Hello. How are you! This is a puff shop. We only sell puffs professionally in our store. Yes, here are some of the products. Have you looked at all of it? What product do you want to offer? Red? Ok. Is this the right product? I’ll take this with you. These puffs are really dense. Let me show you. I’ll cut it. Very Dense? I make puffs with good ingredients. I’ll test the product I’ll test it with foundation. I’ll test my makeup I’ll pat you with a puff Please put your face Is it good? I’ll do the other side I’ll do it all in a while I didn’t have a good nose side. Use a drop-off puff to beat the side of your face. Are you good? There are many different types of puffs, too What kind do you want? A gourd- shaped puff? Please wait Which one will you choose? I’ll pat you with the blue It’s a little hard, but the make up is good. I packed all the colors. I’ll pack them all. Goodbye~