– Baby!
– Coming. Alexa, turn down the thermostat. (Alexa) Okay, turning down thermostat. – Ready.
– Ah, there we go. What do you think people did before Alexa? (whimsical music) Alessa, turn the temperature down, two degrees. (man screams) Thank you, dear. Alexine… …tell me a joke. Jokes? Erm. Gawd, you’d think I’d know loads. Look at me. Next. (chime)
News, get your news here. Alex, what’s today’s news? It doesn’t matter. It’s all fake. (laughs heartily) Al, play that song I like. (♪ simple jug song) Al, next song. (♪ slightly different jug song) Alexi, tell us something interesting. Okay, the Earth is flat, and a witch stole his pants. Yeah. Alexamis, send this message to Prince Constantine. (squawk) (roar) Urgh. (suspenseful music)
Alicia, remind me to delete those tapes. Yes, Mr. President. I ain’t deletin’… (slam)
Yeah, I don’t know what people did before Alexa. Alexa, play my favorite song. ♪ Jug version of “Yeah!” by Usher ♪ “Yeah!” by Usher