s grab some more. Here’s another one. – All right! – Mommy, I wrote on my head. – You wrote on your head, I know, it says Maya and then we have Addy. She’s actually already paid for hers and we’re gonna open it right now and see who she gets inside. Who do you think it’s gonna be? Oh, it’s Bella, that’s who you wanted. Is that who you wanted? How cool! Now we’ll open the accessories. Ooh, we got her hair clip. Addy’s got the swappable wings. – I got the brush. – So she got the unicorn
princess accessory kit. You can get the princess, or
there’s a baker, or a pop star. – [Addy] Here we go! – [Lucy] And Addy’s an expert
at getting the tiara on. She looks pretty cute. – And then she needs her rose brush. – [Lucy] Her brush, exactly,
you can brush her fur. Getting a lot of signed toys here. Maya’s turn. – Now I will restock the shelves. – You’ll restock them all, thank you? We’re leaving the first Wal Mart, we’re gonna head to the second Wal Mart because I really want to sign
our new Wal Mart exclusives and the Light Up Unicorn
Hugs, so I’m hoping they still have some in
stock at the next store. (upbeat music) Now we are at the Wal Mart
in Nashville, Tennessee on Nolansville Pike, we’re hoping to find some more XOXO Hugs to autograph. I’m really hoping for the Glitter Friends and Light Up Unicorns, though. All right girls, where’s
the toy section in this one, do you guys know?
– Over here it looks like. – Over this way? Gotta be here somewhere. This isn’t our normal Wal Mart we shop at, so I’m trying to get the
lay of the land here. Oh, no that’s office supplies. Where is it? Oh, here it is, toy section. – [Addy] Ooh, I see all the toys we’ve done videos for on these shelves. – [Lucy] Toys! All right, where are our toys? – We’ve done videos on
so many of these toys. – We have done videos on a lot of these toys, haven’t we? I think I saw a YouTube
section on the back wall, so let’s go check out
the back wall, girls. Here they are. – There’s no Light Up Unicorns. – This Wal Mart doesn’t
have the Light Up Unicorns or the Wal Mart exclusive out, either. I don’t know if they’re sold out or they haven’t put it out yet, but I’m kinda bummed
because I was really hoping you girls could sign some of those. – There’s a whole bin of play-doh, a play-doh bin full of play-doh! – [Lucy] We’re right by a play-doh bin. It’s a good spot for our toys, huh? – Yes. (upbeat music) – They don’t have a ton of Hugs here, I think we should sign some
of the surprise packs as well. – Yes. – [Lucy] Yes, you think so, too? – There’s too many for
us to sign all of them, so we’ll just sign some. – So it’ll be kind of
like a treasure hunt. Some of them will be
signed, but not all of them. (upbeat music) And Addy’s restocking again. OMG guys, we were
walking out of the store, but we thought we’d do a little bit of Christmas shopping ourselves, when we actually found our
XOXO Light Up Unicorn Hugs. They were in a totally different section. Here they are, Addy. – I think we should autograph all of them. – [Lucy] Should we? – Yes, all of them. – [Lucy] Okay, let’s get them all out. – There’s only three. – Uh-oh, only three left, let’s get them. (upbeat music) The girls are signing these
ones on the front of the box this time, because that’s
where their picture is. That works out, though. These were in a totally different section, they’re over by the poopsies,
and the capsule chicks, and what else do we have
over here, Bloom Dolls, so not at all where we
were expecting to be, so if you don’t find
them in your Wal Mart, walk the aisles and
hopefully you’ll uncover them in a different spot like we just did. – So basically, they only have our pink light up unicorns. I think we’re gonna find the white ones in a different aisle. – In a different aisle? You think so, yes, so here
there’s two varieties, this one is Stella, and
if we flip to the back, it comes with a Stella
light up unicorn Hug, and the toys. Star is the white unicorn
which they are all out of, but Stella is available and
the boxes are all autographed. Well I’m glad we finally found
the Light Up Unicorn Hugs, and it makes me wonder
back at the first store, if we would have walked the aisles better, would we have found them there, too? – Yeah. – [Addy] Maybe.
– I don’t know, maybe so. We hope you guys are finding them at your Wal Marts near you, though. Thank you for watching us go through a couple Wal Marts today, let us know which Wal Marts
you think we should visit next to sign our own line of toys. We hope you guys are
finding them out there, and we’ll see you guys later.