hii Guys well come back to my channel and well come back to another haul My 1st ever Amazon Haul so i orderd some products 4 to 5 things from amazon In todays video i will show you all my products i Hope you like this video also love this one and one more think i always told you guys befor starting my video do subscribe my channel and wellcome to my channel whos are new so thats all without for the do lets get in to the video hei guys thisone is the 1st one tshirt About the quality , qualite is so good also fitting also perfect Material is so good and the type of dress is Cutton The Price is Only Rs 300 Link is in description box so this one is the 1st one here is the 2nd one its called Dreamcatcher everyone told that this is so good and its good for your house so thats why i bought this one but i love blue color so that’s why i love this one the price is Rs 187 so guys this one is the 3rd one one more crop top about the quality is so good material also good hand and shoulder part is net type so if you can carry a tube bra inside then looking good if you want to carry inner wear inside then carry Tube Bra about the price Rs 300 here is the last one the price is Rs 500 quality is so good fitting also good also buys all these products link is in description box honestly i told you guys p all there products are so good quality also Stay Happy Stay Possitive and keep smiling byeeeeeeeeeeeeee do follow me on instgarm