(Braylee singing) – [David] She’s singing to herself. Whoa, look how many Braylee’s there are. (energetic acoustic music) – This is so weird, we’re in traffic, (laughs) and it’s pretty stopped traffic so it’s gonna be really weird seeing people drive by while I’m holding this giant camera. We picked Braylee up from school today and we decided that we needed
to do something fun with her. It’s been a little while. She’s had a really good week. First full week back at
school in like three weeks. So that was fun. She did really, really great. And it’s too cold to go to some of the other things that we wanted to do, so instead we’re gonna go
to the Mall of America. We did wanna go to the Crayola Experience but –
– they’re closed. – it took too long to get down here so they’re closed. We should also be doing some
dress shopping while we’re here If we are going to find
a dress for Braylee, I think that this would be the place. – So we’ll see how this goes. We’ll, uh, hopefully be there soon. It looks like traffic is not very clear for a while.
– [Stacey] Another 20 minutes. – We’ll see you guys there. (upbeat electric instrumental music) – We just got done taking Braylee on a
couple different rides. Some were better than others. – [David] (Laughs) The
school bus went up in the air and she was not into that at all. – [Stacey] But she didn’t scream. She did okay. She like power-housed through it,
but we won’t do it again. – Yeah. – Uh. And then, after that, we
were going to walk around to see the Lego store and everything and they had a mini dance party. (upbeat electric dance music) – [David] How do you feel
about Braylie’s dancing? – I nearly cried. Like, I got teary-eyed because, like, all these little kids, Braylie’s age, were just out dancing and having a blast and she walked right out and just kind of did her own thing and she was so happy. Like, the music was so loud, even for me. But she did okay, like, she loved it, and she even tried to take
her headphones off to, like, hear it. But I almost cried. Like, she was included. She was doing what all
the other kids were doing. – She was happy about it. – She was having a blast.
– She was enjoying, she was just enjoying the music. I cannot believe that. – Yeah. It was a really, really
special moment for us. – It was. Even that made me teary-eyed. I was just thinking about wow. – Like how sweet, like
she looked like everybody, like she was fitting in, she was just– – Well, she looked like she
was just enjoying herself, and she was proud of herself
for being a part of it. I don’t know. – It’s just, for me– – I don’t even, I’m at a loss for words. – We just don’t see her doing what everybody
else is doing very often. – Yeah. – Like she didn’t stand out for once. – Yeah. – I mean, she did because
she has her headphones on, but you know what I mean? Like, she just looked like everybody else. Like she was just fitting
in doing her thing. Which isn’t a priority, you guys, she doesn’t need to fit in, but it was just… We don’t get moments where she can do typical
kid stuff like that. And she was so engaged and happy. – She was just so happy.
That’s what got me. And, and being a part of… … a party.
– Being a part of something. – And it made me think that– – Well because in that
situation, she usually will go to the outside by herself. You know? – She normally wouldn’t even be close– – Right
– to that type of situation. – Like she’d watch-from-afar type thing. – And she would not do any of that. – But she just went right in there. – That makes me so excited
for the daddy-daughter date. – Aww.
– You don’t even know. Speaking of the daddy-daughter date. It is time-
– Good lead in. – It’s time to go shop for dresses. (upbeat electronic instrumental music) – [David] That’s like a movie, isn’t it? – Yeah, it’s from Up. – [David] Do you like this one? – [Stacey] I wanna see the brand. – [David] Smiled big at that one. – [Stacey] Did she?
– [David] (laughs) Yes. – [Stacey] You want her to
wear something like that? – [David] Braylie, that’s cute. – [Stacey] I feel like you
would think it’s too scandalous. – [David] No. – [Stacey] It’s a lot of back action. Well, we could put a cardigan over her. – [David] Yeah. Braylie, do you like this one? – (gibberish)
– [Stacey] Do you like this? – [David] Hey B, you
wanna try this one on, B? You wanna try it on? You like it? Just waitin’ for Braylee. – [Stacey In The Back] Are,
are you sure you like that? – (Braylee singing) – [David] She’s singing to herself. Oh man.
– (Braylee singing) – [David] Whoa, look how
many Braylie’s there are. (upbeat electronic instrumental music) – Real quick. So yesterday we went to the mall. – Mhmm. – And it was fantastic. Besides the, the dancing part, which we already did talk about. We went and got Braylie’s dress. – Mhmm.
– Oh my goodness. It was the first dress we saw pretty much. – I know, I wanted it to
be a whole montage but (David laughs) – we ran out of time.
And this one just worked. – And I’m gonna show some pictures of it. – Yeah. – We took some pictures of Braylee. You guys we tried it on and — – She looks like a freaking doll you guys. – It was perfect. – She’s so precious. – And I cannot wait till our daddy-daughter date in like 3 weeks? 2 weeks?
2 and a half weeks? – Yeah.
– Something like that. But it’s gonna be fun. So we didn’t even have to
shop that long. It took us maybe 15 minutes to half an
hour to get completely… Like that was quick.
– Yeah. – And it was a dress that
just, like, they got in – (Both say) That day. – It was a good trip for us. I think we’re gonna go
back in a few weeks. – Yeah, we, we have plans.
– Mhmm. (camera beep) – (upbeat music)