Suna’s Christmas present store Hello. Excuse me. I’m sorry. I didn’t eat yet. Christmas is just around the corner here. I opened a prop shop as a Christmas special. It’s a gift shop for Christmas gifts. Are you having a Christmas party with your friends? I think you’re in the right place right now I’ve got a lot of presents ready, so I will show you around. Are you going to the party right now? This is on sale at our shop, and I’ll give you sparkling wine with a Welcom drink. Wait a moment. Go ahead and try this. It tastes good, right? This is the wine from France. It’s been 100 years That’s why it’s so expensive, but since you’re our first guest today, I gave you this. You can buy one while you’re away You had it once, so I’ll make it cheaper for you It’s usually about 800,000 won, but I’ll give it to you for 500,000 won this time. This is perfect for the party. Really Oh, the wine doesn’t taste good? I think you’re drinking it well for that. I thought you said it was delicious. Yeah, well, if it doesn’t taste good, I can’t help it. Then give it to me now. No, don’t drink. Give them. Didn’t you drink for someone who said it wasn’t delicious? If you don’t like wine, let me introduce you to dessert. We have cake, macarons, candy, muffins for Christmas. This muffin, I ate this, so please take it out. these things And here’s the cake. There’s even this cute handmade macaron. Yes, would you like to try this child? He’s the one with Rudolph on it. Taste it. Oh, yeah, you’ve tried it all? How do you like it? Doesn’t it taste good? We made all this by hand. I’m selling this in four sets of Rudolph, Bear, Tree and Santa. It’s a little cheaper. We’re having a special 10,000 won event. I think you can take this and share it with your friends. Should I show you something else? What I’ll show you next is.. Your lips just got erased from eating food. Would you like us to make it up to you? Oh, and since you’re going to the party, I’ll fix it for you! And if you like the product, you can buy it. Yes. Let me change the lips first. The color suits you very well. I think blusher’s a little weak right now, so I’m gonna do more for you. I’m gonna give you something reddish for Christmas. It doesn’t look like red, but it’s a pretty You look great in that. I’m going to put this cube under your eyes as a point. This is a cubic. I’ll put one under your eye as a point. It really becomes a point as I put one on It’s so pretty. It’s not too much. It’s perfect for the party. I’ve done the makeup, so I’ll show you earrings. Wait a moment. I think this is going to fit you right now. I’ll do it for you. It has pearls on it. It’s beautiful It’s just a basic white pearl, so it doesn’t go too much, but it’s got a lot of different things so it matches the party. Would you like me to try it on? It suits you very well. I think you can just go with it This one costs thirty thousand won. It’s colorful, it’s designed. Just think about it But you look so good on it. I don’t like it because ears are too heavy. Yeah, well, you can. But you look so good on you. It’s too bad. You’re going to the party, and you’re going to have this much Too heavy? Then I’ll take it out… Don’t you like the cosmetics you used? But I fixed your makeup like this. If you have anything you like, buy it. Don’t you like this? If you don’t like it, can I take it off? Oh, you want me to leave you with that? Okay… well, let’s take a look. If you don’t like it too much, I’ll take it off. Then I will show you the presents my friends what to give them today. Let me show you the candles. This here is Candle Holder. Candles We’re selling them in sets. It smells so good. Like this, like, a pine cone shape incense These are birch cans This one’s got a sweet scent heart shape This is a Candle Set. The scents are all different, so I think it’s good to present something like this. This is a candle that makes tadak tadak sounds as it burn. I’ll turn it on and play it for you. It smells really good. If I turn it on before I go to sleep, it sounds good and smells good. It helps me sleep a lot. If I turn it on before I go to sleep, it sounds good and smells good. It helps me sleep a lot. And if you put these cans in the holder and burn them, it’s prettier. Yes, there are all these candles. Is there anything you like? That set? That’s a perfect gift. It’s for a gift set. That one costs 20,000 won. It’s a reasonable price. Would you like that one? Oh, you don’t want the candles that make smoke? You mean what happens when it goes off. But there’s no way the candles that are smokeless. At first, you asked me to show me the candles. Didn’t you? Yes… Can I show you something else? If you’re looking for something scented, it’s Incense. Let me show you. There are three types of scents: figs, tangerines, and whitewood trees Let me introduce you to the incense. This smells really good. You wouldn’t want this because it makes smoke, right? I just showed it to you Now, there’s a diffuser, or a music box. There are macarons, cakes, candies, and so on. Let me show you. Oh, space candy. It was popular on YouTube, so I think it’s a great gift. Why don’t we have a sample this time? I’ve decided to get rid of the sample from now on. It’s our store policy, so please excuse us. Are you curious about the taste? But it’s our policy… I can’t help it. If you want to try it, you have to buy it. Shall I show you macaron? Wait a moment. It’s Christmas, so it’s Christmas special. It’s handmade. Let me try the tree first. There’s macarons like this. Oh, you’re buying this? Then I think you can wrap it up and buy it all together later. Are you going to try one now? Yeah, well, it doesn’t matter. Which one would you like? How about gloves? Oh, you want to eat the biggest snowman. It’s very cute. Yes, take a bite. It’s very delicious. Then I’ll wrap this up. You can buy it later. Do you want me to show you a gift? There’s this diffuser. I think it would be nice to have this set of diffusers as a gift. I’m going to show you the music box. It’s very luxurious. Music box made by a French craftsman. I’ve shown you the music box Shall I show you the last cake? It’s a Santa Cake at home. It’s so cute. It’s also handmade. You’re going to buy this, so you’re going to try it right away? Then I’ll cut you right now. Okay, let’s stop here. What kind of cake and macaron are you going to buy? You’re buying all of these? Why did you do that earlier if you’re gonna buy it all? Actually, I’ll wrap it up for you. I’m out of packing paper and ribbons, so I’ll go get them. I’m full, so I will go now
I enjoyed eating Huh? Where did you go? Did you go to the bathroom for a second?