Hello guys, Welcome to Shopdop We came back again with another amazing hookah product video which is about Alshan Aluminium Long Handle Hookah Pipe This product also tops in trend so we thought of creating a video on this product. As you can see that one of the important thing of this pipe is its long handle which is made up of Aluminum completely. Its handle is 60 inches long. Total length of this pipe is 2 meters which makes it different from other ordinary hookah pipes. Its handle is very shiny and is also very lightweight. It can easily fit in any hookah models If you want to purchase this pipe then we have already shared a link in the description box. You can also follow us on Instagram and place orders there too. Let’s try this item on hookah and see how much dense smoke it produces. As you can see the amazing smoke density coming through it Try this long handle pipe once for sure. If you like the video then like, comment and share it Don’t forget to subscribe our “Shopdop” channel Thank You!