welcome back to the channel today we’re
going to be unboxing a new robotic vacuum cleaner and then we’re going to
check back later to show you the vacuum in action this vacuum cleaner is from Amarey and it
works with a smart app and it works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistance so
here’s the box and it says it’s the A900 robotic vacuum cleaner see what’s on the
back map out and navigate your home and I mentioned that it’s a there’s an easy
to use app I haven’t downloaded the app yet but we’ll get to that keeps robots
away from certain areas with boundary strip captures allergens and and
captures allergens in terms for the HEPA filters glides under furniture
hard-to-reach places it is two-point what does it say two point nine nine
inches high so it has a little profile that’s kind of an issue with any kind of
vacuum cleaner and there’s some specs on the side so let’s open the box and see
what you get okay it’s nicely packed it’s got an
operation guide and attention before you remove the blocks and sticker attached
side brushes okay we’ll do all that just quick start instructions and warranty okay gotta figure out what that is
that’s obviously the AC for batteries for your remote remote control and then
the wall charging unit and we’ve had a couple of different Robo backs before
and they all have those little brushes that you need to a challenge so we’ll
get it out of the packaging and get the brush attached okay so the QuickStart
guide says remove the blocks and sticker already I’m gonna attach the side
brushes for the bottom turn on main power switch now I still agree to have
to charge this before use let’s see the brushes are easy to pop in okay so
there’s the two brushes that it uses nice the two extra brushes okay so we’re
looking to see if there’s a filter in already if this is an extra or if we
need to install it and that’s the dust collector okay there is a filter in
there so there’s an extra filter so look at the charging station and the charging
dock put in it appears to at least be partially stopped charged since um the
light went on here – got the charging dock plug it into the wall outlet now
we’re gonna put the robot hot and let it charge there’s a blue light flashing and
a purple light with a slower flash so the instructions say to charge for three
to five hours until the light turns blue and it’s um I think that’s that must be
the main light that is now oh there’s a blue light flashing but the other light
is kind of a magenta color so wait for that and I mean chime we’ll get the
remote control ready and down with the app the user manual shows how to
download and install the app so there’s a QR code
um or you can go to the App Store or Google Play and that’s what I’m going to
do okay so there we have the app downloaded
and they’re gonna make an account yes we’re gonna register so to verify you
can enter your email your phone so or your phone so I’m gonna just choose my
phone since I’m holding it right here so I can get a verification code
all right so shortly after you get your verification code do you then create a
password and now I’m going to turn on my smart life so I’m going to create a
family I’m gonna make I’m gonna name the room that my vacuum is gonna be in the
location and we’re gonna get this done and come right back
so once I created my family then I’m going to add my advice and then you’re
gonna make sure that the device is on and that the Wi-Fi light is wrapping
rapidly blinking and then you’re gonna put in your Wi-Fi password now you do
have to make sure it’s 2.4 gigahertz instead of your 5g so I put that in
alright so once you put your password in you’re then going to see this it’s gonna
connect alright it looks like I found my device so we’re gonna say completed and
basically this is like a remote control as you can see at the top it does have
0% charge so it is over there charging but on the app you can set a timer you
can allow for it to auto dock so it can auto charge spot anything like that you
can move it around it’s it’s a very useful app especially if you don’t want
to use the cub the controller that comes with it this is the boundaries trip
we’re not going to use this but you know what you’re able to do is cut this to
whatever lengths you want and then lay it flat side down on the
floor to block off the space that the robot will recognize and avoid you can
use tape to keep it flat on the floor so you could just lay it down and put it
back up alright so once you get your vacuum all hooked up and ready in your
in your home go to the upper right hand corner and there is a list right there
and in the middle it says supported third-party control and has Amazon Alexa
and Google assistant and some other ones I don’t have but I do have it was on
Alexa so all I have to do is click that and that will go through a set of
instructions that you can follow and easily go along for you to be able to
set up Alexa but it’s very simple very quick and very easy and the vacuum is
charged the light is a steady blue now didn’t take nearly as long as I thought
it would what was it about two hours yeah yeah in fact we went out at night I
was able to look at my phone and look at the app and see that it was 100% charged
so we’re gonna try it out now Alexa turn vacuum on okay so I like being able to use the
voice command don’t even have to pull out my phone I’m not control or anything it goes
now this I thought this would be a challenge because this is a kind of a
plush or semi plush rug we’ve had a couple of other robotics and it’s one
thing they have generally have difficulty with is getting going on two
rods so it’s a very very thin the vacuum is diligently working over there under
the chair and as most if not all werewolves acts have it has the guards
where if it bumps up against the surface that it turns in the other direction it
has 145 degree digital navigation sensor I’m reading this from the information on
the Amazon page actually integrated with visual aslam technology the navigation
sensor enables Nordic vacuum cleaner to detect the space in clinics accurately
so this has an intelligent mapping system and I’m reading this again with
smart navigating sensor an upgraded mapping a 900 robotic bags is able to
locate itself accurately and generate the optimal cleaning without a miss spot
okay so just went on to the area rug and managed to
navigate that and there the other rug which is the plush it’s gonna be able to
go on and off of that cops went under the bed and I am very impressed that it’s not
getting stalled on the rock it has an auto-adjust suction let’s see our smart
a 900 robot that cleaner has a 1400 PA strong suction and is able to auto
adjust suction we’re working on carpet there it goes on and
the rug no problems with that and it’s making its way across the floor and of
course it has no problem that’s a high bed there’s no problem
yeah so let’s see what it says here this has
south charging and breakpoint resumption this smart rule that back in Conrad to
100 minutes working okay so it went under the dresser and that’s a pretty
narrow clearance there and that’s good that’s an area that just doesn’t get
back in very often because it’s hard to get any kind of vacuum under there and like he’s role of actually do have
to be careful with things like wires so it’s possible I may use the those strips and then they comb the boundaries chips
I may use the boundary strips Alexa turn vacuum off so you know like out turned
it off so the motors not running it’s finding its way home got over that plush
shag rug again we have another robo back that we use
downstairs that has quite difficulty finding its way home does it eventually
but this one is only taking a few seconds okay so it’s kind of socking
stations all right so here’s a look at the remote up here we have the auto
cleaning button so when you turn the robot on you can press this button and
it will do it’s Auto cleaning the button right here is the spot cleaning button
so it can clean a localized area this button right here is the edge button or
edge cleaning button so it can go all around the walls and furniture this is
the Auto recharge button so if you hear it’s in the middle of cleaning go ahead
press this button if you want to send it home it’ll go and I’ll go in charge
everything else here is pretty self-explanatory you move it around you
get to stop and start it it’s a very slim remote and it matches the vacuum
itself now all I did was press Auto so I really like that you can control
this with the remote with the app or with a like style of Google assistant now we’re going to empty the vacuum for
the first time I can see there’s a lot in there waste compartment no it’s not
that interesting oh okay here is go like the arrows it
opens it up ooh look at all that hair unless that is pet hair so it’s picking
up a lot of stuff though get in and see does catch your just in whatever it’s
called collection bin back in here we go Alexa turn vacuum off okay and there it is charging so there’s the
app and it shows that it is it has remaining capacity of 67% so we use 33%
I think we’re going to enjoy using this please check the description section
below this video for more information thanks for watching