Good morning, I’m Enrico Sommariva
and today I speak for our company, Sommariva, that was founded in 1973. We operate in all those fields that deal
with building yards and shop renovation. Sommariva always tries to be one step ahead in terms of new materials, innovative products,
van equipment and tools. Concerning van equipment, Sommariva
chose Store Van for three reasons: one the service offered, two products quality,
three the ease in finding spare parts. Store Van hasn’t offered us a standard product, but it has studied our requests
and the volumes of our vans in order to adapt our needs to the spaces available. I’m glad I chose Store Van and I will keep on
fitting out vans with its products. As you can see, there are empty spaces
in the lower part on the right where we put cases with different tools that we use in building yards. The middle shelves have open trays where we store drawers to facilitate
the identification of screws, bolts, drill bits, or nails,
while the upper shelf hasn’t dividers in order to store long materials: screeds,
spirit-levels and long profiles; this shelf contains also tools and containers. We fitted out the sides of the vehicle
with load restraining bars: at first, we thought they weren’t so important, but we have to thank Store Van because
thanks to the bars we can transport our products in a safer way. How would you rate your satisfaction from 1 to 5? From 1 to 5, my satisfaction is 5. I don’t say this to be accommodating, but because we only got benefits
from our collaboration with Store Van.