– Whoa, excuse me. Do you know what the
fine is for littering? Do you have any idea? – Fine for littering? – Yeah, the fine for littering. – Oh, I have no idea. – Like a thousand bucks. – Is it? – So you might wanna … – Did I just litter? – Huh? – Did I just litter? – No, no, no, I was just gonna say you might wanna get the word
out, so nobody else litters. – God, I was like– – I don’t think we littered. – I was like wait, did I drop something? – [Jack] Nah, I’m making
small talk, you know, yeah. – [Announcer] Jack Vale! – Whoops, excuse me. Do you have any idea
what the fine is (laughs) for littering? – What’d I drop? – Huh? – What’d I drop? – What’d you drop? What do you mean now? – The fine for littering? – Yeah, the fine for littering. – No. – No, you didn’t drop anything. I was just making conversation. – Okay. – It’s like $1500. – Okay. – In case you were curious. – For littering? – [Jack] Littering, yeah. – No. – It’s $1000, $1500, something like that. – Who littered right now? – What’s this? – Who was littering? – Who was littering? – Yeah, who’d you see? – Oh, I don’t know. Did you see somebody litter? – No, no, but you asked me, that’s why. – Oh yeah, I was just making conversation. The fine? – For what? – Littering. – Did somebody litter? – What’s that? – Did somebody litter? – What? – Huh? – What’re you talking about? – Littering, do you know what
the fine is for littering? – No. – I don’t either, thanks. Whoa, do you know what
the fine is for littering? – What? – Littering. It’s hefty, I can tell you that. It’s like $1500 or something like that. – Okay, why are you telling me this? – Oh, just making conversation. – Okay, (laughs). – What’d I litter? – No, no, I didn’t– – Oh, no. – I’m just asking you, do you– – Oh, I have no clue, dude. – Do you have any idea what the fine is? – No, I’ve never got in
trouble for littering, so I don’t. – Oh, well I hope there’s not a first. – Why you say that? – Hang on a second. – What? – I said, littering. – Are you talking to me? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hang on a second. – What would I have littered? – Oh no, you didn’t litter. I was just asking you if
you knew what the fine was. – Oh. – Did I litter? – What’s that? – Did I litter? – Did you litter? What do you mean? – Okay, are you just … – No, I just wanted you to know, in case any of your friends
litter or something, you can let ’em know, “Hey, don’t litter.” Like a thousand bucks, whatever. – (speaks in foreign
language), what do you mean? – [Jack] Littering, like
throwing something on the ground. – (speaks in foreign language) – No. – No, we didn’t throw anything– – Oh, no, I know you didn’t. I’m just letting you know. – Oh, I thought, okay. – No, I know you didn’t. I know you didn’t throw
anything on the ground. But other people do, so let
’em know for me, if you would. Do you guys know what the
fine is for littering? – What? – Littering. – Hey, you’re Jack Vale, huh? – Oh, yeah. – Yeah, I recognized you. (whimsical music) – Okay. – Alright? Good, sounds good. Back at your place now, right? – I think you’ve got the wrong person. – Huh? – You’ve got the wrong person.


  1. I like jack vales pranks. They're harmless, yet clever and fun to watch.
    I see a lot of pranks that are borderline assault and arrogant, but Jack always keeps it fresh and original.

  2. Jack i dont know how you keep such a straight face when you prank, thats one of the reasons your so good and people dont get pissed off as fast to you, you dont come off as being threatening and thats a good thing.

  3. 2:06 OMG THAT STARBUCKS CUP IS SO OFFENSIVE, I AM REPORTING!!!! ITS RED AND THE LOGO IS GREEN!!! Just kidding, i dont understand how people get so offended by that, i know why tho…

  4. I Like how the last guys knew who he was hahaha. I would be so stoked if I saw him. (I'll be in the San Diego area next week Jack).

  5. This wasn't laugh out loud funny but it was harmless and fun. Can't wait to see an epic return of the pooter. I don't care what anyone says. It gets me every time lol

  6. You were just asking them how much the fine was but not really accusing them of doing it…. it would've been funnier for them to get mad at the false accusation instead of them just awkwardly walking away

  7. hey jack howd it be if u litter ur glasses and i pick it up..lolz .but im damn sure i wont take fine from you even being the incharge of that street;)

  8. Trollstation asked one guy that gave a hate comment to go watch jackvale. I was curious and got here. Woot I was lucky now I have more videos to watch.

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