Learning blog ways today what you’re gonna have to bear with me for one day I’ll have approximately uh one eyelash extension left tomorrow. You’ll see I’m getting film it will be back to normal Thank goodness These babies hasn’t even been a full two weeks your eyelashes why we’re starting off on this is the discussion of eyelash cycles However, you don’t realize how often your eyelashes fully grow and fall out like it’s crazy. So they’re on like a cycle You’re gonna fill every like two three weeks Sometimes you go in for your fill and you have like most of your lashes lifted Sometimes they have all left the premises like well in advance of their scheduled departure. So tomorrow we will be getting water However, it’s doing a bogman. I’m so excited. I wore festive Pajamas, and it’s Sunday morning, December 1st So I know some people start this day ahead and then put up their vlogs December 1st their 25th You’ll get vlogs through the 26th exciting times comment below if you’re excited also This is first of all I miss you are seeing or if maybe I don’t know you haven’t commented on a video in a while I just want to say I would really love and appreciate any literally just any comments I feel like when you’re vlogging every day, it feels like I’m like bringing you guys along with me I’d like a friend with me for the next month know excited and I love it It’s so fun and it’s a lot of like time editing and things like that So literally just hearing like any feedback from you guys in the comments makes this so much more fun for me help. Keep me motivated Really this does depend on you guys too right now. Yeah Sunday morning. It’s like 9:00 a.m I slept in I don’t know what’s happened to me, but I’ve been waking up at like 7:30 a.m Every day, even though I’m ago even like one pretty weird because I like to sleep for nine hours So we did that last night almost It’s just been a lazy day. Good morning from this daily juxtaposition of the palm tree and the tree So what we’re doing today, it’s gonna be a really chill day actually have no plans. It occurred to me last night I was vlogging today and I was like, oh cool. I don’t do anything today So we might not you guys have seen in recent blogs that it’s been a crazy little time for a minute Also, I’ve walked on Thanksgiving if you haven’t seen that because obviously everyone’s busy during Thanksgiving. You can check that out It’s also made a channel. I post my gift guide for this year So if you need any present ideas for under $20 $40 and $60 check out that video also finally have my 20% off code for those calendars. It is Yates 20 figure out yesterday. I Went to a normal class in the morning and like ran some errands and mail Poshmark orders and stuff Also, I just now ordered more cards to like have a cute card to go with all of them So the people I just sent it like five orders. I think I didn’t have any cards So but I wrapped him up cute and put a little Christmas bow trying to make up for it But if you order anything for my part remark from here on you get a cute little like card and no with it Yeah Just branding on yesterday and then it came in sat on my couch did laundry For like hours and so much to watch and discovered this show. It was like don’t you remember this? It’s a British show on Netflix. It’s like an interior design competition or something. It was good so I watched the first couple episodes of that and Today, that’s exactly what I’m about to go start doing I want up over here. Chill morning And yeah, I think I’m gonna go to Rumble Patel so gonna go at 10:45, but that seems soon. I’m gonna go 1:45 Last thing I have to wash my sheets. This is the show it’s called interior design masters I can literally watch this show all day I am so invested if any of you guys have seen this, let me know if you guys watch this Who’s your fav? I love Frank. Nikki’s good. Oh, yeah now 11:30 This vlog is literally gonna be so me chillin Like that’s just what this Sunday is you guys but were hitting the ground running tomorrow I believe I’ve already explained this but I’m only in town through the 11th and then I go to New York until the 18th and then I go home until January. So we’re only we only 10 11 days here in LA – like really Establish like my main channel videos for all of December just like do everything Christmasy that I want to do in LA and like spend as much time with friends as I can before I leave for like three Weeks so have a lot we’re coming into the next 10 11 days, but for today I’m taking in my chill day Well, I have the house to myself The roommates went home for Thanksgiving Here before I go to this boxing class in like an hour – Hough. I’m going to get my vlogmas intro tweet do you guys already seen it but I was just like make the little Christmasy you might do that and then make a grocery list kind of like playing out my Meals for the next 11 days as well because I just need to get a few things. I don’t mean to get tons I’m sure like if I’m trying to see much friends, I’m probably going out to eat it good amount but like I’m fresh out of groceries so gonna go there probably let my home from Target from the way home from Rumble God my brain just like not even thinking just wants to go to Target. I we rollin out It feels like winter I’m gonna die. You guys know my time traveler. Let’s go. I just walked out it Shelby This is the second day in a row was that yesterday? Yeah Second day in a row that we’re talkin are going out at the same time to go workout really interesting thing is happening called one of my calf is like It’s so sort like story that it’s maybe ever been but only one so that tells me anything about how good my form is now Balanced I am when I work out and whatever not like any meeting Taylor here I’ve had too much coffee, you know when you have too much and you feel just like stressed that’s like how I feel I’m no reason to be dressed but Physiologically I’m stressed Taylor how was Rumble I was actually really good It’s hard this girl’s so hard are you doing vlogmas Taylor you’re assisting with Alicia’s vlogmas corrects? Name you just took Danny’s class at Rumble if you live in LA, you should take it very hard Just go home and showered feeling cozy Whoa, hello over here wanna make an appearance get back It is so cold outside if I never seems like people in LA I being dramatic about being called We are absolutely however, we discovered the other day on Thanksgiving We were going to see a movie and it was 40 degrees out. We were freezing I mean like I swear it’s so cold cuz 40 I mean objectively I feel like cold It might not be the most cold but the thing here we’ve discovered is that You dress the same Literally like it can be 80 degrees and people are wearing sweatshirts and stuff and leggings and or whatever like on Thanksgiving everyone that movie I was reading these Perforated leggings that have like these hole down the side and like a thin sweatshirt with nothing under it people in most areas If it’s 40 degrees, you probably are wearing like a legitimate coat. I don’t know I just I mean, I just certainly don’t ever dress for it actually being cold like today It was like I’m cold and I’m walking around in a tank top like Morgan What in my lounge where I’m going to I need to stock this fridge a little better can also ask me if I made that Grocery list before I wouldn’t know I didn’t so But I have leftovers eat tonight. Anyways, I’m just gonna go the grocery store morning once I make my little list But can I help myself to a little Lacroix? We need to restock this for it and she asked me of course like this disgusting that’s been here for so long I don’t know whose that was. I don’t know. I still haven’t cleaned this up, you know, you know the best one Is this like cherry lime one that comes in the tall skinny bottle? But my target is every single time out of it and losing faith. I washed and tried my sheets before I left However, I did want to put this in so I wasn’t gonna have time to take it out Um, but I have this like I have silk pillowcases for like the main The main pillows I sleep on I guess and I lost the instructions of how you’re supposed to wash this, could I google it? I mean for sure, but I think I’m gonna wing it I feel like you just wash this in like cold water unlike the lightest setting with like a small amount of detergent Probably err try it. I think you’re supposed to honestly handle. That’s absolutely not happening pillowcases good So gross like to take off my makeup as I always do spend years since I’ve gone to bed with makeup on Came back to high school. I used to not take my makeup off every single night. That’s gross All right, battery’s blinking more oval story. We’re gonna see if we ruin this expensive pillowcase or not okay, I think you like tap cold is the move and like hand wash Finally just vacuumed the glitter off our floor. It has only been Week since I decorated we finally did it. Well, I’m thinking about this not today, but I think I’m gonna wrap up every vlogmas I kind of sort of do miss the end of last vlog mess. So I’m gonna wrap up every vlog Answering a question from one of you guys. So if you have any like Q&A questions, you would like to ask just comment those here I think this would be the best place to have it just refer back to I mean Of course, you can comment questions on any video, but just think it’s nice having a little consistent cue a wrap-up moment at night yeah, I’m gonna go back to my Interior design competition show you should be home pretty soon as well. I believe Yeah That’s what I wanna do is yes Tiger just forgot it was vlogging I have watched this entire series in less than 24 hours Adrienne’s home Adriana I’ve been updating on all the drama if Frank doesn’t win. I’m gonna lose my mind I can’t believe I guess I’m spoiling was know. Sorry. I’m gonna stop talking. I’m done. I’m pissed This is why I just can’t watch competitions. I can’t watch The Bachelor because I I am Angry right now at the person they’re chose who does not didn’t even deserve the top four who just won this show know What the lady judging this just like whatever. I’m just mad. I’m really mad. I’m gonna like I’m gonna take a moment All right I’ve had some time to cool down just have my leftovers which word salmon and like this delicious like Sauteed spinach but like that tasted good. So I don’t know. He’s like mashed potatoes with this like truffle honey mustard Like sauce thing on top that I definitely didn’t cook. This is from a restaurant yesterday Shelby just texted me and asked if I wanted to watch Prison videos we discovered these two girls who spent like years in prison and Have totally normal lives and make other videos too, but then they make videos like explaining what it was like it is so interesting I’ve never been so interested by anything and like I’m not making like I love them These are good skills for us to have I know all the prison rules but For watching this girl Christina Randall show like Jailhouse makeup and the supplies they use to turn into makeup also know why so vs. It Is so interesting They’re they’re so innovative. They’re doing like chemistry out here the deodorant magazine eyeshadow trick. Alright, and we finished watching the prison girls We’re now watching this show called broken on Netflix I watched one about furniture the other day now, we’re watching recycling one, but we’ve made some tea she has some herbal refreshment and I’m drinking the trader Yeah, that’s pretty good winter. I’m drinking the Trader Joe’s Moroccan mint green tea but I only got a little water because I want to try to like Have this soak up a little and then I want to add ice and other water. Is it good? Yeah, yeah It’s kind of summery. Yeah, that would be really good cold feel I put in the fridge probably She’s drinking this one from Trader Joe’s It tastes kind of like passion tea if you were to sweeten it like from Starbucks guys main channel subscribers or like grow it It’s been a while since I’ve got this mini in a month. Am I supposed to do three videos in past weeks? Make sure you’re caught up It’s Cyber Monday, which means it’s the last day for everything in this video to still be on sale Check it out to get some good finds including these joggers I’ve been wearing every single day since I got them has I made a terrible mistake titled. I Waited till was going to bed to put all my shades. All right now, I’m bad I’m gonna sign off very slowly kicking off August as you guys can tell from the fog. She’s had a lazy day It’s the last late today. I’m gonna have until probably after Christmas So I don’t even tell you what I have to do tomorrow You can just wash them as long let me know whose blog missus you’ll be watching this year And I’ll see all of you guys tomorrow