– Elite Shooting Sports is
the nation’s most advanced indoor shooting range and we’re located minutes outside of Washington D.C. We have four separate
ranges, totalling 42 lanes. We have welcomed over 100,000 customers in the first three years of our operation. And we continue to average
300 new customers a week. Which means that having
a point of sales system that’s reliable and easy to use by staff is a very important part of our operation. One of the main challenges that we have, it’s maintaining a large
retail area where we carry thousands of inventory items,
skew and non-skew items, and having an ability to
actually have a really accurate database that has been
very important to us. In 2014 and prior to that
we did an extensive research in trying to choose the
best point of sales system that we can use, reliably
on a daily basis, nine to nine, seven days a week. We have met with other companies before, spent a lot of time and
we went with Tri-Tech because they had exactly what we needed and they offered exactly what we needed in terms of the solutions
that would help us to maintain our customer base. Through Active-e we maintain
our website, our email, our course registrations,
and we also have an option to offer online membership renewals to our annual paid up front members. In the past, before the Active-e
component was introduced, to our operations side, we
used to have it all done by pen and paper. I would say on average it
saves us quite a bit of time. And we don’t have to have multiple people involved in that as well. The point of sales
system itself, the AIMsi, the different modules that come with it, the daily posting module,
the customer module, the contract module, scheduler, loaner, the AD as part of the inventory module. The point of sales system
has a really unique hot button menu option. And all of our menus are
set up by range time, targets, additional inventory. There is a menu for ammo, cases and bags. Tri-tech and Elite Shooting
Sports have come a long way. Where we really worked closely together, where Tri-tech worked to
develop the customizations that we needed and we’re
truly, extremely grateful to them for that.