Look! Look, Artemis is looking at the camera. [Unintelligible sounds of adoration] We’ve
got a fun little day planned for today, we’re gonna go to the mall with Charlie. It’ll be a fun time. I bought this blush just because it looks
like a peach. This is Artemis. [Squeal] What do you hope to come from this? ‘Kay, bye! This is the fun part. [Music] This is Charlie, we make him
drive us places. We’re going to the mall. Say ‘hi’ Lili. Hi. You can see my roots. We’re gonna go to the mall, and we’re gonna
go to the Peep store. I wanna get a peach bath bomb from Lush. They have eggplant bath bombs. Yeah, they have peach bath bombs and they
have eggplant bath bombs, for Valentines Day or something. So I want a peach one. [Laughs in Artsypeach] [Travel Music] …running
’cause it’s cold. Really cold! Where did Charlie go? It’s cold! It’s cold! …GOTEM! Look how pretty my drink is. It’s so pretty. So, I asked for a decaf americano with room. And I opened it and it was full to the brim
and I had to pour some out and I feel terrible about it. I’m so sorry! [Music] Caribou [pronounced cuh-rye-bau] [Noor
repeats the same thing back] So, we just found out the Peep store closed, like a year ago. :c Like a whole year ago, and we didn’t know. It’s gone, it’s gone. [Laughs] Thats the only reason Charlie drove
us here. So now he’s sad and he’ll never drive us to
the mall again. WATER PANCAKES!!! [Music] That’s a look! You’re gonna knock it over! So, we went a lot of places. We’re waiting for Charlie, he ordered an entire
bucket of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. [Travel Music] We’re back now, we got some
things. I got shoes and a peach bath bomb. What on earth are you doing to my light? I got some tarte shape tape, which is I think
the most expensive, non-eyeshadow face product I’ve ever bought. And I got a poetry book, which I have read
but have not owned. This is Ninja, this is my child. This is a family photo, guys! It’s a family photo! Bye Ninja, I love you! Delightful[?] This concludes another poorly made vlog. Maybe I’ll get better at making these some
day. Yeah. Bye. Bye.