in two we’ll take it Okay will that be enough for a sack? Well you can’t afford these two What ? bottle for 100 kg it is we already have everything seasoned I have already shown you what I have seasoned kinto plus, there is still to this was primus B of course I don’t advertise because they didn’t pay Hi to all We’re going to the field I will be a cameraman today Marcin say something we’re going to sow wheat as you saw earlier I plowed, sowed fertilizers I don’t know how it will be with these movies and with assembly, there is no time yet there is still a harvest film to do there is still a film to be done with grubbing disking in general there are quite a lot of movies but there is little time Unfortunately and we arrived I’m always pissed here the stick came here large bookmarks coming out? it is okay ride ride ride driving the stars