want to thank you all for being here
muchas gracias por estar aqui con nosotros my name is Xavier Becerra I am
the Attorney General for the state of California and I’m being joined by some
very important people who I will name to you right now but I want to first simply
say that I want to thank you for being here those of you who are from the press
because we need you to help us because what we’re about to announce is
something that will go unnoticed without the help of the press and the news media
to get the word to people throughout Los Angeles throughout Southern California
throughout our state so thank you to you who believed it was important enough to
be here let me begin by introducing the people who will say some remarks I’d
like to begin by acknowledging the work of the LA County Department of consumer
and business affairs speaking on behalf of the department is the director Brian
Steiger I’ll be handing this off to him after I speak after Brian speaks Brian
can then hand it off to the Deputy Attorney General who has been most
active in handling this matter for us and will be pivotal in making sure that
we have success in this particular litigation and that is California Deputy
Attorney General Alecia Hancock but I’d also then like to introduce after Alicia
speaks have say some words someone who could tell you firsthand what happens
when you’re taking advantage of and that is myth miss Martha Wilson who will
speak to us at least in Spanish and maybe even in English and so we’re
looking forward to her remarks we’re here to talk about a situation that
occurs far too often with sometimes some of the names that we know so very well
at least in the Latino community the name khuda sau is very well known
but before I go into what we’re here to discuss about put us out let me give you
the names of several of the people who are with us here today along with Alicia
I want to make sure I acknowledge Senior Deputy Attorney General I’m
supervising Deputy Attorney General Michele vandergelt bandook Van Gelder n’
is about van guild Hren right Michele Van Gelder n’ forgive me Shania is it
ban jury been jury Banerjee Thank You Michele Burkhart mighty said Lyon
Timothy Lungren and I know they didn’t listen to names here but they should
have Nick Akers who really runs our shop altogether when it comes to consumer
protection and consumer rights Ellie Bloom was a special assistant who deals
with consumer affairs and consumer protection as well as here I want to
recognize one of our legal analyst who’s with us Amy Lopez and let me also
acknowledge on behalf of mr. Steelers team we have Esther Martinez and Annette
Gonzalez who were investigators in this particular matter
along with supervising investigator Maureen Merritt and I want to say thank
you to each and every one of them for the work that they have done to bring us
to this point where today we are announcing that we have filed the
lawsuit against Kudus ow because while they should be doing right
by all these customers they continue to get we have found through our
investigation that they are taking advantage of people who work very hard
who don’t have that have very much money and who believe that they’ll get fair
treatment they believe they’re gonna get fair treatment because kudos ow is one
of those retailers who goes out there and says things to so many people
especially in the Latino community in Spanish they go out and they promise
quote-unquote Oh Paquito the soup is a little bit of your country when you walk
through their doors good us out actively markets its products to people who don’t
have a lot of experience with long term contracts for the purchase of goods and
services who don’t have the most experience when
it comes to making credit payments off of credit agreements good a sow claims
that they offer easy and available credit and that they quote-unquote
enable Hispanics to establish or build their credit in the USA
unfortunately what they don’t say in their ads is that buying a TV from their
store can be heavy debt burden that a customer did not expect and did not know
he or she was signing up for it can also mean falling behind on the payment of a
particular good they bought it with us out and then being subjected to
threatening calls from creditors our team went out and worked very hard to
collect information about this particular case and I must tell you that
when we filed this lawsuit we intend to win we are charging coração with a
number of illegal practices relating to their marketing their sales and their
debt collection activities including bait and switch advertising failing to
honor warranties threatening consumers who fall behind in their payments we’re charging kudasai with violating
several state laws including ones that protect consumers from false advertising
and egregious Debt Collection Practices good as house practices aren’t just
disgraceful they are unlawful I say that not just as
the Attorney General for the state of California and the chief law enforcement
officer for the 40 million people in our state I say that as someone who had
experience trying to essentially be the attorney at a very young age before I
had finished college for my parents when they got ripped off because they had no
other means to try to secure justice from someone who is unscrupulous and
took much of their money too many families in California in Los Angeles
have to believe that the vendors and the merchants that they do business with
whom they give their hard-earned money to will do right by them and it is
unscrupulous and it is disgraceful when these merchants take advantage of
them Kudus ow which bills itself as someone who knows our community cannot
be forgiven for what it’s doing and that’s why it’s so important that you
are here and that we are here because we’re trying to help all those
hard-working families who believe that after that hard day’s work they deserve
to be able to buy a product and not be taken advantage of with that let me now
yield the microphone to the director of the LA County Department of consumer and
business affairs brian Steiger Ryan well thank you very much mr. Attorney General
I want to first of all begin by thanking you sir for your leadership and
commitment to protecting consumer rights not only here in the County of Los
Angeles but throughout the entire state of California
mr. Cerra it’s an honor to work with you and your team to protect our most
vulnerable populations from becoming victims in the marketplace this case
came together because of the solid investigative work performed by our
members of our complaint investigation team just to rename them Esther Martinez
is one of our senior investigators Annette Gonzalez and investigator are
supervising investigator Maureen Merritt and our acting director for consumer
protection Maggie Becerra they worked on this case
for over three years and had many obstacles and challenges but they never
gave up fighting for consumers I also want to thank the consumers that who
came forward to file complaints and share their stories with us their
courage and sense of justice made this happen
consumers must be able to shop with confidence knowing that they will not be
charged more than the advertised price of the product and that other items of
warranties will not be added to the sales contract without their knowledge
we want to mark we want to remind consumers that we are here to help and
if you have any questions or have concerns please call us at one eight
hundred five nine 380 222 thank you let me now ask the person in our department
who is helping move this case forward Alicia Hancock to say somewhere it’s
Alicia as attorney-general Becerra and director
Seger have alluded to this complaint that we just filed was the result of a
multi-year investigation and the collaboration between the consumer law
section of the attorney general’s office and the los angeles county department of
consumer and business affairs and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without
the amazing work of Esther Martinez and Annette Gonzalez marine merit and the
whole team at the Department of consumer and business affairs so thank you very
much for all of the work that you’ve done through this multi-year
investigation we discovered that coração has violated a number of California’s
consumer protection laws including the unfair competition law the false
advertising law the California translations act the consumer legal
remedies act and the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act based on those
violations we filed our complaint against Carosa yesterday and in that
complaint we are asking the court for a permanent injunction to stop coração
from engaging in these violations of our consumer protection laws restitution for
consumers and civil penalties we were able to discover these violations and
file that complaint because customers like martha who you’re about to hear
from were willing to come forward and to speak with us to tell us their story and
to explain to us how they were wronged by coração by sharing their stories with
us these customers have now helped to make sure that the problems that
happened to them will not happen to anyone else so we want to thank again as
attorney general Becerra and has director Steiger has done we want to
thank those customers who were willing to speak with us over the course of this
investigation and we encourage anyone anyone else who has suffered in the way
that these customers have or who believe that they have been wronged by caruso to
come forward and to report those violations to us as this matter
continues so feel free like director Seeger said to please call the los
angeles county department of consumer and business affairs to report anything
that you may have suffered at the hands of
so thank you Lisa thank you very much now we will have someone who has a
direct experience mrs. Martha Wilson signora Wilson Nevada RunAs palabras en
espanol ICI gusta tambien in English and then
we’ll take some questions after that so you know wasn’t me nombre Marta will
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la Senora Wilson que no es previa d’sky Errol okay lo que su SE do y con ESO
tempo demos terminar pero es cuchara night I just a in case for those who are
Spanish challenged mrs. Wilson essentially said that she bought a $600
television set from coração and ended up paying about two thousand dollars for it
and this is not she is not the only one I’m sorry 300 but it’s a cientos 600
$600 and it ended up costing her about two thousand dollars more than two
thousand dollars you could do this in English too all right we are thankful to
the people who have taken this microphone to give some words especially
senior Wilson and now we will take questions you might have