yo what’s up guy didn’t see Simon how’s
everybody doing today is February 17th it’s Monday afternoon time just got off
from work actually we already started work like one week ago but still a lot
of place still remain closed like most of the restaurants and all the movie
theaters and all the Gyms some of the shops still remain closed so yeah I
actually didn’t plan to do this video but yesterday I got a viewer on
Instagram he asked me hey Simon how are you guys
doing are you okay so yeah just gonna do a quick update to all of you guys I’m
fine we started work last week and everything looks not normal but it’s
being okay so far in Shanghai there are like maybe 400
cases so yeah it’s not too bad not too bad there are some changes in your life
because of this outbreak so yesterday I was actually like hey
what am I supposed to talk in this week’s video I have no idea what I
should talk about and even right now I’m absolutely no idea about if
there’s gonna be a specific topic I should cover in this video so I was like
yeah maybe just just rumbling for a bit you know maybe talk a little bit about
like the direct impact of my life so I think that’s might be do yes so
currently I would say not a whole lot change but actually well some change so
one of the big impact for us is that our weekend schedule got disrupted because
usually during a weekend me and my wife will go to watch a movie
and then grab a meal you know in a shopping mall but now all the movie
theaters are closed so you can’t watch movie anywhere except staying at home so
that’s one change I think the second change is might be so normally during
the weekend we also visit my grandpa for a bit but now their apartment complex
doesn’t allow like non-resident to visit their place actually you can still visit
it but it to take a lot of paperwork so even the apartment complex we live in
they issue a residency card maybe I will show you guys later so yeah so every
time you get inside getting outside you need to show the residency card to the
security guy it’s it’s not very convenient but it’s also understandable
so that’s one of the strategy they try to prevent people’s to you know visiting
others frequently I guess so yeah right now it’s like 5:00 p.m. so this road is
usually to be quite busy but right now as you can see it’s pretty quiet here
you don’t see a lot of people just some guys walking around yeah
and this restaurant is closed as well I know we have a lot of workers
non-resident worker in Shanghai there are from like all over China so they
probably don’t haven’t come back yet so yeah recently I’ve been thinking uh what
am I gonna talk about this coronavirus issue you know there are a whole lot
going on right now but a little bit overwhelming to be honest I don’t even
know where I’m supposed to start so maybe you guys can give me a give me a
insights you know just leave a comment under the video tell me what you would
like to know either that’s there’s gonna be an impact on economy if
there’s gonna be an impact our daily life yeah I think that’s pretty much it
speaking to the economy I think definitely there’s gonna be a negative
impact so yesterday I was doing some research
research tried to find some number so I was thinking since all the movie
theatres were closed so they definitely won’t be able to generate like a
significant revenue right so I was like so what about last year so how much
money do they earn last year so for the movie industry the number I found is
like 5 billion RMB during the spring spring holiday so this year since no
movie theater is open so they won’t the figure is probably close to zero but I’m
not sure I need to go back and check again so and also all the tourism
industry got a huge hit as well so last year the
tourism the revenue from the tourism industry is about like I say it’s 50
billion RMB so this year sees other tourists a lot of tourists actually most
of the attraction are close and a lot of like tourism activity has been suspended
so yeah probably it won’t looking good as well so I don’t
know maybe in the second quarter we can do some makeup but definitely in the
first quarter we took a huge hit so yeah yeah all right guys I think that’s
pretty much it for this video not a whole lot going on in my life right now
we just spend with the majority of our time stay inside so yeah I think I’m
gonna end it right here let me know what you guys want to hear about please drop
a comment underneath the video alright guys I think that’s pretty much it if
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again thank you so much for all the love and support
now we’ll catch you on the next one okay peace you